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These are the games I created! To see others, click on “More...”. See Games Portal for info.
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C:\> Run "NeoAdventure.index"_ Welcome! Select from the links below to browse some of the adventures. (The pages may take a while to load.)

Top 40 | Random | Battle | Comedy | Drama | Fantasy | Instructional | Mystery | Quest | Role Playing | Science Fiction | Test/Quiz


Details about NeoAdventure[edit]

Do you like to play the Hero (or Villain) and go on exciting adventures? If so, you've come to the right place! Journey through exciting adventures created by other Neopians/Users.

Rules for adding more pages or creating games[edit]

Listing games[edit]

  1. If you wish to add your own, find a category (must be on that topic), and put you page there.
    1. If your page is a "Dead end" or the player has "lost" or "died", or you simply don't want to add anymore, put the {{User:Flutter/deadend}} on your page and the back link of your adventure.
      1. Usage is {{User:Flutter/deadend|Link of the start of game|Link Color|Header}}
    2. When you fiannaly place your adventure in a category, make sure you credit yourself by putting your username in the "Creator" part.
    3. When placing your game, make sure you follow the table coding of the categories. See User:Flutter/NeoAdventure/ of a example of how to.

General page creating rules[edit]

  1. When creating pages, ALWAYS add the {{User:Flutter/NeoAdventureheader}} to ALL pages. Usage is {{User:Flutter/NeoAdventureheader|Title|Score|Moves|Bordercolor|Backgroundcolor}}
    Note: If you want to see (nearly) all the colors of the website to put on the Bordercolor & Backgroundcolor sections, go to my Toolbox, my color page or Lugiatm's toobox (all same thing).
    1. For a example to set up a page, go to User:Flutter/NeoAdventure/Setup
  2. You can namespace your game by putting [[User:Flutter/NA/NAME OF GAME HERE]], or you can put your own. Like: [[User:Example/NAME OF GAME HERE]]

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