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Danny Phantom Episode
Season 3
Episode number 54-55
Guest Star(s) Brian Doyle-Murray as Siffler
Maurice LaMarche as Egon Spengler / Nunzio Scoleri
Frank Welker as Ray Stantz / Slimer / Samhain
Dave Coulier as Peter Venkman
Buster Jones as Winston Zeddemore
Kath Soucie as Janine Melnitz
Billy West as Tony Scoleri />Gandalf as Alan Moore /> Philip Glenister as John Constantine /> Fred Phelps as Satan (though he may just have been playing himself) />
Previous episode Phantom Planet
Next episode none

The Series Finale episode of the "Danny Phantom" Documentary Series.

  • Episode length: 1 hour

Opening Scene[edit]

(Doctors Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddmore are setting up their new, temporary HQ in Amity Park. The Ghost containment grid has already been set up and the ghosts are safely contained. Peter and Egon are bickering about why they came to Amity Park in the first place.)

  • Peter: Egon, tell me again why we had to temporarily move out of the firehouse in New York and all the way to Amity Park?
  • Egon:Peter, I already told you several times that the firehouse had to be renovated and I was able to find a great building for rent in Amity Park to put our equipment. Also, I read in "Spectre Chaser Weekly" that Amity Park has recently been experiencing frequent paranormal activity. There were reports from residents here that some of the ghosts they saw showed power that I thought only few ghosts like Vego the Carpathion could exhibit. And when we arrived in Amity Park Yesterday, my P.K.E. meter picked up readings that were off the charts.
  • Winston: The P.K.E. readings were that high?
  • Ray: Actually, yes. Egon's P.K.E. meter almost short-circuited because the readings were so high.
  • Egon: Yeah well I've been meaning to update the P.K.E. meter so it can pick up stronger readings. I never got around to it before, but now is a good time as any to do so because it may come in handy.
  • Peter: (yawns and begins to lean very close to a red switch on the ghost containment unit) Well I guess we could consider Amity Park somewhat of a vacation from overcrowded New York. (Peter then leans on and accidentally throws the red switch on the containment unit)
Siffler, along with many other ghosts, escape from the ecto-containment unit in the Ghostbusters' temporary HQ in Amity Park.
  • Egon: No Peter, you just threw the release switch!!!

(an alarm then goes off, red lights in the building begin to blink on and off, and several ghosts escape from the containment grid.) (cut to outside of Ghostbusters HQ- several ghosts fly out of the building in many directions)- (cut back to the inside of Ghostbusters HQ and the Ghostbusters, Egon quickly closes the containment grid before any more ghosts can escape.)

  • Egon:Nice work Peter, you just released at least 25 ghosts from the containment grid and now those ghosts are probably loose in Amity Park, which is already suffering from strong supernatural activity!
  • Egon: Ray, run a check on the ghosts that are still contained and the one that escaped so we know what to look for.

(Ray boots up the Ghostbusters' computer and looks up their ghost archive.)

  • Ray: Well, from what I see, about 25 ghosts escaped.
  • Egon: Do any of the escaped ghosts pose any bit of a threat?
  • Ray: Well, the ghosts that escaped were common, overall harmless- (Ray checks the computer archives again) Oh no, oh no, he escaped...
  • Egon: Who?
  • Ray: ...Siffler...
  • Egon: Oh no, this is bad, real bad. Now that Siffler is loose, Amity Park, and possibly the whole world are in danger!
  • Peter: um... oops...

(cut to opening theme music and opening credits)

Scene 1- The Scoleri Brothers[edit]

(cut to shot of Casper High, (Danny's school)(the bell rings and students can be seen entering the school building) 2 ghosts in prison uniforms that visibly have bolts of electricity flowing through and around their bodies, one fat and the other thin are floating outside of Casper High, bickering with each other.)

Danny Phantom battles the Scoleri Brothers, Tony and Nunzio.
  • Nunzio Scoleri: Ahhhh, it feels so good to finally be out of that cramped ghost containment device, doesn't it Tony?
  • Tony Scoleri: Very much so, yes. What shall we do first?
  • Nunzio Scoleri: Lets cause a huge scare in that school!
  • Tony Scoleri: What a nefariously clever idea Nunzio, I like the way you think.

(The 2 ghosts silently go into the Casper High School Building and begin to cause chaos. Danny, Tucker and Sam are in a study hall at the time)

(Cut to study room where Danny, Sam, and Tucker are)

  • Tucker:What the heck is up with all that screaming? Its breaking my concentration.(Tucker is seen playing Tetris)
  • Sam:(Covers her ears to drown out noise) All that yelling and screaming out there, something about it doesn't seem right.
  • Danny: (Ghost sense goes off twice) Oh no, a ghost, a big one, here! (Danny goes into a supply closely and Tranforms into Danny Phantom to confront the "ghost" and Sam and Tucker follow.)

(cut to hallway and Danny's confrontation with the "ghost")

  • Danny Phantom: (sees 2 ghosts with bolts of electricity moving throughout their bodies flying at high speeds and shooting bolts of electricity at random targets) Oh great, 2 ghosts, and they sure don't look too friendly.
  • Danny Phantom:(to himself)Hmm, I've never seen these 2 ghosts before, since they're wearing those uniforms, maybe they escaped from Walker's ghost prison.
  • Danny Phantom: (to the 2 ghosts) Hey gruesome twosome, why don't you two go find an old house to haunt?(Danny then proceeds to fire a ray of ectoplasmic energy at the ghosts.)(The ray hits the fat ghost and he and the skinny ghost turn around with rather annoying looks on their faces.)

(cut to Sam and Tucker) (Sam and Tucker See the 2 ghosts, get scared and hide behind a locker)

  • Tucker: Um.. Sam and I will be hiding behind this locker while you deal with those 2 static stooges.
  • Sam: Uh yeah Danny, just call if you need us.

(cut back to Danny and the 2 ghosts)

  • Nunzio Scoleri: (angrily)Excuse me ghost kid, but we're the Scoleri Brothers!
  • Tony Scoleri: Yeah, what my brother said!
  • Danny Phantom: (To the Scoleri Brothers) I don't care who you ghouls are, you're trashing a school and terrorizing innocent bystanders- and that's bad!!!!
  • Tony Scoleri:(To Danny) Hey punk, what we do or what we trash is none of your business, so let us be!

(The thin ghost {Tony Scoleri} shoots a powerful ray of blue electricity from his hands at Danny. Danny then blocks the blast of electricity by using his powers to form a wall of ectoplasmic energy.)

  • Nunzio Scoleri:(To Danny) You can't defend yourself forever, pipsqeak!.

(The Fat ghost {Nunzio Scoleri} then also fires a ray of blue electricity from his hands at Danny who again, blocks the blast with another wallof ectoplasmic energy.) (Danny then fire an extremely powerful ray of ectoplasmic energy at the Scoleri Brothers which hits them and causes the 2 ghosts to fly backwards toward a wall. The 2 ghosts, when they see the wall, quickly phase through it and find themselves in a restroom where a guy wearing a yellow sweatshirt, green pants, and a blue cap is standing by a urinal.)

(Cut to bathroom)

  • Guy: Ahhhhhh ghosts!!!
  • Nunzio Scoleri:(surveying the restroom) Alright, where did that ghost kid go?
  • Tony Scoleri: Forget him, lets gocause more mischief!
Danny catches the Scoleri Brothers.
  • Nunzio Scoleri: No! I want to get back at that ghost kid for blasting me while I was having fun!

(The Guy in the yellow sweatshirt, green pants, and blue cap is seen cowering next to a urinal. Danny Phantom(holding the "Fenton Thermose") then partially phases through a mirror above a sink near the urinals.)

  • Danny Phantom:(quietly, to himself) Time to catch those two ghosts while they're off guard.

(Danny then activates the "Fenton Thermose", which fires a bluish ray at the Scoleri Brothers and catchets them in it's vortex.)

  • Tony Scoleri:(while being captured) Noooooo!
  • Nunzio Scoleri:(while being captured) Not agaaaaaaiin!

(The Scoleri Brothers are quickly contained in the Fenton Thermose and Danny then proceeds to leave the bathroom.)

  • Danny:(Changes back to his human form and rejoins Sam and Tucker.)(Shows Sam and Tucker the thermose.) Two in the thermose and ready to go!
  • Sam: You be fast-
  • Tucker: And they be slow!

(The last 3 lines were also spoken by Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, and Dan Akyroyd in Ghostbusters 2.)

Scene 2- Another Ghost Appears[edit]

(Cut to outside of Casper High after school, a bell can be heard ringing, students can be seen exiting the building and it is foggy outside. Danny, Sam, and Tucker exit the school and start walking home.)

  • Sam: Boy, it sure got foggy, and it seems to be getting foggier by the minute.
  • Tucker: At least it isn't hot and muggy like it was earlier.