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It had been a dark and stormy night. Bobby woke to find the curtains slightly ajar, allowing the morning light to filter through. He yawned, and a sudden realization struck his still-sleeping brain. "It's my BIRTHDAY today!" He grinned from ear to ear. His mother peeked her head into the room and, seeing Bobby awake, slinked quietly in, closing the door with a barely audible click. She walked quickly to Bobby's bed, sunlight caressing the curves of her spandex-covered leggings. She sat hovering over him, her face only inches from his. A smile played over his face, widening quickly. He could smell her sweet perfume, his favorite.
"Are you my big boy today?" she asked. Her eyes slowly scanned down Bobby's body, taking in every detail. "Oh my, yes. You ARE a big boy now! And just what do you want to eat today?"
"And just what do you want to eat today?"
"Pie. Your cherry pie."
Bobby's mom lifted his pajama top up, revealing his slightly rounded belly. She moaned slightly, eyes ravenously inspecting the perfect flesh, taut and without blemish. Bobby gasped and squealed in delight as she quickly dropped her head down. He could feel her mouth on him, could feel the hot breath. For a second, his eyes closed, as the tender touch of her tongue played upon him. Bobby screamed out, his body squirming helplessly under her experienced mouth. She proceeded to nibble on his flesh, mere inches below his bellybutton. "I could just eat you up, right now."
Bobby laughed. It was his favorite game, one that the two of them had played countless times, mostly when daddy was away. Suddenly, a noise was heard from outside the room. Both heads turned towards the door. Bobby's mom seemingly jumped to the bedroom door, opened it, and quickly left. He continued to dress, and bounded to the kitchen.
While he was eating breakfast, Bobby's mom started searching the cabinets. She noticed that she was almost out of flour. "Can't make pie without flour", she mused to herself. She left the room, and returned with her purse.
"Bobby. Can you do a big favor for mommy. I need you to go down to the store and buy some flour. Do you know what kind mommy likes?" Bobby nodded. She gave him five dollars.
"Don't take your bike. It's not far, and I don't want the flour to accidentally fall." Bobby nodded again. This was the FIRST time mommy had ever asked him to go to the store ALONE. He finished breakfast and ran out of the house. He grabbed at the handlebars of his blue bicycle and started to mount it. He remembered what mommy had said, and reversed his actions. "I'll just have to go thru the park', that's the bestest shortcut."
The park was alive with the sounds of birds squalking. Up ahead, he could see a woman just standing there. He approached her, and waved hello. It was Connie, a neighbor from down the street. She beckoned him with her finger, drawing him closer. She smiled, and looked down at Bobby.
"Hi there Bobby! Isn't it a beautiful day?"
Bobby nodded. In his mind, it was a GREAT DAY. His BIRTHDAY. Connie looked around, first to the left, then the right. "I don't..." She never completed the sentence. Connie shivered, and a strange look passed over her face. She stared at Bobby, he eyes widened, almost doubling in size. She started to shake, pitching over. Connie's arms grabbed at Bobby, pinning him to the grass. Bobby looked up, slightly alarmed. Connie was gritting her teeth, and moaning. Her breasts pressed against his chest and face. Suddenly she lifted the upper half of her body, her hands on either side of his head. Her legs straddled him, as her pelvis grinded and gyrated. Connie was panting, her long hair flowing down around her face. A look of frenzy and desperation greeted Bobby as he stared upward.
"Oh, that's adorable!" she remarked, noticing how red it was.

Bobby was scared, and he squirmed his way out from under Connie. Just then, a man came by. "Run, boy. Run and tell a grown-up that Connie is in the park, and she's having a fit. Hurry!" Bobby ran as fast as he could, and finally entered the General Store. Amy was behind the counter, as usual. Bobby told her about Connie, and the fit. Amy got on the phone, and called the authorities.Minutes later, a siren could be heard, getting closer. Amy looked out the window, and saw that the ambulance was heading in the right direction. She sighed, and turned back to Johnny. He told her that he needed flour for his mom. She retrieved the flour, took Bobby's money, and gave him change. Bobby started to leave.
"Wait, Bobby. I think you deserve a reward. And I know just what you need."
She walked around the counter, and kneeled in front of Bobby, her ample chest stretching the fabric of the T-shirt she wore. Bobby stared at her breasts, half-revealed in the v-cut. Amy's eyes spied the bulge in his pants, angled slightly left. Her finger pressed against the hardness. Bobby looked down, smiling. "That's my fire engine. Wanna see it?" Amy nodded and expertly dug her fingers into his pocket, and pulled it out. "Oh, that's adorable!" she remarked, noticing how red it was. She then fumbled at Bobby's shirt for a second, one of the buttons actually popped off, hitting the floor several feet away. Bobby's eyes followed the progress of the button, then he looked back down at his chest. IT WAS A MEDAL! A shiny gold medal hung on his chest, a five-pointed star, JUST LIKE a SHERIFF!
"BOY oh boy!"
Bobby returned home with the flour, and gave it to his mom. Later that night, he had his favorite supper, sloppy-joe's. Dessert was cherry pie. Bobby went to bed, still wearing his badge. "BOY oh boy! This was the BESTEST DAY EVER!" Water.mp3