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iCarly: The last good show on Nickelodeon if you're high.
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“Probably my worst enemy is this show.”

~ Hannah Montana on iCarly

“I never wanted to be in this show anyway.”

~ Miranda Cosgrove on iCarly


~ Silent Stan on iCarly

“Well, Sean Connery is better than this show!”

~ Alex Trebek on iCarly


~ The Great Benson on iCarly

iCarly (a.k.a. iCarly: The College Years, iCarly: The Next Generation, iCarly in Space, iCarly Kidz, iCarly: Back to the Future, iCarly and the Neels, and iCarly Reborn) is an American preteen sitcom currently on Nickelodeon. Originally, it was a light-hearted comedy about kids who host their own webshow. It then went through a period in which the giant mutant newt growing in Carly's belly was the chief focus. Many of the former fans have asserted the show degenerated during this period into a series of "very special episodes", and the original webshow idea had been almost totally eclipsed by Carly's newt gestation. Recently, it has become focused more of action and sci-fi themes, although Carly's newt gestation still plays a key role.

It originally starred Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay, Jenette McCurdy as Sam Aran, the great Benson as Freddie Benson, Jerry Trainor as Spencer, and John Tulane as Mark Matzko. Later, several giant mutant newts which lived in Carly's belly, Chippy the wily chipmunk, and several minor characters were added to the cast.

The show was so successful that it spawned a spin-off based on the "show-within-a-show" called cAlvin and the Chipmunks. Chippy the wily chipmunk was transferred to the show in an attempt to boost ratings; however it was canceled after just nine episodes, partly due to the Catholic Church condemning it for featuring Satanic talking animals.



Carly Shay is a thirteen year old girl who lives in the ghetto with her older brother, Spencer. She has 3 friends, Sam and Benson who are both secret lovers but bully each other to keep anyone from finding out, and Mark, a rather mysterious young man. Generically, their real lives involve finding treasure, being attacked by annoying jerks, and fighting tentacle monsters.

In the later part of season two, a giant mutant Newt was inserted into Carly's womb. Originally, the show intended to have the newt removed within a few episodes, but criticism by conservative activists forced the producers to rewrite the script, deciding to have Carly keep the Newt in her belly. After tossing around several ideas of how to have the Newt be removed accidentally without annoying conservatives, the producers and writers gave up, deciding to have Carly continue to gestate the giant mutant Newt. At around the same time, it was revealed that the actress playing Carly, Miranda Cosgrove, had a giant mutant Newt growing in her belly in real life. Many of the episodes since then have focused primarily on Carly's Newt gestation, to the annoyance of the show's earlier fans.

Starting in season 5, the College Years, the show became more action oriented, and somewhat less focused on the fact that Carly has a newt living in her belly. This trend would continue in seasons 6-8, in the next generation story arc set 70 years in the future in a world ruled by newts. The webshow theme has largely fallen into the background, but is still present. Additionally, the amount of additions to the cast increased. This frequent re-tooling would continue in the show's later years.

Seasons 1-4: the original years, set mainly in high-school

Season 5: the college years, set mainly in college

Seasons 6-8: set 70 years into the future, in an America ruled by newts

Seasons 9 & 10: set in space following the destruction of Earth

Seasons 11 & 12: set before the original years, in kindergarten

Season 13: set after season 10

Season 14 onwards: set on a planet of newt-eel hybrids

Original Characters[edit]

Carly Shay[edit]

Carly Shay is the star of the show. Everyone loves her because she gives them fruit scented markers stolen from Benson's locker. Carly enjoys smoothies, hobos, and ripping off heads of babies. She also enjoys screaming over boys who would never even kiss her. Carly appears to be well-behaved, but she's really an ungrateful brat who throws a tantrum over a B+, even if it's the highest grade in the class.

During the later part of season 2 and all of season 3, Carly had a giant mutant newt living in her belly. The newt would leave her belly in the season finale of the 3rd season. Early in season 4, Carly would get another newt in her belly, although it would soon leave briefly. Many of the original fans of this series believed that the show focused to much on the newt in Carly's belly, although many newer fans assert that it was added a level of drama and seriousness to the show.

Played by Miranda Cosgrove in seasons 1-10 and 13 onwards, and by her adopted daughter, Miranda Cosgrove Jr. in seasons 11 and 12.

Samus "Sam" Aran[edit]

Sam Aran checking her breath

Sam Aran is Carly's evil minion. She enjoys nuking entire cities. She has an unhealthy obsession with meat, fat priests, and sadism. Even though she gets detention every other week, and tortures fellow students, she still hasn't gotten expelled. This is due to the fact that she secretly bribes the principal. But don't tell that to Benson! Sam has died on several occasions but often comes back without explanation due to the character's lesbian fanbase. She is also kept in the show because Nintendo sued whenever she died.

Played by Jenette McCurdy in seasons 1-10 and by her adopted daughter, Jennette McCurdy Jr. in seasons 11 and 12.

Freddie Benson[edit]

The Great Benson

Freddie Benson acts like he's in love with Carly, but it's really just to cover up his love for Sam. Sam and Benson are secretly dating and have declared their undying love for each other. This is due to the fact that everybody hates Benson, so Sam is the only person that is interested in his boring life as a technology whiz. Nobody wants to be with Sam because she is too into sadomasochism which scares the crap out of everyone. Benson has a spasmodic mother who constantly gives him flea baths and tick lotion. Benson is constantly picked on for his love affair with lightbulbs. He was brutally killed in the season 9 premiere, but was revived by God early in season 10 to help Carly in her mission to bring down the Newt Empire.

