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Piratez.jpg I'm training to become an Uncyclopedian cage fighter.

The Fresh Meat Market and their staff have provided the freshest, highest quality meat products at competitive prices since 1969. Stop by and sample our famous smoked sausages and various jerky products, including our signature albacore jerky plus many other excellent meat market products. Our meaty sandwiches are nothing short of outstanding, and we guarantee you will not go away hungry.

We are in the process of building our first ever website and will continue to add more information in those areas that are not yet completed soon. The Fresh Meat Market staff thanks you for visiting our site.

Doin' the sausage dance.
Why the fuck are you pouring me a budweiser?
Share it with the one you love.
A woman that knows what she wants.
That's the stuff...


I love it outdoors, give it to me outdoors!


About Fresh Meat[edit]

I have a fetish for random subjects. Right now, for instance, I'm obsessed with beer.