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FINALLY! After a month of struggling, I finally have an Uncyclopedia account!!! Hi, I'm Dylan. You can find me on my Wikipedia, Scratchpad Wikia, and Hurricanes Wikia accounts as well.

History on Uncyclopedia[edit]

I first discovered Uncyclopedia via an external link from Wikipedia. I went back to Uncyclopedia later on, and laughed like all hell heck (Oops!) at the content. My favorite pages are Earth, Decapitation Disease, and Global warming.

Argument about me that happened at the lunch over a "friend" of mine (named[edit]

“He's really 72,741,169 years old?”

~ Captain Oblivious on

“Ugh. No, Captain Oblivious. This user hasn't logged in; is his IP”

~ Captain Obvious on

“Well, maybe that's both his age and IP.”

~ Captain Oblivious on

“People can't live that long!”

~ Captain Obvious on

“They can too!”

~ Captain Oblivious on

“They can not!”

~ Captain Obvious on

“Can too!”

~ Captain Oblivious on

“Can not!”

~ Captain Obvious on


~ Captain Oblivious on


~ Captain Obvious on

“Will both of you just SHUT UP!? Sheesh!”

~ on himself


~ Captains Oblivious and Obvious on their total stupidity


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