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File:Winged-hourglass.jpg Wasting Time

“In Soviet Russia, Time wastes YOU!!”

~ Soviet Russia on Wasting Time

Wasting Time, or Waste of Time, or WOT, is not an action, it is a concept. Many people belive it to be a tricky one, but it is not. Unlike other concepts which may seem as easy, but are actually complicated, wasting Time seems easy because it IS easy!

Contrary to popular belief, wasting Time is a noble task. If nobody wasted it, the world would be over-timed. Imagine slackers working, housewives NOT going to paint their nails, or going to Arequipa WITH a bucket!

Getting Ready[edit]

So you thought you could just FUCK OFF start wasting your time? Hell no!

Time, with a capital "T"[edit]

Before starting to waste it,Fuck Time must be understood as a physical THING. It is not something abstract like Bullshit some nansy pansy quantic x3 physisists have been telling the world. It is also worth noticing that fuck the worldTime is the most important element of our dimension. Without it, we would be living in a 3-D movie.

You ARE wasting your Time![edit]

Yes! Believe it or not! This works just like "You CAN read!" videos for kindergardeners. FXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDT6^^^%fifhdt8vse467788861337gffffdde7tigybitchiihgklolzf5tftted4rt5rh8ohphkgor example, by reading this article you are already wasting Time. Several everyday activities make you waste time, like eating toast, having sex with a dog, living in Arequipa, etc. Ok seriously, you're reading this article.

Make sure you are not doing something useful[edit]

It is unsafe to do something useful at the same time as a WOT. But do not panic, you are safe while reading this article. Preferably sitting down with a beer.

Let us first evaluate a case of useful time: Killing a Cow. Why is this useful? Because it is. I mean, there are worst things to do, and you could actually DO something with the dead cow (except fucking her, which would be a WOT), I think now it is clear what IS useful.