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"Hitler2000 is dead! I kiled he to day and I take his job!"
~ Dudeman

DudeMan (100 BBB (Before Big Bang) - 44 AEW (After End of the World) is Hitler2000 user's follower.


DudeMan born 100 years before Big Bang into son of God and brother of Jesus. DudeMan traveled to current Finland's zone and lived it, until University born.



  • Shadow (Work In Progress, born in other user (
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"Adolf Hitler back from the hes grave! He revenge in everybody, who have a be spoiled his expense!!"

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Paavo Lipponen[edit]

Paavo Lipponen
President of Finland
Term of Office: 2102-2114
Preceded: Paavo Väyrynen
Succeeded: Jope Ruonansuu
Date of Birth: 1865
Place of Birth: Rysänperä
Date of Death: 2114
Place of Death: "Hesa"
Party Social Democratic Party

Paavo "Paavi" Lipponen (1865-2156) was Finland's 20th president, Prime Minister and his country's only Pope. Paavo's party is Social Democratic Party. Lipponen tunnettiin aikanaan merkittävänä poliitikkona ja useimmat ovat sitä mieltä että maailma ei olisi koskaan ollut poliittisesti samanlainen, ellei Lipponen olisi ollut olemassa, tai tullut mukaan politiikkaan


Paavo is in childhood very timid kid. He was afraid of every other kids and his mother had to defended his son every day. When Paavo grew, he transformed into an agressive human, who's not afraid of anything, except his mom and darkness. Paavo jätti koulun kesken isän kuoltua ns. in War of Independence of Finland.

In youth Paavo was legendary wrestler. Year 1907 Paavo rise to Parliament of Finland.

Preceded by:
Paavo Väyrynen
President of Finland
Succeeded by:
Jope Ruonansuu
Esko Aho
President of Finland
Term of Office: 2410-2428
Preceded: Janne Ahonen
Succeeded: Matti Hautamäki
Date of Birth: 1954
Place of Birth: Helsinki
Date of Death: 2430
Place of Death: Turku
Party Centre Party

Esko Aho[edit]

Esko Tapani Aho (1954-2456) was Finnish politician, Prime Minister and 45th President 2410-2428. Aho represent at politics career to Centre Party.


Aho born year 1954, in Helsinki, Finland. He ris to President of his class in school. Esko was best his class, when he have at least eight at test. 1974 Aho matriculate. In army Aho rise to major (1979). Aho rise to Parliament of Finland year 1983. 1986 Aho rise to Finance Minister. All is Ahonen's liking, until Centre Party droped to opposition year 1987, why Aho's political career turn to slide. Career turn to back climb, when Centre Party win to Parliament election 1991 and Aho rise to Prime Minister.

Prime Minister[edit]

When Aho rise to Prime Minister 1991 started so hard season in Finland. Finland "fall flated" mass and inflation fired. 1994 Aho's government fall and he getlost from politics before year 2000, when he rise to Centre Party's presidential candidate. When Aho lost president election, he widthdraw from politics four hundred years.


Second atempt[edit]

Year 2398 Aho rise to again Centre Party's presidential candidate, but he lost election at Janne Ahonen to second round get to 7,8 % of votes against Ahonen's 92,2 %. So sick of sad he widthdraw again from politics.

Third attempt[edit]

When Ahonen not seek third presidency, Aho rise to third time Centre Party's presidential candidate, this time he win!

In to President[edit]

In President Aho transformed image into fully different, that before. Aho inted, so Finland is kingdom year 2128, but he lost Presidentelection, with Matti Hautamäki, who turn out from Finland.

Preceded by:
Janne Ahonen
President of Finland
Succeeded by:
Matti Hautamäki
Preceded by:
Harri Holkeri
Prime Minister of Finland
Succeeded by:
Paavo Väyrynen

Minority party is years 1310-1835 taken action party in Finland. It is over, when Matti Nykänen overthrow power. Then Minority party is very grand party in Finland.

When party founding[edit]

Minority Party's founder is Keke Rosberg, that is 49. President of Finland. First members was hundred, but in time party grewer and grewer, until in party was 150 000 members!

Years 1310-1382[edit]

Minority party invest its program into Presidentelection 1311 and not Parliamentelection. It support, because Rosberg become President of Finland.

Years 1383-1532[edit]

When Rosberg was give his authority, Minority Party drop in support. In parlamentelections 1387 partys year support is just 2,7 %. Places accumulate 8. Partys mayor Pekka Pennanen and party secretary Julle Nahka get to government. Their demand own partys justices whick because government fell 1390.

Government greatest party Minority Party was years 1423-24, 1451-53 and 1529. When Rosberg not affect to his party´s action, Minority Party suffer the lost.

