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My projects:

General William Garrison (Adolenscent)

ADF (Stillborn)

YouTube (Huffed. Bastards.)

Xubuntu (Newborn)


Richard M Stallman Vs. Linus Torvalds (Also New)

Planned: (NTS: Have better plans!)

Mark Shuttleworth


Ubuntu Lite

All other things staring/ending with Buntu


So you're fed up with Windows. Maybe you got caught speeding on the information superhighway and have had your software license revoked. Maybe you have been fooled into believing that 'free software' is good. Maybe you're just a cheapskate looking for cheap software, but don't want the virus/ransomware that comes with normal freeware. Whatever the reason, you want the quality of commercial software without the catch of a hefty price tag.

Get the media[edit]

The Great Linux Conspricay