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What Uncyclopedia is not

For the most part, the administrators here are friendly and will help you out if you ask nicely. Administrators, commonly abbreviated as admins and also called sysops (system operators), are the elite Uncyclopedia editors who have access to technical features that help with maintenance such as banning users and deleting articles that fail any of the parameters of HTBFANJS.[1]

If your article is deleted[edit]

If this happens, do not freak out, call your attorney, file lawsuits, create a militia, and start calling the admin names. Instead, take the following steps:

  1. Breathe. Oxygen...good! Fire...bad!
  2. Search the Deletion Log. (Hint - put the name of the deleted page in the "Title" field and hit "Submit Query".) See who deleted your page and read why. VFD means it was voted to be deleted.
  3. Contact the admin by posting a nice, calm message on their talk page. If he or she has not already indicated a reason for the deletion/removal, request one.
  4. Wait for the admin to reply. We know it's hard. Try hitting the Random Page link to the far left a bunch of times. They aren't all nuclear powered robots, so give the admin a day or two.
  5. Read the reply. If it's wholly unreasonable, you may proceed to The Village Dump or the Complaints Department, where you may take it up with a larger group.

If the admin thinks you gave a good enough reason, he or she will most likely restore your work. In this case, continue at leisure. Please understand that if a page looks like it's bad, some admins prefer to destroy on sight due to war trauma or excessive blunt head trauma.

If the admin does not respond, do not feel free to retroactively restore your work. He or she may have had something to take care of. This is tantamount to doing a really big no-no. If days pass without a response, consult another admin.

Admin rights, privileges, and responsibilities[edit]

Administrators are entitled to a certain degree of rights, privileges, and responsibilities which exceed those of normal users. Sometimes, non-admin users feel that administrators may abuse their powers.

  • Administrators have the right to ban users for any offense outside of the scope of Uncyclopedia's rules and/or within them. Because the rules of Uncyclopedia don't cover all unwanted behavior, it is implied administrators are to use their best judgment. See here for a list of offenses that may warrant a ban.
  • Despite popular belief, administrators are not infallible. Administrators make mistakes. Users have the right to question the decisions of administrators, and administrators have the right to ban users for questioning their authority.[2]
  • Administrators are vital to the maintaining of Uncyclopedia and its quality. Users are, however, equally important in their own right. Without administrators, Uncyclopedia would erupt into anarchy and users would die off. Without users, administrators would have nobody to ban. Because of this cycle of reliability, it is asserted that users and administrators respect one-another and be civil.
  • In the typical scenario, a user will become banned, then plead their case in the IRC to another administrator, who will then unban them. The problem with this is that administrators may feel superseded by other administrators and the story of the incident that necessitated a ban may not be told entirely or be fabricated. So, because of common instances like the one just mentioned, administrators should not unban users who they did not ban (though there are exceptions to this). This can create a "wheel war" (see here). This one is more of a "guideline" for admins who find themselves in a situation like this. Administrators are urged to use their best judgment, and users are urged to discuss matters with the administrator who banned them.
  • Administrators have the right to joke-ban. For those who don't know, a joke-ban is a ban that is a joke and not the result of a user having violated the rules.[3] Joke bans are usually of a shorter length than most bans. They are not a big deal.
  • Whether it's by procedure, explained on a talk page or edit summary, or the admin is prepared to justify their actions, administrators should make no decision without reasonable justification. This is also applicable to regular users, but stressed more-so with administrators.
  • Administrators are not above the rules, even if they make them.[4] Though there are probably no administrators who believe they are (as they wouldn't be an administrator in the first place if they did), it's still worth mentioning.


  1. See here for further information.
  2. That last bit was a joke.
  3. Like the FFS.
  4. This as well is applicable for all users of Uncyclopedia.

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