Years 1533-1782[edit]

Minority Party draw up, when V. J. Skuslelainen chose to president 1588. 1614 party´s descent start, when Ayrton Senna chose the president.

Toni Nieminen go up to president 1752, but Minority Party be in opposition. Nieminen try make to goverment, who lead to his separation from president´s place 1768.

Years 1783-1835[edit]

1783 Minority Party chose to new mayor in their party. New mayor is Mikko Aho. Aho act to Minority Party´s Mayor place 1783 to year 1808, when Matti Nykänen seiz to his place. At the same time, Minority Party icessantly be government.

When Nykänen is be to in power, Minority Party is only party in Finland. 1835 it stopped, from dictatorship´s fear.


Minority Party´s ideology was get to minority groups seiz power. Minoritys was among other things Blacks, Swedishs, slaves and Russians.


  1. Keke Rosberg (1310-1311)
  2. Pekka Pennanen (1311-1392)
  3. Valtteri Immonen (1392-1456)
  4. Kalle Kustaa Tannerholm (1456-1508)
  5. Yamgata Arimoto (1508-1567)
  6. Kalle Kustaa Tannerholm (1567-1614)
  7. Eno Veteli (1614-1666)
  8. Anneli Jussisto (1666-1683)
  9. Matti Vanha (1683)
  10. V. J. Sukselainen (1634-1702)
  11. Toni Nieminen (1702-1752)
  12. Seppo Peterson (1752-1775)
  13. Ahti Mattila (1775-1808)
  14. Matti Nykänen (1808-1835)*

Famous Members[edit]


Kekkoslovakia's flag 1956-1991
Official Language Didarasq, political jargon
Location The current Finland's territory
Capital Kekkosgrad (Helsinki)
National Anthem Oi Kekkonen, sä suurin kaikista...
Currency Urkki
Population 25 million
Etnic Composition Finnishs 79,8 %
Swedishs 19,2 %
somebodys 1 %
Special ability Constant re-election

Kekkoslovakia was a Nordic country. It was located in the territory currently occupied by Finland.


The birth of Kekkoslovakia[edit]

In 1951-1956 Finland was led by The Water Goblin, and his so-called "River Teri Government" (Terijoen hallitus). It mainly consisted of naiads and dolphins. They had promised to lead Finland to the Age of Aquarius. The government was truly inhuman. Finally the disastrous floods in Ostrobothnia incited people to the streets. Ostrobothia declared independence in 1956, and elected Urho Kaleva Kekkonen president. Kekkonen had been an important figure in the independence movement, and he promised to continue the earthy politics of ex-president Juho Kusti Paasikivi. Kekkonen wrote the constitution of Ostrobothnia, and gave abundant powers for the president.

It was soon clear that Ostrobothnia had to have control of the whole water systems of its river to prevent further floods sent by the River Teri Government. The rest of Finns sympathized Ostrobothnia, and quickly other Finnish landscapes had annexed to it. In the honour of Kekkonen the country was renamed as Kekkoslovakia.

The River Teri goverment was expelled from the country, but for a while it pretended to be the legal government of Finland. Finns built dams and reservoirs to lessen the influence of remaining River Teri Government supporters. They quit transporting logs in the rivers because guerilla naiads stole and damaged them.

Presidential powers[edit]

Kekkonen could be called the dictator of Kekkoslovakia. By the constitution he could dissolve or solidify the parliament, and make emergency laws at his whim. It is certain that he got the special gift of constant re-election, when the Moirae created his character by rolling dices. Some Hippie reasearchers have also suggested that Kekkonen had psychic abilities to convince people the he was an indispensable leader for Kekkoslovakia.

Personal cult[edit]

President Kekkonen became a cult figure in Kekkoslovakia. It was common to have a clay figure resembling him on a home altar in the 1970's. Kekkonen welcomed this kind of worship, which led western observers to dub him the Bald Baal of the North. In the mid-1970's, when Kekkonen was officially declared irreplaceable, gigantic gilded statues representing him were erected throughout the country. Many blocks of Finland's current capital Helsinki were demolished in 1975 to make way for a 300-metre statue called 'The Irreplaceable Father Kekkonen Smiles Kindly to the People'. The statue was sold to North Korea in 1990 and its facial features were made to match those of Kim Il Sung.

Vietnam War[edit]

1967 Kekkonen decided that Kekkoslovakia would take part in Vietnam War. The decision produced protests around Kekkoslovakia, but Kekkonen imprisoned almost all of the active opponents. They were sold as slaves to New Björk City.

1968 Kekkonen sent his army (600 000 soldiers) to Vietnam to conquer a colony there. The troops were lead by Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, and over 460 000 Finnish soldiers got killed there. The defeat in the war caused 1200 000 dollars lose in budget, which caused to inflation. Kekkonen executed the then Finance Minister Sakari Tuomioja and appointed Onni Hiltunen for his successor.

