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The Parliament is an experimental new Government somewhat similar to the Senate, the similarity being people run for offices and are voted for.


Chairman represents Uncyclopedia as a whole.

Party Representatives, as the name suggest, represent parties such as UNSOC, UNATO, etc.

Others can run for other positions if they are ever created. Anyone can suggest a new position in the talk page.

Chairmen have 1-year terms, while Representatives have 6-month terms.

March-April 2009 Elections[edit]

You MUST be nominated on the talk page to run.

Representing UNSOC <poll> For UNSOC Rep.: </poll>

Representing UNATO <poll> For UNATO Rep.: GBA2005 </poll>

Representing Urban Dead <poll> For UD Rep.: </poll>

Representing Uncyclopedian forces <poll> For UF Rep.: </poll>

Representing the Order of the Nofu <poll> For Nofu Rep.: </poll>

Representing the Cow Moo Cult <poll> For CMC Rep.: </poll>

Representing The Uncyclopedian Anarchist Party <poll> For UNAP Rep.: </poll>

Representing the Goa Tse Clan <poll> For Goa Tse Clan Rep.: Joe9320 </poll>