Played by The Great Benson.

Spencer Shay[edit]

Spencer with Sam and Carly, who has gained a bit of weight

Spencer Shay is Carly's older brother and legal guardian. He is an artist who creates various sculptures; usually of hobos. He loves tacos, fish, and socks. Spencer became immobilized in a wheelchair in season 5 which ultimately led to his accidental death. He continued to have a presence through sub-plots featuring sculptures not being made, until he made a return as a half-newt at the start of season 6. In season 9, his newt side was removed and he became human again.

Played by Jerry Trainor.

Ms. Briggs[edit]

Ms. Briggs is a worthless English teacher who tries to educate her students in Scottish culture. Instead of appreciating her efforts in educating the ignorant students, the students rebel by breaking her bagpipes and photoshopping her face onto bodies of large mammals. Therefore, Ms. Briggs hates everyone and everything, including oranges. Ms. Briggs' role was mostly minor until she became a terrorist in season 5 and tried to bring down Carly and her friends. It is assumed she perished along with most of the Earth at the end of season 8. When the show underwent a large re-format for season 11, Ms. Briggs returned in a much more prominent role, though she was decapitated in that season's finale. This created a major continuity error, as Ms. Briggs was alive and well for the first few seasons of iCarly, which were set after season 11, though many characters come back to life so it is expected this error will be rectified sometime.

Played by Francine Briggs.

Mark Matzko[edit]

Mark is a very shy person who dislikes sex. He usually gets A+s, and knows more about tech stuff then Benson. He's the only person Sam has never injured. Mark was absent for the whole of season 11 but was re-introduced in season 12 as a new kid at the kindergarten.

Played by John Tulane.

Characters Added Later in the Series[edit]

The Giant Mutant Newts[edit]

Nero, the first Giant mutant newt that lived in Miranda Cosgrove's belly, shown next to a Japanese child for size reference

So fair in the series, there have been four giant mutant newts that have lived in Carly's belly. These have generally been played by the actual newts that lived in Miranda Cosgrove's belly.


Later named Godzilla, this giant mutant newt lived in Carly's belly from mid season 2 to the end of season 3. He left the series at the end of season 3, but makes a cameo appearance in season 8 to help future Carly.


The second newt, lived in Carly's belly from early season 4 to the end of season 5. This newt was briefly in Sam's belly after it was forced to leave Carly's belly. This newt is largely responsible for the conquest of America by the newts.


Carinus, aka the Newt Lord before he entered Carly's belly

The third newt, Carinus enters Carly's belly early in season 6, the start of the Next Generation story arc. In this story arc, future versions of the main characters live 70 years in the future in a world ruled by newts, under the dictatorship of the now nearly 90 year old Uber-Mark who has newts for limbs. This newt was placed in future Carly's belly by the newts that then ruled the United States to spy on her, but soon switched sides and became a double agent. This newt gave Carly the most trouble. Carly went so far as to have this newt surgically removed, but both Carly in the newt died in the operation. Carly was successfully brought to life, with Carinus the newt. The two make up, but this newt betrays Carly again at the end of season 6, while overthrowing Uber-Mark and becoming the Newt Lord.


The fourth newt. He rented Carly's belly at the beginning of season 7. Phocus played a small part in the series until it was revealed at the end of season 8 that he had ambitions for world domination. In season 9, he perished, presumably for good.

Typho, Mr. N, Judy and Deimos[edit]

Typho, Mr. N, Judy and Deimos moved into Carly's belly at the beginning of season 8 and played a minor role in the series before getting ripped out of Carly's belly in the season 10 finale.


Oz spawned unexpectedly in season 10 as a result of Carly's emo depression, and helped bring down the Newt Empire, sacrificing himself in the process. It is later revealed that Oz is still alive, and in fact exists at two points time, 90 years apart. currently, he is in the belly of 5 year old Carly in the 1990's and her great-granddaughter, robot-Carly in the 2080's.


Atlas played a major role in the season 10 finale. Revealed to be the late Phocus' half-brother, he initiated the first series of attacks on the Solar System, but was thwarted by Carly and the gang.

Leo and Todo[edit]

Two newts introduced at the start of season 13, they live in future Carly's belly along with Oz, the future newt prophet.


Another newt that lives in Carly's belly; Carly adopted him because she was worried that she didn't have enough newts to protect her belly from invasion by eels or other creatures that like to give in female human wombs. He eats a weird fungus off of Sam and Carly in season 13.

Chippy the Chipmunk[edit]

Chippy plots the theft of Spencer's tools

A chipmunk introduced in season 4, Chippy is the adversary of Spencer, stealing his sculpturing tools. Chippy is used almost exclusively as comic relief, due to the heavy drama typical of the later seasons. Sadly, Chippy died halfway through season 5 when Mark was forced to shoot him due to acts of terrorism. In season 6, during the Next Generation story arc, Chippy's descendant, half-newt Chippy, is introduced. In the middle of season 7, Chippy also joins the cAlvin and the Chipmunks show, loosely based on the cAlvin Show from 20 years earlier. Since then, Chippy hasn't appeared much on iCarly. After a few cameo appearances, Chippy died again towards the end of season 8 in a controversial episode that prompted 12 letters of complaint from animal activists. Chippy returned in a more prominent role towards the end of season 9, when he was revealed to be God. Chippy's mission was complete by the end of season 10 when he worked through Oz to help bring down the Newt Empire. It is later revealed the Chippy, half-newt Chippy, and all of Chippy's supposed ancestors and descendants are in fact the same being.


The Mark from the original series who, in the next generation, is the dictator of America, and the chief villain. He is in his late eighties during the Next Generation phase, and has newts for limbs. He died at the end of season 6.

Mindy the Mermaid[edit]

A mermaid introduced in the later part of season 7, she is killed at the end of that season by a WWII sea mine. (Which would have then been about 150 years old) She has not been brought back to life yet.

Caprica Six[edit]

Caprica Six.

A rather attractive human-like robot built by an unknown group, she is activated by Sam late in season 7. After leaving in season 8, Six returned for a few cameo appearances in season 9 under the new alias "Caprica", but was destroyed by Carly and Sam when she tried to commit mutiny. Came back in season 10, and changed her name to Natalie to remain inconspicuous, and made a cameo appearance in season 12. She later became a full-time cast member in seasons 15 and 16.

Played by Tricia Helfer.


A half-human half Terminator hybrid, first mentioned late is season 7. Got struck by lightning and killed towards the end of season 8.


A T-X made out of Unobtainium in the season finale of season 7. He got blown up halfway through season 8, when he malfunctioned and attacked Mark and Carly.

Brent Butts[edit]

Brent Butts had a recurring role in season 11 as the malicious class bully, but was stabbed to death by Carly in a controversial two-part episode after a fight between them got out of hand.

Mr. Briggs[edit]

Mr. Briggs joins the cast in season 12 as the replacement kindergarten teacher. He is the brother of Ms. Briggs and is practically identical in every single way, except for the fact that he is a man. Mr. Briggs disappeared without explanation between seasons 12 and 13.

Ube R. Grue[edit]

Ube is the baby son of Mark and Nina, a Neel. Originally aborted to become a lab baby, he was broken out by UberMark II, and brought with him to Carly. Ube briefly lived in Carly's belly, but was violently crushed to death by Oz. He was brought back to life as an adult in season 15 and has become a full-time cast member.

Episode Guide[edit]

Episode Guide: Season 1[edit]


A typical rhinoceros

After Ms. Briggs forced Carly, Benson, Sam, and Mark to tape fellow students being attacked by a rhinoceros, they decided to film stupid stuff. They started a webshow, called iCarly. On iCarly, they did stupid things involving their feet to turn pedophiles with fetishes on. These pedophiles would stalk them daily, often disguising themselves as Benson's mother.

iDream of Transferring[edit]

Carly wants to switch schools after learning that her school was to be invaded by Teletubbies. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iStarted My Period[edit]

Carly starts her first ever period. Sam and she go on a quest to find the perfect brand of tampons and learn how to use them. However, they need to get rid of Benson first. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iBreak A World Record[edit]

The quartet try to break the record for "most annoying webshow." They win. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture of a fish.

iMake Wings out of Feathers and Wax[edit]

Carly and Sam, for their science project, attempt to fly using wings created by feathers and wax. After several hilarious attempts, they surprisingly succeed. Unfortunately, Carly flies too close to the sun and her wings melt. She falls to the earth, but fortunately lands in water and sustains only minor injuries. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iWanna Kiss Them All[edit]

Benson Crunked, y'all

Sam and Carly make a bet. Whoever kisses the most guys in their school gets five dollars. It was a tie because the only people who would kiss either of them were Benson and Mark, and then only after a payment of a modest fee. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture of a fish building a sculpture.

iBroke Into My Teacher's House[edit]

Carly and Benson break into Ms. Briggs' house to film what teachers do when they're not at school. She catches them and forces them to play her bagpipes on their next webisode. Meanwhile, Spencer paints a picture.

iBecome a Poser[edit]

Mark as a poser

Mark, tired of being a nerd, decides to become ghetto. As expected, he fails, and is little more than a pathetic poser. The gang try to convince Mark that he isn't ghetto, but to no avail. Benson, then decides to become a "real ghetto" person, (which he can because he's black), and becomes fully Crunk. Benson uses his Crunkishness to scare the white back into Mark. Meanwhile, Spencer paints a picture.

iFind a Plane[edit]

Season 1 finale. Carly and Mark discover a ruined dildo-shaped plane in their backyard. Mark and Benson fix it, and fly it around. The plane is discovered to have belonged to the Fuku Empire, an empire of which Carly's Great-Great-Grandmother was the ruler of. Meanwhile, an assassin tries to kill Spencer while he builds a sculpture.

Episode Guide: Season 2[edit]

iWish I Was in the Land of Cotton[edit]

Benson's 2-D house of pancakes, very similar to his 4 dimensional one, which can not be shown in bitmap images

Carly goes to the deep south on her summer vacation. Benson finds he ain't welcome the south for "certain reasons". Benson then decides to build his 4 Dimensional House of Pancakes. During the construction, Benson produces hilarious time paradoxes, most of which are resolved. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.


Spencer is found dead in his bed. The team successfully revive him as a robot, but, when activated, he goes crazy and attacks people. Mark looks at the program, and discovers that Sam has screwed it up. They fortunately recreate Spencer as RobotSpencer: a powerful and slightly evil robotic copy of Spencer. Meanwhile, Sam tries to sabotage Mark's room with explosives and a trip wire.

iSmite Sam[edit]

Mark walks into his room, and discovers the trip wire that Sam would've used to kill him with. Instead, Mark leaps forward and shoves Sam onto the wire, triggering the explosives and killing her and Carly is annoyed by Neville Papperman: a 10-year old kid who tries to seduce Carly. She covers his face in topenade, and he swears revenge. Meanwhile, RobotSpencer builds a sculpture

iDiscover Carly's Plot[edit]

Mark discovers explosives and guns hidden under Carly's bed and confronts her about it. Carly tells Mark that she is a weapons dealer, selling items of unimaginable power to terrorists. She tries to knock Mark out, but Benson comes in and knocks her into the weapons. Carly is covered with Plastique: a clay-like plastic explosive, and is stuck in it. Meanwhile, RobotSpencer goes on a date with a known terrorist.

iHave Eels in My Belly[edit]

Carly with eels in her belly

Carly, finally free of the Plastique, goes for a walk, when she is attacked and knocked out. When she wakes up, Carly realizes that she feels nauseous, she feels like she weighs more, and her belly is huge. Carly discovers, through an x-ray, that her attacker shoved 8 mutant baby eels into her womb. Over the 2 hours she was knocked out, the eels have grown to twice normal full size, and are stuck in Carly's belly. She tries hard, but cannot get them out. Meanwhile, RobotSpencer is arrested.

iKeep Some Eels[edit]

The inside of Carly's womb with an eel in

Carly goes into surgery with Mark as the doctor. Mark successfully removes the eels, and places them in a special tank. Carly begins to cry, and the eels appear to follow suite, acting as if she was their mother. Carly then takes an eel out and sticks it her belly in a completely wholesome, maternal, and not-erotic manner. Mark, shocked by Carly's actions, goes to the bathroom and throws up. Meanwhile, RobotSpencer gets out of jail.

iAm an Experiment[edit]

When Carly feels nauseous again and her belly gets huge, after a night filled with dreams, Carly wonders if Mark is behind the animals that try to live in her belly. When she asks, Mark exclaims that he doesn't know who did it, but he had a clue. He discovers that the U.S. Government was testing Project Organ: a secret project designed to use human girls as mothers, incubators, and companions to mutant eels, newts, and snakes from U.S. labs. Carly is shocked that the government chose and forced her to be the mother of 8 eels, and demands to be x-rayed again. This time, the creature is revealed to be a giant newt, much bigger then the eels. After this is found out, Carly goes into her room and cries. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iAm Stuck in Your Belly[edit]

Carly with a Newt in her belly

Carly tries to get the newt out, but can't do anything. Mark takes her into surgery, but he cannot remove the newt. It is revealed that the newt has glue-like feet which are stuck to the inside of Carly's belly. As she mourns over the newt stuck in her belly, the newt begins to wriggle around. It slowly moves itself around in Carly's belly to give her some more room. Carly then pats her belly, and as the newt snuggles her hands, and Carly once again pats her belly, in a wholesome, maternal fashion. Carly names this newt Nero. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iFigure Out[edit]

Carly discovers that Neville, the boy whom she splattered topenade on, was the government agent who suggested Carly as a subject for Project Organ. After going to his house and smacking him in the face, Carly goes into her room and removes her clothes. She then turns around and looks at her newt filled belly. Carly takes her hand, and snuggles the newt's area in her belly with it, in a totally asexual and non-erotic way. This causes the newt to nuzzle the front of her belly. The more she rubs, the more the newt nuzzles. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture and Oscar Wilde says something witty.

iGovernment Attack[edit]

Neville calls the SWAT team and orders them to attack Carly's house. Carly is shocked when SWAT members barge into her house and shoot anything that moves. Fortunately she hides behind a sculpture of Spencer's. Mark and Benson walk into the room, and are shot by the SWAT team. Mark is grazed on the shoulder, while Benson is shot in the leg. On a signal, Carly, Mark, and Benson run to Carly's room, and pick up Mac 10s: guns that Carly had hidden under her bed. They peek out, only to see the 8 mutated eels out of their tank and attacking the troops. The SWAT members run off, and Carly, Mark, and Benson have a glass of lemonade to celebrate. Meanwhile, the government revives Sam, and sends her out to kill Carly.

iMeet Will the Prince[edit]

Will Smith guest stars in the iCarly episode "iMeet Will the Prince".

Carly, Sam, and Benson watches an episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", and then, Will Smith came into their apartment. When Carly asked what he's doing here, and Will Smith said he's pregnant like the other gay men. They try to hide his huge stomach, until the S.W.A.T. team catches him.

iBrainwash Sam[edit]

The season 2 finale. RobotSpencer answers the door, and is knocked out by Sam. Sam points her gun at Carly, then throws it out the window and gives Carly a hug. Mark, still suspicious, secretly scans Sam with an x-ray and discovers that she is planning to kill Carly with a knife. By putting her into a chair, and brainwashing her, Mark is able to turn Sam to their side. Meanwhile, Spencer buys a Geo Metro.

Episode Guide: Season 3[edit]

iThink Spencer is Emo[edit]

Spencer is going through some tough times. He keeps breaking up with his girlfriend and he can't do the moonwalk or any dance from the '80s. He starts to give up on life and become emo. Carly finds something out about him (like he cuts on his wrists) but tells Sam because she's too high to give a darn. Sam contacts Barack Obama and now it is up to the President of the United States to raise his self esteem. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iSay OMJ[edit]

Benson listens to the Jonas Brothers and can't stop his new obsession. Can Carly, Sam, and Mark help Benson before he becomes extremely emo? No, they can't. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iAm a Model[edit]

Carly is given a ride home from school by a man who wants to take pictures of her in her underwear. Fortunately, the man was from a legitimate modeling agency, and not a child molester. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iConsider a Newt-bortion[edit]

Carly begins to have a successful modeling career, but the giant newt inside her belly poses some problems; namely it makes her belly absurdly huge. Her agent suggests that she have the newt surgically removed from her belly, in an operation called a newt-bortion. The original script called for Carly to have the Newt removed, but certain social conservatives had a hissy-fit, and the script was re-written so that Carly decides to keep the newt even though it will cost her modeling career. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iWish I Waited Until I Got Married to Get a Newt in My Belly[edit]

Despite pandering to the World Net Daily crowd in the previous episode, iCarly comes under fire for glorifying teen newt-gestation. In this "very special" episode, Sam wants to gestate a newt in her belly because Carly is doing it, and teen girls are like that. Carly explains the difficulties of teen newt gestation, including the fact that her clothes don't fit anymore, most guys don't find her as attractive, and the various physical pains associated with gestating a newt. Eventually, she convinces Sam to wait until after she gets married to gestate a newt. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture that encourages teen girls to wait until marriage to gestate newts.

iJump the Shark[edit]

To celebrate the fact that she's going to have a newt in her belly for the rest of the season (later extended to the rest of the series), Carly decides to jump over a shark with a motorcycle. Sam and Benson caution against this, but Carly goes ahead with it anyway. Unfortunately, Carly losses control mid-air, and falls into the tank with the shark. Fortunately, the newt exits her belly and quickly slays the shark. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iDon't Want to Die[edit]

Carly still has a Newt in her belly, don't forget that

The gang get taken hostage by Islamic extremists, who kill the students and faculty one by one. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet Kidnapped[edit]

Carly is kidnapped by a street gang, and tortured until every part of her aches terribly. The gang releases her on the street, where she crawls to the hospital. When asked whether she wanted the newt in her womb removed, she told them to keep it in. When put into surgery, she is patched up and send home. Mark begins to think he wants to begin dating her, but Benson wants her first. The two fight, and go to sleep in the middle of it. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.


Due to the pressure of the newt against Carly intestinal track, she farts for the first time in her life, in the middle of class. Carly is unable to control her farts, and soon disgusts everyone in the class. She is sent to the nurse's office; there, Carly learns that girls don't fart, ever, and she is a disgusting freak. Carly is sent home for medical reasons, grossing out Spencer as he drives her home.

Carly tries to learn how to hold in a fart, but is totally unsuccessful. Benson, Sam, and Mark try to help Carly to learn how to stop farting, but to no avail. Carly becomes depressed as she realizes that is grossing everyone out. Eventually, Mark discovers that Carly farts every time the newt kicks Carly near her intestinal track. Eventually, the gang manages to train the newt to kick there only on Carly's command. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iUse My Power to Fart for Evil[edit]

Carly forgets to study for a test, and command's her belly newt to kick her in the intestinal track, causing Carly to fart. Carly says she can't control it, and secretly commands the newt to kick her several times, disgusting her entire class. Ms. Briggs then sends Carly to the school nurse, and Carly is sent home from school because she's disgusting. Carly, to cover her tracks, complains to the school nurse, saying its discrimination to send her home just because she's farting uncontrollably. The school nurse calls the principal, while Carly continues to fart. Carly "reluctantly" agrees to go home. Strangely, no one ever finds out that Carly was faking it, and Carly is allowed to take the test again with no penalty. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGo Crazy[edit]

Freddie after seeing Encyclopedia Dramatica

After looking at encyclopedia dramatica on the internet, Freddie goes insane. Mark discovers the same shock-cruft, and doesn't flinch. Freddie runs around the city, and assaults Ms. Briggs, RobotSpencer, and Sam. Carly tries to stop him, but is shoved aside. Mark finally leaps forward, and knocks out Freddie. He is later confined to the mental institution. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iFind Out How I Got a Newt in My Belly[edit]

After discovering evidence that the whole "the government put the newt in my belly" thing was a lie, Carly pesters her friends into telling her how she got a newt in her belly. Eventually, she discovers that the government was really responsible for the 8 eels thing, but the Newt was unrelated. Eventually, Sam reveals that the stork came in the middle of the night and put the newt in her belly, much like the Santa Claus leaves presents, the Easter Bunny leaves eggs, and the Tooth fairy leaves money. When Carly asks why the stork decided to put a newt in her belly at that time, Sam reveals that it was a punishment for kissing a boy. Carly (again in order to appease the WND crowd), gets offending at Sam for calling the Newt the in her belly a punishment, and the episode ends with them no longer being friends. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture, showing Carly how the stork puts newts into girls' wombs.

iMakeup with Sam[edit]

In this very special two part episode, Sam tries to find out why Carly got so mad about her calling the newt in her womb a punishment. Ms. Briggs explains that girls who a newt in their bellies tend to be short tempered, but Sam still doesn't understand why calling the newt in Carly's womb as punishment is a bad thing. Sam explains to Ms. Briggs all the difficulties in premarital newt gestation mentioned in the previous episode, iWish I Waited until I Got Married to Get a Newt in My Belly. Ms. Briggs then spends the last 3/4 of the episode, and almost all the next, explaining why having a newt in one's belly isn't a "punishment". Sam doesn't understand one bit of it, but decides the battle isn't worth fighting, and pretends to go along with it. Sam apologizes to Carly and the newt in Carly's belly, and the three make up. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet a Rare Disease[edit]

Carly after being infected with Yellow fever

While Carly is in Japan, she becomes infected with a rare disease called Yellow fever: a disease which slowly turns ordinary girls into English-speaking Asian Chicks. The first stage is much larger breasts, which she gets. The second stage changes her skin color and face to look more Asian, which she gets. The third stage causes the newt in her belly to grow whenever she touches her belly with her hand. She touches her belly, and and screams in pain as the newt gets two times larger in her womb. Now bigger then ever before, Carly cries. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet Used to Being Asian[edit]

In a "very special" episode, Sam and Benson try to cheer up Carly after she is turned into an Asian and the newt in her womb doubles in size. Carly spends much of the episode depressed because her reduced vision and horrible driving skills. However, she soon learns that her math skills have doubled, rising the level of the average white male. She now throws a fit if she ever gets an A-. She is also presently surprised that she is much cuter as a Asian, even with the much larger newt in her belly. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGrow It[edit]

Carly's belly newt all grown up

In the season finale, Carly feels sorry for the newt, after it telepathically tells her it needs to grow much larger. Carly paces in her room, when Mark enters. Carly looks frustrated, and tells Mark to leave. All of a sudden, the newt jumps in her belly, and tells her it wants to grow. Mark is shoved out of the room, as Carly takes off her clothes. Carly grabs the tail, and once again screams in pain as the newt grows. She does it again and again, until her belly is almost as big as her body. She stops, and starts crying, due to the intense pain she is suffering. Fortunately for her, the newt comes out of her privy regions, and moves to Japan, changing his name from Nero to Godzilla. This "very special" episode was aired the same day as the newt in Miranda Cosgrove's belly moved out to seek its fortune as a giant monster somewhere in Asia. Sam and Benson send out "womb newt moving out" notices to all of Carly's friends and relatives to mark the joyous event. (Because that is what one does when a womb newt leaves a female.) Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

Episode Guide: Season 4[edit]

iMiss the Newt That Used to Live in My Belly[edit]

Carly as an Asian, without the newt in her belly

Carly, who is still an Asian because her Yellow fever is not yet cured by the way, starts to miss having a Newt living in her womb. In this very special episode, Sam and Ms. Briggs explain to Carly why shouldn't have a newt growing in her womb again. Basically, this article is a repeat of iWish I Waited until I Got Married to Get a Newt in My Belly, only with Carly being the one who wants of Newt in her belly and Sam cautioning against it. Carly also considers re-starting her modeling career, now that her belly is flat for the first time in over a year. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iStart Modeling[edit]

As Carly spirits appear to improve, Sam and Benson successfully encourage Carly to start her modeling career. However, Carly seems depressed, Sam believes she still wants another giant mutant newt growing in her belly. However, she doesn't say anything to Carly. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture, and battles a wily chipmunk, named Mr. Chippy, who keeps stealing his sculpting tools, resulting in much light hearted slap stick, in contrast to the heavy drama and "very special episodes" of the previous season and a half.

iKiss Benson[edit]

In this episode, Carly, who is still Asian, and Benson go on a date. When Benson drops Carly off at home, they kiss. Soon, Carly's reason for kissing Benson is revealed; later that night the stork to insert a giant mutant newt into Carly's belly. Unfortunately, the fact that Miranda Cosgrove kissed Benson causes the stork to insert a giant mutant newt into Miranda Cosgrove's belly. Sam and Benson confront Carly about getting another newt in her belly, but Carly explains that she missed the newt that was in her belly. Carly names this new newt Caracalla. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet Bitched at for Getting Another Newt in My Belly[edit]

In this very special episode, Sam, Benson, and nearly every other character in the show bitch at Carly for getting another newt in her belly. This enrages Carly, who asserts that they should be happy for her because she has gotten another newt in her belly, and accuses her friends of hating the newt that is in her belly. Her friends counter, saying that they love the newt in Carly's belly, but wishes that Carly had waited until after she got married to get a newt in her belly. Carly counters that any newt that she would get in her belly after she got married would be a different newt, so she could not have waited to get this newt in her belly. The writers, realizing they have painted themselves into a corner, cut there losses, and spend the last half of the show with Spencer battling Chippy, the wily tool-stealing chipmunk.

iBattle Chippy, the Wily Chipmunk[edit]

Spencer tries to build a sculpture, but is frustrated by Chippy the tool-stealing chipmunk, while the the producers and writers work overtime trying to get themselves out of the corner they painted themselves into the last episode.

iGet Bitched at for Getting Another Newt in My Belly Again[edit]

Sam, Mark, Ms. Briggs, Spencer, Chippy the chipmunk, and various celebrity guest stars have a 30 minute monologue, to explain to Carly why the fact that she should have waited to get a newt in her belly, which would have resulted in the current newt in her belly never being in her belly, and the fact that the current newt in her belly is a gift from on High, are not mutually exclusive. They fail in the attempt, but the producers hope that everybody is overwhelmed by the filibustering and doesn't notice that their arguments go no where. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet the Newt Out[edit]

Carly begins to regret the newt, and eventually makes it leave, after much arguing and Along with the newt goes the 8 eels, causing Carly to feel sad and terrible. Mark comes in, and sees her perfect figure. He wants to kissing with her, but hides it as deep as he can. Unfortunately, Carly's change to an Asian Chick has made her feel horny and ready for a make out session. After slipping knockout pills into his water at lunchtime, Carly makes out with Mark for 6 hours.. Meanwhile, Carly's belly newt goes looking for another host. Eventually, Sam adopts the newt, at least temporarily. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

Unfortunately, Miranda Cosgrove still has a newt living in her belly in real life. This requires the director to use body doubles and play, "hide the newt-filled belly" until the newt in Miranda Cosgrove's belly grows up. Fortunately for the director, all Asian women look more or less the same, so finding a suitable body double is easy.

iMeet a Grue[edit]

A Grue.

