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Plasma Ball.gifThe rumors about my death have been greatly exaggerated[edit]

I'm currently writing in English language here:

RedStar.GIF Blame it on Brazil

Plasma Ball.gifNow to our normal programming[edit]

The tropical heat seems to have cooked the brains out of poor old Moreau. Or maybe his youg virile tanned assistant... Or maybe the samba...


I NEED A BRAIN, not raw ramen! It won't help you hiding my glasses. Look at my nose! No, not the hair, the size! I can tell the difference by the smell, you moron! What? Chicken guts? (Yuck!) Whatever, how do you expect the monster to rise without a brain? Ah, I know you can do fine the way you are, if you ever had a brain I would have used it many time ago... (Hmm... or else, this would a bad idea, I guess). Whatever, put this lazy hump of yours to work and go find me a brain, you bastard! Now! And stop muttering, my name is not NeedABrain!

Plasma Ball.gif More power, Egor, more power![edit]

Good (or at least my mother said so) creations. Proceed with caution, Egor. Can you please reach me the VFH key?

Chesty Morgan


Pet Jesus (quasif)

UnNews:Baby dragon shocks owner

Sucker Tracker Bot a functioning anti-vandal

Plasma Ball.gif It's alive! It's alive![edit]

Works recognized by the scientific community. Just admire them from a safe distance, Egor.

RedStar.GIF Onomatopoeia (rewrite) RedStar.GIF HowTo:Make Cheesy Sci-Fi - with FoxyBabe
RedStar.GIF UnBooks:Practical Lessons on Communism RedStar.GIF HowTo:Run Away From Fat Ladies
RedStar.GIF The Black And White Man RedStar.GIF UnBooks:Gallows Humor

Plasma Ball.gif Oh my god, I've created a monster![edit]

Disgusting creatures. They keep on slithering around the lab, howling and staining the mat with their slime. You may practice with your scalpel there, Egor. Just remember to stitch when you're done.

Berserk Dead Sea

Plasma Ball.gif Minor creatures[edit]

You may play with these, Egor, but carve a hole on the shoe box.

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Template: User drill Template: User smoker
Template: Golden Shower Award Template: Highbrow
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Template: EndSpoilerCustom

Plasma Ball.gif No room for your puny democracy when I conquer the world[edit]

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<poll> What's so funny about German stuff? They're nerds They're nerds who have a death wish They drink a lot of beer They drink a lot of beer while singing about little birds They're nerds who drink a lot of beer while singing about little birds, who also have a death wish </poll>

Plasma Ball.gif Boxes, boxes, boxes[edit]

My life as a mayonnaise jar
Commander of the Order
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