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My Pixies[edit]


This STD has been canonized by the Pope for its

blessed fight against the use of evil condoms.


Gandhi lays down the smack.
White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan telling us what to believe.
Typical American Sea Port
Tensel Strength: The No Child Left Behind Act states that any child who gets ripped in half by less than 2.5 times their own body weight can not pass to the next grade.
God smites Barney. World rejoices.
Colonel Omar bin Camel Ghadafi
Doctors find real reason for Ariel Sharon's stroke: Pat Robertson told Mel Gibson he had to "Off" him.
One of these girls has genital warts. Can you tell which one?
Let the cursing begin...
You must now kill yourself.
The intuative interface of Mac OS X...
World Domination, current contenders
Suicide chamber for the color blind
Newer Fangled "Compasionate Conservatives" being blessed by the Jee-Man