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WordGirl is that one cartoon thats resides in PBS Kids. It is a little kids cartoon that hypnotizes them to like it. It foucus on a alien superheroine that battles villians and uses words, quite obviously.


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It all started in the magical world of Lexicon, somewhere on that planet. Born to loving parents UHL 143829-Q and UHL 829552-X, WordGirl, well, who knows whats her very past is, or she even has parents.


  • WordGirl/Becky Botsford – Your average, 11-year old prima donna who thinks she knows everything.
  • Captian Huggy Face/Bob – A flying rat dog opossum wierd hairy guy rodent monkey, who was never affiliated with Monkey Jesus back in his home planet, so Huggy has no superpowers.

Other niggas[edit]

Les Rogues[edit]


Number Title
WGLOL “Catch as Catch Can”
Can WordGirl prevent a cumbersome meteorite from destroying the city?
WG102 “Enter, the Butcher”


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