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Genre Animation
Science Fiction
Running time 30 minutes
Creator(s) Jhonen Vasquez
Starring Phil LaMarr
Steve Kehela
Christopher Lloyd
Kevin Michael Richardson
Maurice LaMarche
Jim Belushi
Eric Roberts
Wally Wingert
Kevin McDonald
Richard Steven Horvitz
Andy Berman
Melissa Fahn
Rosearik Rikki Simons
Ted Raimi
Country of origin United Sates
Original network/channel Cartoon Network
Origional run October 2007-
January 2011
No. of episodes 152
IMDb page

Grizdar is an aniamted series created by Jhonen Vasquez after his Invader Zim cartoon was cancelled. It was however, considered a rvival of "Invader Zim" because the show's fourth season featured the irkens as the man villains. (Zim included) The first series ran from October 2007-January 2011 on Cartoon Network with 5 seasons and a total of 140 episodes. The second series, which consisted of 12 episodes ran only during Febuary 2011. Grizdar centers around Stan Grizdar, a 43 year old Zardonian from the planet Zardon who takes up residence on earth with an alien scientist known as Dr. Zan'Dozz Zeeltor, and works a desk job for a business tycoon known as Mr. Thompson (Voiced by Jim Belushi). It is also his job to save the world, as well as the galaxy from various evils.