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“Important just Have Jason Mraz is Downed Yet Hope!”

~ Down User on Down Man



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Flag of Indonesia.png This user is <span style="color: FFFF00; background: Indonesian
...and is an unwilling pantjasilaist!
(List of Indonesian Uncyclopedians)
Bread2.jpg This user is a cereal killer.
DogNewspaper.jpg This user subscribes to the UnSignpost: The Newspaper With Love In Every Paragraph!
Windows Logo.png This user uses Windows because he or she can't get enough of your lover.

Frank Zappa.jpg This user has an unhealthy obsession with Frank Zappa. You can make futile attempts to cure this user by suggesting various therapies and focus groups.

Leon Trotsky icon.jpg This user is humping Leon Trotsky's leg.
id-G This user does not speak Indonesian and furthermore believes Indonesian to be an embarassment to language. This user desires genocide of all speakers of Indonesian.
Hpsign.jpg Down User/Home is an UnTunes contributor. Hearing protection should always be worn within fifty yards of them.
Clock.gif This user has been on Uncyclopedia for
8 years, 11 months and 16 days.

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