Kekkonen's decicion to fight the Viet Cong surprised Soviet leaders at first. However, even the Soviets thought Kekkonen was such a great guy that he must have known what he was doing. Incredibly, the Soviet Union supported Kekkoslovakia's decicion to fight Communism in Vietnam.

Recent studies at the Urho Kaleva Kekkonen Sacred Archives have revealed Kekkonen attempted to seize Vietnam's rice and sugar producing areas for financial gain. If history had taken another course, Ho Chi Minh City could be known as Urho Kaleva Kekkonen City nowadays.


In the 1970s Kekkoslovakia was dependent on Soviet Union. All import products were from Soviet Union, and they made up 49,5 % of all merchandises sold in Kekkoslandia. The top-notch exports to Soviet Union were pairs of left-feet rubber boots by Nokia.

In 1979 Kekkonen decided that it would be a good idea to trade with other countries, too. Kekkoslandia started to sell chemical pulp, ionized butter and other little processed products to countries like United Kingdom and Norway. The inflation decreased remarkably.

Last times[edit]

Kekkonen managed to clung to power until 1981, when he resigned for practical reasons. He had simply outlived every influential Kekkoslovak politician. In his last speech he emphasized the point that he would not have had anything against another 25 years as the country's beloved leader, but he had to think of a successor. It turned up to be his son, Urho Kaleva Kekkonen Jr. The transition was hardly noted abroad as Kekkonen Jr. looked exactly like his father.

Urho Kaleva Kekkonen died in 1986. It is still widely believed, if not hoped for, in Finland that Kekkonen is not dead, but will return one day when the country is in danger. This was unsuccessfully attempted when Kekkonen's partly decomposed corpse was elected president a couple of years after his death.

Kekkonen Jr. officially changed Kekkoslovakia's name back to Finland on the 31st of December, 1990, the day he resigned from office. Nowadays Finland is a modern country, really. Really. A country with a modern and democratic government. Mostly.

It is rumored that a bald ghost with huge glasses can be seen at times looming above the Parliament building and the old presidential residence of Tamminiemi in Helsinki

Dictators of Kekkoslovakia[edit]

  1. Urho Kekkonen (1956-1981)
  2. Urho Kekkonen II (1981-1991)


Flag of the Sovietlands.JPG
Official language Propaganda
Capital Anarchistgrad
Largest city Communismtown
Form of government Anarchist-Communist People's Republic
Population 40 million
Current dictator Josif Hitler
Currency Murder
National anthem Anarchistic land is best land...
Motto -

Sovietlands of Anarchistic Nort Atlanctic is island in Atlantic Ocean. Its now world only communist and nazism country. Sovietlands into founded visible country into USSR:'s ruins 1900s:'s start, but it is stood into island.

Sovietlands was with the first- and second worldwar, but did it notable country and ally with Germany. When Germany lost war, Sovietunion get lost, until Soviet Union break up.

Sovietlandis' like beer, alcohol, drugs, weapons and murders. Bortopias' is more dangerous than other states in country.

Sovietlands know island call "island, from whose area is not coming"...


Sovietlands consist of 20 states, whos four 4 times of the size Vatican. Bortopia is greatest of them and center of the land. In Bortopia is Nazigrad, countrys capital.

In Sovietlands live 40 million humans. Area in country is 128 000 square kilometers and Bortopia cover 2,5/4 in country.

List of states[edit]

  1. Bortopia
  2. Nazia
  3. Ryssalvania
  4. Romandia
  5. Grad
  6. Fredosky
  7. Neugrad
  8. Neurusland
  9. Ninea
  10. Terroria
  11. Frank
  12. Voldemorland
  13. Bruduuria
  14. Gansteria
  15. Ganstania
  16. Plasmaria
  17. Tintia
  18. Petroskonia
  19. Gavarlytia
  20. Communia
Sovietlands States in map

Death Water-lake[edit]

Death Water-lake is notorious and famous lake in Bortopia. 100 people die its beach or in lake and there vandered zombies, shadows, Satan etc. Everything scared it, that Franz von Garen die there.

Current Prsident Jozaf Hatler is founded so Death Water-lake is famousest firing palce of the Sovietlands 1942, before it there is executed 45 000 humans.


2003 British- and USA-armys come at Sovietlands

Sovietlandis culture is blooding: Murders, murders, drugs, drugs, alcohol, alcohol, weapons, weapons, blood, blood, deaths, deaths, wars, wars, suicide strikes, suicide strikes, mass suicides, mass suicides...

United Nations separate a Sovietlands from it already next day after its entrance day, when it see that the land not be able to be properly.

