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This page is for Uncyclopedians to list articles that seem a bit unusual. These articles are, of course, valuable contributions to the encyclopedia, but are somewhat odd, whimsical, things you wouldn't expect to find in Wikipedia.

If you wish to add articles to this list, feel free to do so. There are no real restrictions - this isn't Wikipedia, you know.

For unusual contributions that are not so valuable, see Uncyclopedia:True Facts and Other Deleted Prose.

Uncyclopedia Articles[edit]


See Uncyclopedia:Anniversaries for further information on Uncyclopedia's Anniversaries project.


'Help Desks'[edit]

  • Ask Cthulhu. written by the Elder Spawn Cthulhu, most reviled of the Old Ones, Keeper of Madness, whose coming signifies the end of ages. He gives advice on Sundays. Ask him anything.
  • Ask Hal 9000. For all your technical issues.
  • XP Service Pack 2 helpdesk. The helpdesk for Windows XP Service Pack 2. Please feel free to leave your system-crippling problems here.

Intentionally Vandalised/Spammed pages[edit]


See Also: Worst 100 Uncyclopedia In-Jokes of All Time for more in-jokes, or the inside jokes category for even more.

Navigational 'adventures'[edit]

  • Do NOT click any links! You have been warned.
  • Game:Game. Like Zork, but more of a game.
  • Game:Zork. You are in a nondescript room of nondescript size. Exits are to the north, south, and west. Oh, and there's a Grue over there in the corner. What now?

Visual/formatting Parodies[edit]

See Also: Uncyclopedia:List of Uncyclopedias for a list of front page parodies
  • DNA Download. For those who do not already have it. And it's 100% free!*
  • UnTeletext. Teletext, Uncyclopedia style.
  • UnTV. See what's on Uncyclopedia's own television channel today.



I hate Uncyclopedia. Uncyclopedia is the worst. It is a total piece of junk. For example, it makes fun of India, China , America, and many other countries.

Fun and Games[edit]

  • Departure of Fun. Dedicated to providing Uncyclopedians with a dull, dreary experience. There you can find links to terrible pages or tedious things to do and a list of members who help with the destruction and trampling of all our hopes and dreams.
  • Uncyclopedia Comedy Corner. Includes interesting category games, deleted crud and more!


Users. The very make-up of the wiki. Bow down to the superiority of the more notable ones at the following pages.

Halls of Shame[edit]

  • VFH Hall of Shame. Writers who've scored a hat trick (3 features, or better) in the game of Uncyclopedia.
  • VFP Hall of Shame. Artists who've scored a hat trick (3 featured images, or better) in the game of Uncyclopedia.

Uncyclopedian Bios[edit]


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