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FlareonFurry is the shit, and viewing his image collection of Flareon Furries has the potential to get you Banned from REAL LIFE. Actually, just your job, but the difference between the two is insignificant.


A picture of a female Flareon Furry.

FlareonFurry is the Supreme overlord of Zerglings. He helped defeat the Zerg Overmind, and used his newly acquired Zerg Horde to build Zergling City. FlareonFurry Likes Flareon Furries (See picture on the right). He will go to any length to obtain pictures of them, and uses his Zerglings to Retrieve such pictures for him. Let it be noted that the picture on the right is NOT a picture of FlareonFurry himself. It is a picture of a Flareon Furry, because he likes flareon furries.


FlareonFurry is a pokemon master that battled in the nameless battle of Ninjas and the Overmind. He used his Flareon team (All 6 of them) to create a superheated plasma bolt, and used it to destroy the overmind. The radiation from this plasma burst fused all six of his Flareons together, and the amorphous mass also pulled him in. The result was a humanoid looking Flareon with all the skills of a ninja, all the fiery powers of a Flareon, and all the sex appeal of a 3-gigabyte hentai rar file. He took over the Zerglings that remained using eye lasers and mind control, then managed to have animal sex with them, creating a small army of Flareo-Zerglings that eventually ended up building the Pyramids and Zergling City.

Current Interests[edit]

FlareonFurry is secretly holding Hitler in a cryo-tube near the center of Zergling City. Preserving this secret is his ultimate objective. FlareonFurry is also collecting pictures of Flareon Furries, and will spare your life when he invades the surface with an army of Flareo-Zerglings, if you send him pictures he has not seen before, or make him pictures of Flareo-Zerglings.

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