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You could not get enslaved more politely[edit]

Thank you kindly for offering your back to my whip

I'm a girl, english is not my first language so my grammar will be like pointy chopsticks to your eyes. I like adding pictures to some uncyclopedia pages. I could not be more concise.

Pages I made:[edit]

Crappy Images I made for Uncyclopedia by editing pictures:[edit]

Yeah, scroll down mofo!!! Suffer!! Suffer the pain of scrolling down!!!!!

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Dean Winchester, from Supernatural
Alexander Ovechkin
Family Portrait of The Shinning
Justin Bieber loves animals
The filming of Avatar
All about Sanctuary
Matt damon's first movie
What you can find in a wormhole
Former prime minister Diefenbaker, according to Google images
Doctor Temperance Brenan, from Bones, fighting off a tiger

Doctor Bones attacking Booth with chopsticks

the study of a corpse, from Bones
the official poster of the TV series Bones
An example of a bad fanfiction: the author's wedding with Jack Sparrow
Nixon loves babies
Frozen tunas to stop hooligans
Superman to stop hooligans
Raptor Jesus loves pranks
the Tv show JAG features a lot of sexual harassment
Some Pickelhaubes
a door in the dark

Tasty Yoda
Taliban coloring book
Evil pony
Daniel Craig during his time travel
The poster for the famous season ending of Farscape

A Jawa
A typical Prussian uniform
ABBA lifestyle
A Mud-Pit Pirate
Holy Connery, saint of women mistreating
a sketch from the next Transformers movie
A "Madonna Teeth Special" at bowling
A scene from Madmax
Russel Crowe in Gladiator
A screen-shot of the opening of NCIS
Abby, from NCIS
Tony and his Boss, from NCIS
The Fly showing us how to correctly grab a hostage
The monolith from 2001 Space Odyssey
Will Turner
What you can do with a 2CV
A scene from the show Supernatural
A car from Pimp my Ride
A Jedi Cow
Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis