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Gerry is ready to believe you!

“These jokes may be corny, but they're straight off the cob.”

~ Science Teacher Man on these jokes

april fools[edit]

you should have seen your faces.

I did actually, my new laptop has quite a shiny screen. It looked like :( --UU - natter UU Manhole.gif 20:39, Apr 2


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About Me[edit]

Gerry spark.JPG

I am, in fact, not Gerry Cheevers himself. I may have been him in a past life, although that is unlikely as Cheevers is in fact still alive at this point. I am, however, a 23-year old research analyst from Boston with a boring desk job who enjoys alternative rock and candlepin bowling. I stumbled across Uncyclopedia one day in 2007, and have been unable to tear myself away from it since. My goal is essentially to make people laugh as hard as I laughed when I first read the article on Bears. If I can be 1/10th as humorous as that, then I have succeeded. I like to aimlessly wander around Uncyclopedia. I think I might be physically addicted. Help! Every once in a while I get motivated enough to churn out a full article. I also like to help out fellow Uncyclopedians, so if you're ever looking for a rewrite, Pee Review, cool template, or any kind of opinion on anything, I'm your man. Satisfaction is guaranteed![1] Lately, I've taken up trying to be a useful bugger, what with my efforts to take over the UnSignpost, Imperial Colonization, the Proofreading Service, and whatnot.

Wandering Rant of the Week[edit]

whose cruel idea was it to put the letter 's' in the word 'lisp'?


The Lobster War[edit]

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