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Japanese name Streizomech
Stage Basic
Evolves from Barbra Streisand
Evolves to None
Generation Unknown
Species Mecha
Type Steel/Dragon
Height Really Tall
Weight 2083 lbs
Ability Pressure
Next Pokemon Mewtwo
Previous Pokemon Barbra Streisand

“BAH-BOO-RAH! BAH-BOO-RAH! Ichiban kara na hito!”

~ Japanese guy on Mecha Barbara Streisand

Mecha-Streisand is a powerful and almost undefeatable legendary Pokemon who can currently be found floating in space. The only person who was ever able to sucessfully defeat this Pokemon was Leonard Malton who did so in 1998.

Biological characteristics[edit]

Mecha-Streisand is notable for being the only legendary Pokemon to have a pre-evolution. According to legend, Mecha Streisand first came into existance when the world was in chaos from a war being waged between the legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia. According to the legend, Mecha-Streisand was brought into existance by the legendary Pokemon Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit who brought Mecha Streisand to life by combining the energies of 2 stones together and focusing the stones' energies onto the skeleton of a Dragonite and some iron burried deep beneath the earth's surface. The power of the stones caused the two substances to combine into one, thus becoming Mecha-Streisand, who put an end to the fighting between Dialga and Palkia.