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Early stint in Wikipedia[edit]

The first Wiki I edited was Wikipedia. I started editing in early April 2007 and created Serpent of evil river in April 6. During my time there, I made 4 accounts during the course of April.

My contributions were based on Courage the Cowardly Dog episodes and sporadic-related articles. Meanwhile I learned some editing flairs (that would help me in the future) such as tags, article writing, fixing, templates, cleanup and then vandalism. At first, I made good edits thru-out April, but I saw some of the articles histories and Final Fantasy Wiki[1] and I thought they were helpful info and got blocked indefinitly.

I later created Itemssnake and stopped using it at late April cause it was bland. Later, at April 30th, I once agian made another name, Areabuilt890, but got blocked agian for vandalism. Lastly, I reappeared as Turnspten, and no longer vandalize. But I left Wikipedia in May. I also made minor edits (as ips) in 24 January 2008, and 24 January 2009.[2]

International Wikian (Summer 2007)[edit]

After leaving Wikipedia, Somehow I found out about a few wikis. I made a account in the Final Fantasy Wiki (somewhere in June) with hebrew letters but I forgot the name, as well as the date.

Being a fan of Neopets, I eventally stumbled across NeoDex (A Neopets Wiki) in June 24, 2007. I created a account called Journey to the Lost Isle-er, after the Journey to the Lost Isle plot which was active durnig that time. I also made Pickulsaur in 20 July 2007 in the mario wiki.

Skill Sharpin'[edit]

During my time here in NeoDex, I polished my HTML skillz here. I also made articles, cause I've known Neopets for a long time, since October 2004, when Uncyc. was just a root potato. Through out July 2007, I was being useful for once,[3] and the head honcho, Jacob, and The Acolytes (well the Admins), were happy.

And at the same time, I did things I thought were helpful. Admins complained, warned me about stuff and gave me tips to editing [4]. In 5 July, Macbeth commented about some piece of helpful info and said "I doesn't make sence," and I mocked her and vandalized her talkpage. Jacob wasent pleased.

After I discovered Uncyclopedia, I made my last 2007 edits and stayed in Uncyclopedia, therefor left NeoDex.

Because Neopets disallows profanity, NeoDex is the same crap. I came back (in early-January 2008) and put bad words in edit summeries. After Jacob warned me not to, Dizzy went mad and blocked me for 10,000 hours. (It expired in March 7, 2009)

  • Moral: Never feud with admins, you end up with your bullocks banned.

In August 2008, I minorly made Ogrin, and my status in NeoDex is semi-retired, but when NeoDex needs me, I'll be there ;).

First Days in Uncyclopedia[edit]

Not long after NeoDex, I debuted in Uncyclopedia in July 29 as a now-defunct IP: I edited articles like moogles, cats, humans & Planimals‎. I used this Ip only on 29 July 2007. (one freaken' day)

The Very Neopian / Famine Feud[edit]

The next day, I created The Very Neopian. Like back on Wikipedia, I once agian started FF spam in some random articles. I eventually created DESTROY ALL MOOGLES, Moogle vs. Kitten War & Viera vs. Kitten War, obviously coping HowTo:DESTROY ALL HUMANS & Human vs. Kitten War. These articles were mostly duplicates of the above two, exept replaced by "Moogle". They were eventually huffed, by Famine (first Viera vs. Kitten War, and more can be seen here). I was pissed, like some dude wanting to murder a furby. I technally vandalized Uncyclopedia, putting damn FF shit on random pages I find.[5] This pissed one person: Famine. This former Norsemen of the Apocalypse was watching my every move. During this time, I was "feuding" with him. I was subsequently blocked and eventually Famine blocked me for 1 month (In August 5), due to vandalism, but Strange but untrue came and expanded the block by 3 months. Sigh, I was bored.

After that trouble, I left Uncyclopedia for a while.

Journey to the Lost Isle-er era[edit]

While I was editing back in NeoDex, I came back to Uncyc. In late August, I was re-christened Journey to the Lost Isle-er, my old NeoDex name. I stopped using FF spam, seeing how my account TVN (The Very Neopian) got banned.

I learned new things, like uploading images like I uploaded my first image (Image:Fatatouille.PNG) in 25 November 2007, on Journey to the Lost Isle-er's Sockpuppet, a now-abandoned sockpuppet.

Before the Blue Meanie took the biscut, my time as Journey to the Lost Isle-er spanned through most of the latter half of 2007 and a few days in January 2008. And made a total of 550 edits.

I created my first full-written article at December 24, 2007. Its Ancient Kittenolivia. The article proves that I knew some minor Uncyclopedia and the major in-jokes at that time. I was one clever human! Here's the original.

Personally, I also created a Menu, and some sub-pages (Now under the Flutter parent page. Wanna know why? Keep reading.)

Flutter (January 21 2008 - present)[edit]

In mid-January, I started not liking my username, and wanted a shorter one. I enventually thought of Flutter, and moved my stuff to the Flutter space in January 21, 2008, and said good-by to my old one in January 22. Thruoghout 2008 most of my edits were of games, like Zork, Zork Pwned & Zork 5 later in 2008 along with numerous new games. I teamed up with a close friend Toungebud who helped me in Zork editing. In July 12, I created my 2nd attempt at a full-written article in Uncyclopedia, , but was deleted due to being 'listy', although the original content is in the history. It wasn't until December when I started voting, nominating images & editing random articles[6], something that slowed down my editing of games. I was also involved in a group feud with Necropaxx before 2008 ended. In early June 2009, I took a two week break, and I consider taking a month-long break somewhere in Summer, but not anymore. Since the begining of 2009 I have been sticking into some topics lately, like Sailor Moon, WordGirl, Planets, Extrasolar planets, Zula Patrol & WWE. In late june I had a small feud with Socky but it ended after 2 day preseeding to early July after an apology was made... by me.

Ever since December, I plan & attempted to create a Myspace. But for a reason. I plan to photochop the pics of friends & people I know (but not create articles 'bout them, the UN:VAIN law is watching). And when I do get a hold of this photos, I will make, say 110 in a short span of two months! And thats alot because on average I make 31-24 images per month (21-17 images last year and 4-9 in 2007 & early 2008). And thats because in school days when I was a 8th grader 2008-2009, the was the ratio. And when I go to Uncyclopedia almost everyday, I might make 190 images! This project is expected somewhere half-way or after July.

***Project has officially begun!!!***[edit]

Yup, actually it has begun a bit early. I've already created a MySpace, and this riffraff starts in july 28th, my second aniversity as a Uncyclopedian.

  1. Oh, yeah that Wiki. I knew about that wiki aprox. in 12-13 April. In non-related Courage the Cowardly Dog articles, I usually put the Ivalice races besides humans; it was vandalism, but I put it for the hell of it. (Thats why my first uncyc edits were FF related.) In 2007-early 2008, I never made a edit in that wiki. I made and edited under a user (with hebrew letters) that I forgotton the name.
  2. Har har, same day, different years.
  3. Just how I am now in Uncyclopedia.
  4. All in my talk page. ;)
  5. But at the same time making helpful edits.
  6. The random article thing really started in May 2008.