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Doctadoom. What do you need to know about him?

Adopt Me Please!
  • He will kill you.
  • He will hunt you down.
  • He is Goat Overlord.
  • He stands for the Socialist party at his school.
  • He is declined of this right.

His Best creation. . . User:Doctadoom/Where's Wadlo?

Buddychr.png This user has found Jesus and is therefore a potential threat to society.
                                                      Just kidding... we hope
Tux-thinkpad.png This user supports free operating systems because he/she is basically a cheapskate.

Msyclopaintia.jpg This user's primary source of artwork is MS Paint.
Potatohead aqua.png This user wants Where's Wadlo? featured.

Lotus.gif This user is a reincarnation of Jesus.
Salt Lake Flag.png This user is Openly Gay.
And is unabashedly proud of that fact.

This user is not who you think he is. In fact, he is someone who you think is not he, who thinks he is (who you think is not - who is).

Keys.jpg The Flying Spaghetti Monster and Alicia Keys love this user, and He has blessed this page.
Hiding kitty.jpg This user is a member of the Anti Kitten Huffing Movement.
Union of European Socialist Republics Flag.PNG This user supports the Union of Eurabian Socialist Republics.

All hail Bin Laden!

V This user is a vegetarian, so you should be brandishing a stick of celery at them.
Assassin.JPG This user is an assassin, and can kill you anywhere you go from in the shadows. Fear this user.

Sign11.PNG This user is a pedophile

As such, they may be your priest, your next door neighbor,
or the creepy old guy your parents tell you not to talk to.

JapaneseToiletBidet.jpg This user is a toilet! In Soviet Russia, toilet urinates on YOU!!
Magicninjas.gif This user is a magic ninja!
This user likes goats.
笨蛋 这个用户是一个笨蛋. 他可能不知道这写的什么. [1]
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center;font-size:14pt;" | typo-P
Tihs f****r spekas Typo ehavily laced wirh profanitt taht woudl amke a f*****g a*****e salior bluhs form all teh g******d balshpemy.

Awesome Pictures by Me[edit]

The Anti-Liberty Goat Of Krushnevya
The President of Krushnevya's true identity...
A Typical Wild Laser Goat.
A combat-variant Laser Goat, upgraded with the latest Laser Udders.
A Typical Racing Goat
The first ever gay jockeys champions
The Rocket Engine Attachment
An Unfortunate Smokin of the Asses
Laser Udder.
Death of Booby the Sloth
Another REAL photo of a typical Sloth with his Rider.
Sloths are a type of dog/gay koala, and are commonly found in eastern Cartilage. This only includes sloths of the type bred to be ridden
This is a time lapse photo of a Laser Sloth. See in-pic descript.
An ACTUAL picture of a Roamer warrior mounting his Mountain Goat.
Al Cuhpwn in da business
The original published cover of the first Where's Wadlo?.
It's Wadla!