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Grand Cross of the Order
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Hi, there! We are the not-so-new Fredd The Mahmauscher! We're far more sophisticated than Mahm00shA

Some people call us Fredd, some call us Musher, others call us Paranoid, but nobody calls us Samantha.

Personal Information[edit]

We are a 19 eons old male. We hail from Egypt, Land of The Suntanned. We attend to the university of "The Temple Of Pillars Of Epic Proportions" where we are studying the dark arts of Sorcery, Necromancy, and Voodoo.

If you are interested in meeting us in person, we live in the Great Pyramid, 4th floor, door 404 (Error: Door Not Found.) Warning: Beware of spiders (lvl 37), they're poisonous. Also, don't use the elevator, it hasn't been maintained for ages (yes, literally.) And don't use the staircase, it will collapse and you will fall into an abyss. So, unless you can levitate, don't bother. (Note: If you can actually levitate, beware of the acid-spitting, fire-farting mummy-dogs [lvl 51] guarding the windows.[1])

Fredd The Mahmauscher Features[edit]

Cquote1.png Fredd The Mahmauscher™ comes with many, many new and totally useless features. For instance: Fredd The Mahmauscher can legally smoke and have sex, two much anticipated features that Mahm00shA lacked.[2] Cquote2.png

In October 2009, an IT company, FAKEtech, was awarded a €2 contract to upgrade Mahm00shA's humourware. The following day, an operation was performed, in which they took away

  • his kidneys
  • half of his liver
  • his frontal lobe
  • his left testicle
    (had it not been for some well-preserved mummies, Mahm00shA would have died.)

But on the bright side, he received

  • a free lobotomy
  • a phallus of unspeakable proportions
  • a cheap-ass Taiwanese microchip that gave him a slightly better sense of humour.

The following is a table of comparison between the old us; Mahm00shA and the new us; Fredd The Mahmauscher:

Feature Mahm00shA Fredd The Mahmauscher
Age 18 19
Sex Male SuperMale
Penis length 7" 14"
Humour style Lame Lame 2.0
Humour version
Girlfriend Yes Deceased
IQ 163 63
Rollback Plunger No Yes

Literary Revelations[edit]

All are mummy shit.

There are FAs

  • Kurdish Military Industries Featured on the 29nd of March of 2010. Article of the month. (Polished by SPIKE, MadMax, Sog1970 and DaDopeboy)

Also, we participated in several IC projects
  • Great Britain, which was featured on the 0th of Farsh of the year 2009 CE.

  • Bruce Wayne, which was featured on the 0th of Farsh of the year 2010 CE.

There's also
Then there's the shitty bandcruft
And finally, the works-in progress/future projects


  1. Alternatively, you can buy a Wizard's Staff of awesomeness (+11) and kill off those creatures. Good luck finding a store that sells that kind of staffs at reasonable prices in these ages... Better yet, you can just CLICK HERE to teleport directly to our bathroom, or something.
  2. Yes. They're totally useless because we live in Ancient Egypt, and cigarettes haven't been invented, yet. Pussy hasn't been invented, either..

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