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User:FlyingIdiothello geeg eeee



We have found out that you're trying to view a nonexistent page. No, for real, this page does not exist. This insane page is just a product of your imagination. There's nothing to see here. You can't even be here. You can't be at a place that doesn't exist. Who am I talking to?

Anyway, do not attempt to create this page. No pages can be created before consulting the Conspiracy Authorization Board of Absolute Liars first. If you try to create this page, I guarantee you that soon the entire Board will be out to get you. And it's really annoying when there's someone out to get you, especially if you're that guy called Google and the Board is the Microsoft Board of Directors. Also, remember the privacy policy.

You remember the Uncyclopedia "Danger" template, do you? I mean the alternate one, about maimings. Well, that will happen to you if you don't resist the temptation to click that redlink on that bookmark. Don't say I didn't I warn you.


Observe and report if insane beats his radio has left with Captain America in the toxic waste dump