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“Well, Mahmoosha, are you going to tell us where Cheddar is or not?”


There is a shower of glass from above.

“What!? Cheddar Bee-Bee-Qyoo? How did you get here!?”

“That’s none of your business, Guildensternenstein! Now, if you’ll excuse me, stop anally raping my friend with a metal rod!”

“Fat chance, you stunningly attractive Italian! Mr. Tourniquet, you know what to do. Seize him!”

There is an explosion of blood and body parts.

“Damn. Well, you’re still no match for me!”

Guildensternenstein draws his diamond-edged katana. Cheddar does likewise. A totally awesome and dramatic sword battle commences. At last:

“Agghhh! No! All of my limbs!”

“Guildy, when will you ever learn? You don’t swordfight with Italians—you’ll lose.”

“Damn you, Cheddar! DAMN YOU!”

“Quick, Mahmoosha, get on!”

Cheddar and Mahmoosha get aboard Cheddar’s private helicopter and speed off.