From year 1812 Sovietlandis sacrifice 10 000 people for fun. This shocked every countries in world and they break off all contacts with Sovietland. Like this Sovietland isolated from other world and scheme to it.

Slaves is fashion in Sovietlands. Every living human have at least one slaves, who do every durty jubs in house. United Nations is interfere in this, but Sovietlands is on't stop it. Because USA is attacked to Sovietlands, but so hard Sovietlans is and not die, when he were founded humanshield, who defend Sovietlands from bombs and missiles.


Sovietlands is anarchistic-communistic people's republic. Land's domination one moore party: Soviet-Anarchism Party. Party is divideding two sides; communists and nazis. Current dctator Jozasf Hazler is communist.

List Dictators of Sovietlands[edit]

Order Dictator Term of Office
1. Georghard Jeltsin 1350-1379
2. Mihail Uhrman 1379-1408
3. Leonid Botvinnik 1408-1433
4. Jesus Satan 1433-1462
5. Johnny Angel 1462-1490
6. Marcus Garfield 1490-1500
7. Victor Stahlin 1500-1528
8. Tigran Kasparov 1528-1544
9. Cheodong Mao 1544-1566
10. Garry Karpov 1566-1582
11. Georg Sten 1582-1601
12. Marco Molotov 1601-1628
13. Satan 1628-1728
14. Emil Onestone 1728-1755
15. Alechander Bushing 1755-1762
16. George M. Bush 1762-1796
17. Henrik Handler 1796-1797
18. Mihail Andropov 1797-1799
19. Vladimir Hindenberg 1799-1839
20. Paul von Lenin 1839-1843
21. Fanz von Garen 1843
22. Jeremy Spilberg 1843-1871
23. Saddam Mussolini 1871-1924
24. Jozasf Hazler 1924-2020
25. Adolf Stalin 2020-?

Paavo Väyrynen[edit]

Paavo Väyrynen
Paavo Väyrynen.jpg
President of Finland
Term of Office: 2100-2104
Preceded: Matti Vanhanen
Succeeded: Paavo Lipponen
Date of Birth: 1948
Place of Birth: Hell
Date of Death: future
Place of Death: ?
Party Väyrystic Party of Finland

Paavo "Idiot" Väyrynen is Finnish bastard and asshole. He can conquer Finland and killed Conan O'Brien, but he can't it. He was politician years 1970-2100. Väyrynen hated after it, when he rise to Foreign Minister. 1994 he preceeded Esko Aho in Prime Minister of Finland. Paavo get to married 1969 with Vuokko Väyrynen, who born 1946 and die 2009. Väyrynen founded paty, whose name is Väyrystic Party of Finland. It is horrobly party of Finland of every time.

Väyrynen was came to your place, if

  • 1) all flowers is dead
  • 2) gays get to erection
  • 3) heterosexuals die for scared
  • 4) shadows flee
  • 5) George W. Bush transform happy
  • 6) dogs start bite theyr penis
  • 7) cats don't drop to feet
  • 8) one country is failed
  • 9) Satan smiled
  • 10) Hitler do suicide, when he see it

Early life[edit]


Väyrynen hour after his born.

Paavo born at leap year February 29th day. Väyrynen wanted get to sex every nurse of hospital, even though hie was less one month old. Other babys at hospital scared and teased Väyrynen. Väyrynen been target of charge, when other babys wept, untill nurses and/or parents came to there.

In a day-care center Väyrynen made paperpenises, that musted made paperbirds. When Väyrynen get out from the day-care center 1954, he was drived 150 carens to killed about madness.

At school situation was different. Väyrynen was common object of rituale. About her tell a jokes, his apperance make fun and him put every sufferer of bad position. Later Väyrynen was actually teaser and he change deterrentest kid of school. After this Väyrynen's grade put down. When Väyrynen was came from school, he was get worst pupil of his glass of ever (2/10).


In youth Väyrynen dreamt career of minion of Satan, because its via he succeded destroy Satan and rise to King of Hell. 1967 Väyrynen "rise" assbrusher of old people's home. Väyrynen change angry and detonated old people's jouse, so that every old people die at once.

At same year Väyrynen decided undertoke to carmechanic. He corrected cars of Scuderia Ferrari and get wage thousend dollars in one month.

Emperor of Finland[edit]

Emperor of Finland year 1700.

Emperor of Finland was greatest emperor of world. It peitti pinta-alaltaan noin kolmanneksen maapallosta and was center economy, politics, enterntainment, art, death , paradise, indrustial, business, war and power over the 700 years. According story, in city live about George W. Bush, John Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Calvin Coolidge etc.


Politics and Government[edit]




Celebrations of Emperor of Finland[edit]


The birth of Emperor of Finland[edit]

Emperor enlarged[edit]


Finland become independent and emperor collapsed[edit]

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