Carly goes to Japan, and meets a cute little brown creature with sharp teeth. This just so happens to be a Grue: a ravenous creature with sharp teeth that is near invincible. The grue takes her into a corner, where it tries to eat her. Amazingly, with Chuck Norris-like Asian power, she huffs the Grue. She goes crazy temporarily and becomes a prostitute for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Sam becomes depressed with the newt in her belly. Eventually, Sam adopts the newt, at least temporarily. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet My Belly Newt Back[edit]

Carly regrets asking the newt in her belly to leave, and becomes depressed. After some misunderstandings with Benson, Carly becomes convinced that the Sam stole her belly newt, when in reality, Sam only took it in reluctantly. Carly confronts Sam, demanding her newt back. Even though Sam hates having a newt in her belly, she is enraged that Carly would think she'd steal Carly's belly newt. A typical teen girl fight ensues, until Benson gets them to make up. The newt moves back into Carly's belly, and the Carly, Sam, and the newt are all much happier. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iThrow Up[edit]

Carly can't stop throwing up because of how the newt is pressing into her stomach. Carly tries to reposition the newt first by physically manipulating it, then by trying to communicate with the it, neither of which work. She then tries various hilarious means to move the newt, but all are unsuccessful. Eventually, she gives up and decides to live with the nausea. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iLose My Friends[edit]

Sam and Freddie get killed by carly. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

Episode Guide: Season 5, The College Years[edit]

iStart Over in College[edit]

The universe is destroyed in a temporal explosion made by Mark. Fortunately, the hero of time corrects the problem, more or less. As a side effect, some years have been skipped, and the gang restarts and appears in their first year of college. Strangely, the newt in Carly's belly, named Caracalla, is still the same size, despite being in Carly's belly for several years according to the story arc. Additionally, Carly still has yellow fever. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture out of the very fabric of time itself. Unfortunately, Chippy, the wily chipmunk throws an acorn at the sculpture, causing it sculpture to commit a time paradox, causing the sculpture to have never existed.

iSee My Brother Get Shot[edit]

Spencer is excited when an eccentric gallery owner wants to put all his sculptures on display. However, on the big night, Spencer winds up getting confronted by a crazed drug addict who accuses him of plagiarism, as most of the sculptures are based on his work. Spencer tries to calm the addict down but ends up getting hospitalized with several critical gunshot wounds. The gang gather in the hospital and Carly is left wondering if her brother will survive. Meanwhile, Sam turns to alcohol in her time of crisis.


just a reminder, Carly still has a newt in her belly, and yellow fever

Spencer's recovery worsens when he falls into a coma. Carly goes into hysterics and considers taking her own life when she heads to the hospital roof and stands at the ledge. Freddie and Ms. Briggs try to talk her down, but Sam, in her drunken splendor, accidentally stumbles into Carly, making her plummet to the ground. Carly is hospitalized with severe injuries, fortunately, the newt is okay. Ms. Briggs tries to get Sam help but Sam reacts violently, stabbing her with medical supplies. Meanwhile, Chippy the wily chipmunk steals Spenser's sculpturing tools.

iHave Mental Problems[edit]

Carly begins to recover after the accident, but a doctor tells her she is now mentally retarded due to head injuries. Carly has trouble adjusting to life as an invalid but she decides to push through it for the sake of Spencer. Also, Sam is overcome with guilt after stabbing Ms. Briggs, and she seeks solace at a church. Sam decides to become a nun to make up for her sins, but one of the priests recognizes her from iCarly and has her burnt at the stake, deeming her a scantily-dressed whore. Meanwhile, Chippy builds a sculpture.

iGo Home[edit]

Spencer wakes up from his coma and Carly takes him home. Mark begins to feel overwhelmed at taking care of both Spencer, who is now in a wheelchair, and the mentally incompetent Carly. Later, when Sam's burnt body is dumped on their doorstep, the stress proves too much for Mark and he decides to join the army. Meanwhile, Spencer struggles to build a sculpture.

iBecome an Army Entertainer[edit]

Carly, who by now is mostly recovered from mental injuries, is upset when she learns Mark has run away to join the army. Determined not to lose him, she signs up to be an army entertainer, and finds success as a fan dancer. Meanwhile, Mark is guided through painful training by Chippy, the wily chipmunk. Back home, Spencer tumbles out of his wheelchair, down the stairs and dies.

iFall in Love[edit]

Despite her lingering feelings for Mark, Carly finds herself falling in love with one of her biggest fans, a lieutenant named Donald Briggs. However, Carly is devastated when Donald reveals he is married. Just before Carly tries to seduce him, she is shocked when Ms. Briggs shows up with several stab wounds on her body, and tells her to get away from her husband. Carly and Ms. Briggs get into an epic battle, which Carly narrowly escapes. Carly seeks solace in the arms of Mark, and Ms. Briggs, overcome with rage, declares Jihad and becomes a terrorist. Meanwhile, Spencer doesn't build a sculpture, but Chippy does.

iLeave the Army[edit]

