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“Gaaaaahhhh- Ah GOD! There is no Fucking drummer better than Neil Peart!”

“I'm cooler than that cheetah from the commercials!”

~ Stewie Griffin on Chester Cheetah

Chester "Dangerousely Cheesey" Cheetah is the former mascot of the popular snack food known as Cheetos. He was once known to be "cool" and "suave", although now is looked upon as a degenarate drug addict. He has been married twice, to Itzel Gazelle and Mary Gazelle. both of these people have since disappeared. The police are still looking for them. The media has interviewed him various times, so far he's answered "I'm sad for this loss, I really am, but hey, I can move on. So if you're a gazelle, antolope, or zebra girl, I'll go out with you".

Chester is also known to kick ass at ping pong

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