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“How the fuck did I get here?”

~ DryIce on joining Uncyclopedia

That Guy[edit]

DryIce was a simple man wondering on the tubes of the Interbutts, when according to legend made a wrong turn at a cat macro and YTMND, and got hotlinked to AAAAAAAAA!. Some time passed, and then this user page appeared. Nobody recorded what happened in the time between since nobody cares.

Omg, Internet[edit]

I still haven't gotten Ceiling Cat out of my parlor.

Back in the days when you could count the number of computers connected to ARPANet with your hands and half a foot, DryIce didn't exist. So therefore this paragraph doesn't mean shit.

But back in the days when people were afraid of the internet and AOL decided to try to sell the internet, which was free at the time (around 1995 or so) this is when DryIce came to the scene. Of course nobody cared since the computers had not created PHP yet, which is the language DryIce speaks. But when they did invent it, DryIce did some stuff, and almost became e-famous, but not really.

It has been rumored that DryIce once wrote a Graphics Driver in HTML, just to win a $10 bet with some guy on DALNet. Nobody knows what happened to it, but it is rumored that DryIce sold it to Bungie for $11, meaning that he made a profit of $21. Oh hey look at that, the writer of this article knows how to do math. The more you know...

DryIce and YTMND[edit]

Zeichen 101.png WARNING!!   The following contains links to YTMND.
The viewing of YTMNDs may cause your head to asplode.
View links with caution, and with a lot of extra RAM.

Example 1:

   Site Information
Site Domain:
Created by: [1] DryIce
Created on: 2007-09-24 14:56:42
Image origin: IBM
Sound origin: IBM
Description: Some ytmnd shit

Example 2:

   Site Information
Site Title: LOL HL2 Roflcopter
Site Domain:
Created by: [2] DryIce
Created on: 2006-04-16 12:27:48
Image origin: Edits of various Roflcopter ytmnds
Sound origin: Another Roflcopter ytmnd
Description: LoL, HL2 Roflcopter lololol

Stop hand.png WARNING
Nobody gives a shit about YTMND anymore. Not since 13 year old kids started masturbating to NEDM and HTPAT.

DryIce and The Clock Crew[edit]

Was a member of The Clock Crew from late 2004 to late 2006. Whatever.

DryIce and Additional Userboxes[edit]

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