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Art Family[edit]

Art family is the part of a certain sentence that sucks in order to make it non-sucking. For instance adding it to the word we will result this way: We art family

Just my sista and brudda and motha and me!

Therefore creating a cooler song than


Just my sister and brother and mother and me...

Which is obviously longer-shorter than the following. It may also be obvious that the person who wrote the song called "We-s" is obviously a doofus and has no idea about the existance of USB ports and/or computers.


The A is also used on UnLyrics, the runner of this encyclopedia

AAA 9 A-A AAA AAA AAAAAAAAA AAAA AA A AAAAA AAAAAA. Cough... The 9 A-s are the essential part of a funny article. It was invented by Your Mom who created the article called Astronaut. The 9 A-s are believed to stand for Astronaut which is the only word in the Swedish dictionary that has 9 letters such as 9 A-s. The word AAAAAAAAA is a 9-letter word that may contain small flaws, for instance, the A in the AAA-part is forgotten in front of the A supposedly to be behind him. The flaw was discovered by the Danish AAAientist AAA AAAAAA believed to be the former Jim Larson. He discovered the flaw on 19th August 1243 and the AAAAAAAAA was fixed to AAAAAAAAA. The exclamation mark in the end was added by your mom's friend your dad, who added the mark after discovering that AAAAAAAAA's sound is the excact same one when you scream AAAGH! or AGH MY EYES! while yelling it. The exclamotionation mark was added on 2006 Friedelzt.



B is the follower of A and AAAAAAAAA! B is probably life in Clocklish Language. Many users of the letter B are usually people who like cooties and such. Most people like cooties. Beth looks like a dude. The history of B began in 1897 when Ill Ates did'nt invent G yet. The word Ates stands for eateds a.k.a. Eaten and Eats. Bill Gates loves cooties. History of B ended in 1996 when Homestar Runner was invented. The 39th issue of the book of the History of B was created, due to 40 being unlucky number-like









The iPod (right) against the Robo Hitler, a plan of saving the world by the commies, in order to takeover the world with itself loving them

The iPod is the main world takeover plan by the Maccies lead by the evil Apple of demolishiness. The evil iPod may look from the outside, a beautifully designed MP3 that contains graphics from popular macs such as the Mac OS, but on the inside, an evil tracking device sat up by Apple, once the evil day of the year 4000 is launched, it turns into the iBot that's main operation is programmed to destroy mankind. It is truly evil and can demolish 30 houses with a single song-shot of Dynamite 80s. The master iBot will be 500 feet huge like in the Attack of the 500 foot Jesus. It will need to fight with Robo Hitler, a robotic menace set up by the communistic union of Russialand. The plan must destroy the master iBot in order to gain loving from the world and thanks for saving it. That will disable the rest of the iBot crew and destroy iHQ forever and ever. That will make people love Russian communism and make them reign supreme as king of the World. That is simply a dumb plan to set communism back online and destroy Earth forever unless it does Russia's commands.





A losved rubix cube

Losution (formerly Sun-tan lotion) is a way to solve something, although it is not as solving something. It is actually explained with a math conclusion:

or in Java, which i failed to create:

Failed to parse (syntax error): {\displaystyle solution/90% | {function=show }



(Featured Article)

OMG! It's after meeeeee! eee! eee! Shut Up! eee!

Misbordairdated (PIE:Mis-bored-dairy-eaten'd) is the rank of a certain human or planet being succesfully showing their true self. The proceedure was invented by Tom "Mezmorizingly Small" Guy who was born in Mezmoria, Wxipedia, AAAaaaAAA. His mother and your mom abandoned Tom under a cliff in Amerafrica. Therefore he became an Emo and cut his own arm off because of certain troubles with doing stuff. Later on, he became an ims a.k.a. Idiot Monster Scientist and wanted to show his true self, but that failed so much he almost died. Sweet Cuppin' Cakes hired him to play as the part of Huh? Steve, but he got fired for firing the fire engines and breaking the fire alarm and the fire could'nt be rescued OMG!







South Main Street[edit]

South Main Street is where the evil is. Obviously reffering to some type of street in Wisconsin, South Main Street is in the following address: Sydmän, Regginae, SMS = SupaTron. A letter sent from PooLand proves this:


These are the guys from downtown.
We have sent you whis letter, to
report of mysterious evil movement
that has been going on on SMS.
Please close up your fones

Sid, Diego, Manfred, Fred the Monkey, Homestar, Wisconsin



Behold, thy evil is on South Main Street!

Television is an evil plan by Dr. Hitler and Sir. Alberto-Niceten "Albert Einstein" Nystinniese III. The outlook is very cool and it has screens. The screen, when turned on, shows a variety of color games that can be manipulated with by using the Remote Control. The plan was to make commies reign supreme (like that time with iPod's iBot and Robo-Hitler also iPod article here)

Time capsule[edit]

A time capsule is the most effective remedy of amnesia and/or Deja-vu there is. The time capsule was invented by Leonard Macintosh "Jeffrey-Larson" Macintosh for his name was also a symptom of Deja Vu. He invented the time capsule on 23 August 1956 and 1956 of them we're buyed on 23rd August 1923. The effects of the time capsule we're obvius - 1956 people loved it, 23 even wanted to buy again for their grandchildren. The Time Capsule was remade better 23 times and was made better by 1923 people working in timeMac *56. 56 people wanted to make it better, so timeMac hired them too. 1956 was the year of mastering crazy stuff and deja-vu and amnesia and crazy stuff...