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Not a Ghost[edit]

Despite his uncanny resemblence to many ectoplasmic entities (ghosts), Frinko is in no way a ghost so do not try to capture him with a proton pack and/or ghost trap!>

Frinko's Featured Image

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For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Frinko.

“Don't mess with Frinko!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Frinko

“Man, when this guy is around, my P.K.E. readings are off the charts!”

~ Egon Spengler on Frinko

“Just who is this "Frinko"?”

~ Invader Zim on Frinko

“Uh, yeah... Frinko is teh man... wOOt?”

~ LinkTGF on Frinko

“He's the dude with the ectoplasmic soul.”

~ Sliferjam on Frinko

Frinko's true form.
Frinko, no relation to Professor John Frink, is a powerful supernatural creature that resembles an intimidating shadow-like apparition. Frinko has been known to appear in person only on Halloween during a full moon and the chances of this may be slim to none. Being a powerful supernatural creature, Frinko has supernatural image manipulation abilities which he has used to his advantage as you will see when you view his galleries.
Featured picture candidate
The Dark Ghost of DOOM!!

The Dark Ghost of Doom prepares to devour another victim.

Image credit: Frinko
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Current Projects[edit]



Grizdar, Jhonen Vasquez's second animated series after "Invader Zim" was cancelled. Frinko is open to episode ideas. Please leave suggestions here. Fake episode "screenshots" are also welcome.


The Zim expansion project. They'll as big as Jesus!

Goings on of the Living Dead[edit]


  • A large soul-stealing entity was captured on April 10, 2006 by the Ghostbusters.
  • There has recently been yet another sighting of Elvis's ghost. This time in Luigi's Mansion.
  • Ghostbuster Egon Spengler denies accusations that his practice of "ghostbusting" is infact scientology recruitment.
  • The Winchester Mansion has become engulfed by shadow creatures.
  • Great News for Ghostbusters fans! - On May 16, 2006, Ghostbusters 3 was confirmed to be in production, and may be released as early as 2008!


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