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Stuff I Am[edit]

Lq-dna.png This user monkey understands biological evolution and wishes to evangelise this fact.
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"We're after your children and pets."
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So hand it over. NOW.
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...jolly good, wot?!
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Hello, im dougal and contrary to popular theories i am not a panda.

Stuff I find useful[edit]

Beginner's Guide

How to be funny and not just stupid

featured articles

About Uncyclopedia

The five pliers of Uncyclopedia

How to get started editing on uncyclopedia

Help Pages


Imperial Colonization

Stuff Im Doing[edit]

Reasons not to be a devout Christian -- Rewrite


User:DougalthePanda/Special Fucking Around Area

Stuff Ive Done[edit]

Serving as a proud member of Imperial Colonization, in the name of Her Majesty The Queen