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Hooloovoo, refracted into a prism for the occasion.
Hooloovoo, refracted into a prism for the occasion.
Scientific Classification
Kingdom : Netherlands

Phylum : Photonic
Class : PHP
Order : Random
Suborder : None
Infraorder : Blue
Superfamily : Superintelligent
Family : Shade

Original randomination[edit]

Planned Original Randomination[edit]

Additional randomination[edit]

The Wilde Side[edit]

ow-4 This user had once seen Oscar Wilde in a crowd from a distance and knows all his works and quotes by heart.

I'm working with Famine to get the Wildeizms organised into The Wilde Side. We're actively moving quotes to the new template, sadly this won't retain the history of who wrote the quote on the newly created page (it'll remain in the history of the page it was used on, of course).

For the record, I've written only three slightly interesting quotes:

"I need a remote control, stat!"

~ Oscar Wilde on ER

"Chicken crossing the road, you say? A clear-cut example of poultry in motion."

~ Oscar Wilde on Chicken

"I like 'em hairy, but this is ridiculous!"

~ Oscar Wilde on Sasquatch

See also[edit]

Caiman is my fellow administrator at two communities. We're not quite as random there. After running the former Random Kinky Squad site and community for some time, it became obvious that the world is in dire need for more randomness, most people just don't appreciate or understand the fine art.