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HizakiHitori: Less Burly Than k00r00.

“holy crap... HAWT......... Peach just turned me on... WTF”

Before the Internet[edit]

HizakiHitori, known in real life as Tyler, grew up in a growing, rural town in Kentuckistan. He was born July 1st, 1991, and is an only child. As a child, he enjoyed pasttimes such as Lego, Video Games, Crack Cocaine and, once in middle school, music.

Early Internet Life: Bob and George Forum and Spriting[edit]

HizakiHitori first broke out onto the internet known as Samurai_X99 (based off of his obsession over Rurouni Kenshin and semi-retarded Yuan at the time), and visited various gaming forums such as Gamefaq and Gamespy. He also played many internet games, such as RuneScape and Neopets, and visited many "nerd" sites, such as the Beta Club chat site.

While on the internet, he came across a website called Fireball20xl, which was a major site that had many sprites and such. Through this, he discovered Bob and George forums. He met a few friends here, most of which were great spriters, and became mentors to Samurai_X99.

Bob and George forums was, ultimately, the place where Hizaki learned to sprite. His first sprites were of himself, in Nintengirls 9-bit style. They have been lost in time, but they were a very important milestone. Also, through Bob and George forums, he came across something that would push him through to where he is today: Fire Emblem sprites.

Hizaki is Born: Flaming Emblem and Fire Emblem Planet[edit]

After coming across sprite rips of Fire Emblem sprites, Hizaki decided to meet the creator. Although he didn't meet him directly until later, Hizaki learned that the sprite ripper was a figure known as Dutchbest. He had a website/forum, entitled Flaming Emblem. This was where Hizaki signed up, still under the name Samurai_X99. This is where Hizaki met many of the people he still works with today, including SwordsAreShiney and Exxeh.

Flaming Emblem seemed short lived in the eyes of Hizaki. It disbanded, and things scattered about. Hizaki kept in touch with Dutchbest and Exxeh (known as XtreameDayz at the time), and soon, a new entity was born. It was known as Fire Emblem Planet.

This is where Samurai_X99 became Not Patrick, and where Hizaki gained his role of leader. He and another, Field Marshal, began to work on FEP's Roleplaying Section. Although not really noted, Hizaki's mind was the force behind FEP's Roleplaying Section and Web Comic Section. These ideas mostly came from place Hizaki had been to before FEP, such as Bob and George and Age of Adepts, a Golden Sun roleplaying forum.

Mid-Life Crisis: Fire Emblem Planet and It's Struggles[edit]

Becoming a leader did not help Hizaki; he became slightly egotistical, and very outspoken. He complained often about how the website was run, often blaming Exxeh for a poor job being administrator. Many flame wars were started by him, between fellow staff members. Everything seemed to come back together though.

Hizaki had been demoted from mod on several occasions, and even suspended. He often did stupid things in order to revolt, such as trying to burn down exxeh's house or make Invision Free forums to combat with FEP. All attempts failed, of course.

Eventually, he learned to deal with it, but not after several arguements with many of the moderators and administrators. After many fights and a complete server switch, he became a normal member, and normally goes about his business, ignoring any forum politics.

Recently: and Beyond[edit]

Recently, Hizaki has become one of four Sex Slaves for the Fire Emblem Planet Porn division. He is still a respectable member of FEP, and his videos get the most hits. He has started focusing on making cumshots in the style of Fire Emblem, and has also started writing music, most notably with software such as Fruity Loops and Climax.

He has a Soundcum page, and goes by many other names on the internet, such as DJ e3nigmant and euphoria09. He busies himself playing Guild Wars, Star Wars Jedi Academy, and kitten huffing, among other things. Due to an ever increasing busy lifestyle offline, he is finding less and less time to be on the internet, which he thinks is a good thing.

Offline Life[edit]

When Hizaki is not online, he is an active musician, specializing in such instruments as the euphonium, electric bass, piano, and the most hardcore intrument of them all, the electric triangle. He is in the school's marching band, as well as jizz band, symphonic orgasm, and chains. He is highly interested in drum and bugle corps, and plans on auditioning for the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps sometime in the near future. He has also devised various ways of making each of these "instruments" into sextoys. His favorite is the bass Guitar and Amp. After turning Japanese, he became widely under the stage name of HIZAKI (using All caps to symbolize his bisexuality and n00bness). He has produced hits such as "Maiden Ritual" and likes cosplaying various female anime maids.

He also often gets together with friends to do miscellaneous illegal activities. One of these would be preying on infant turtles through AOL Instant Messenger. He has been caught by Dateline on numerous occasions, but has been released due to violent protests by fans of his beautiful music (which is actually recorded during his scenes with the turtles).

Recently, he has started a fast food chain based in his hometown called Kentuckistan Fried Turtles. This immediately because a success and was franchised around the world.

External Links[edit]

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