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Hatching of The Dragon king[edit]

There is a theory that the Dragon King has infact been in existance for millions of years, showing up every now and then, taking various forms and possessing various individuals, creating total and utter chaos and then fading back into obscurity once his fun has been had. Plus consuming the world's supply of apple juice at that point in time. However, theres is very little supporting evidence for this theory.

The most promenent example of this is the mass hysteria created by Elvis Presley who is now known to be one of Dragon King's incarnations. In this case it was an example of "Draconic Kingus Possesionitus". Basicly Dragon King possessed Elvis' body (rather like the Goa'uld but in a cooler; un-snake-like way)!

After the Elvis possession incodent the Dragon King lived a happy life in the sewers of South Africa, or so he believed until someone one day reminded him that africa has no sewer system. DUH! This may be the thing that caused him to withdraw into what can only be seen as an extreme case of Nerdosis-nolifeis.

There is also the possibility that Dragon King is some sort of immortal entity that travels from planet to planet over the eons; absorbing energy from every living thing on the planet...hence the possibility presents itself of why people get tired...This absorbtion would go on untill...well we don't actually know that yet - so lets just wait and see shall we?

The King has left reality[edit]

"Oh yeah and he learned to play geetar as a parlor trick"

Dragon King is the alias which this nerd used. His real name is so bad that he has attached himself this alias so completely that it has infact ceased to be an alias and is now all he will respond to. It is also a name he has given to his penis that however is a thing which man is not meant to discuss.


Theres has yet been no recorded instances of offspring fathered by Dragon King. However it is expected that within 32 generations there will be an estimated 307,570 descendants with direct lineage to Dragon King himself.

Famous Quotes[edit]

As yet there has been many many amazingly brilliant...and stunningly stupid statements from the Dragon King. So here are just a few of them:

  • "It is no fun watsoever nuking left right and centre without killing so-called "innocent" people!"
  • "Thats besides the point!" (in relation to...well just about everything)
  • "The reason you are offended so easily is because of you own weaknesses and insecurities"
  • "AGH! Theres a hair in my cerial! Having hair this long is so annying"
  • "Did your family evolve from a mandrill anus?"
  • "...I wanted to be...A LUMBERJACK!"
  • "Get out of my way you human traffic cone!"
  • "Now remember if you pray and find that your talking to yourself - its nothing to worry about - it just means you are god"
  • "Work you vile contrapion born of Bill Gates' loins"
  • "Can I have a pet Sandworm?"
  • "The sleeper has awakened...and now hes going back to sleep"
  • "I feel the need, the need to feed"
  • "I like reducing numbers when it comes to nuclear weapons - 5...4...3...2...1..."
  • "If I didn't think that it would be fun to watch you spend the rest of your life in pain; I would have killed you."

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