Carly convinces Mark to leave the army and re-join her in college. However when they arrive back at their dorm, they are stunned to discover it under attack by Islamic extremists. Carly winds up getting captured and brutally tortured by Ms. Briggs, but Mark manages to escape in time. Fortunately, Carly only suffers minor injuries and the newt in her belly is not injured. Devoid of help, Mark breaks radio silence and contacts Freddie, explained to be absent from the last four episodes due to leaving to tour with traveling circus acrobats. Freddie agrees to help Mark and they embark on a rescue mission to save Carly. Once they arrive at Ms. Briggs' base, they are forced to watch in horror as a hijacked commercial jet airliner crashes into the college, killing everyone there and on board. Meanwhile, Chippy builds a sculpture.

iJoin the Circus[edit]

Carly, Mark and Freddie battle with the terrorists and win. Mark is devastated when he is forced to shoot Chippy, the wily chipmunk, in the head, after he threatens to blow up himself and everyone in the vicinity. With the terrorists vanquished, the trio find themselves getting the blame for destroying the college and hijacking the airliner, and they are forced to go on the run. Freddie suggests Carly and Mark join him in the circus, but their chances of remaining hidden prove difficult when they can't perform acrobatics very well. Meanwhile, Spencer doesn't build a sculpture.

iConsider Making the Next Step[edit]

In this "very special episode" designed to teach young people about the perils of underage physical relations, Carly begins to consider making the next step with Mark. This is quite ironic because both the characters are over 18 now. Freddie and the other acrobats each in their own way try to convince her to abandon the idea. Carly eventually decides to stick to holding hands with Mark, so she won't risk burning in Hell. Meanwhile, Spencer doesn't build a sculpture.

iGo to a Newt Convention[edit]

Carly decides to attend a Newt convention and is surprised to run into Ned and his Newt from the hit Cartoon Network series Ned's Newt. Carly begins to worry that she will lose her Newt when it starts to fall in love with Ned's Newt, and she realises it is now a part of her. Mark encourages Carly to let her Newt move on but she refuses and decides to go on the lam with Freddie. Mark is left to perform Freddie's acrobatics in the next circus show, but his inexperience results in him breaking his arms and legs. Freddie kisses Carly when they stop at a diner for refreshments. Meanwhile, Spencer doesn't build a sculpture.

iGet Betrayed By My Newt[edit]

In the season 5 finale, Mark is forced to have his arms and legs amputated to prevent the spread of gangrene. Furious, he swears to kill Carly and Freddie for abandoning him at the circus. Carly and Freddie continue to live out their life on the lam with Carly's Newt. Carly is upset when Freddie decides that he will always come second after her Newt, and he decides to head home. Carly considers turning herself in but while she is being escorted to the police station, the car winds up overturning after slamming its breaks to avoid a truck. Carly is captured and is shocked to awaken in a room full of Newts. She comes to the conclusion that her Newt and Ned's Newt must have mated, and produced an entire army of Newts that now wish to take over the world. Carly asks why she has to be involved. Mark steps forward with new limbs made out of volunteering Newts, and begins to torture her. Meanwhile, Spencer doesn't build a sculpture.

A body double was used for Carly in this episode, because Miranda Cosgrove still had a newt in her belly when this was filmed.

Episode Guide: Season 6, The Next Generation[edit]

iCarly: The Next Generation[edit]

Season premiere. 70 years later, Newts have taken over America and everyone is half-Newt. The descendants of Carly, Mark and Freddie are now best friends who belong to a secret underground organization intent on bringing down the evil Newt regime. They also film a stupid web series about fighting the good fight, but their friendship could be over when Mark and Freddie find out that Carly's ancestor was responsible for the rise of the Newts. Carly tries to prove her loyalty to their cause. Uber-Mark, the original Mark, has become immortal thanks to Newt implants but he is finding being a brutal dictator to be a very lonely existence. Additionally, future Carly is not Asian. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet a Newt in My Belly Again[edit]

Future non-Asian Carly with a Newt in her belly

The newt overlords of America begin to suspect that future Carly and her friends are rebels. They therefore assign a newt spy, named Carinus, to live in future Carly's belly and report any suspicious activity. This upsets Carly at first, but like the previous Carly, she eventually gets used to it and starts to love the newt in her belly. At the end of the episode, the newt in Carly's belly realizes the evil of the current regime and decides to become a double agent. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

Some fans of the series have criticized this episode, as returning unnecessarily to the "newt in Carly's belly" theme. However, the real newt that lives in Miranda Cosgrove's belly still hadn't moved out yet, and the use of body doubles to hide Miranda Cosgrove's belly was becoming vexatious on the director.

iSuffer a Trauma: Part 1[edit]

In this very special episode, Carly is returning from a day of slaving at the Newt Palace when she is unexpectedly approached by Ben, one of the half-newts. Ben tells Carly he finds her attractive, for which she thanks him. However, Ben soon oversteps his boundaries and tries to force himself on her. Carly begs him to stop, but a few seconds after attempted penetration, she manages to electrocute him with a tazer and escape. The traumatic experience has a startling effect on Carly, but she ultimately finds the strength to report the crime to the Newt Police, and identify her attempted rapist. Ben gets life in prison and the episode ends with Carly and the gang breaking out of character to give a speech on how sexually motivated crimes occur all the time and must be prevented, if only people would find the courage. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iSuffer a Trauma: Part 2[edit]

In this very special episode, Carly begins to suspect that the stork may have put another newt in her belly after her trauma with Ben. Mark and Freddie try to console her and are taken by surprise when she tells them she is considering a newt-bortion on the second newt. Luckily, it turns out to be a false alarm. The gang try to raise newt-bortion awareness on their next webisode. Carly breaks down into tears during the filming and truly mourns what happened for the first time. Uber-Mark considers granting Ben a full pardon for his crime, but before he can act, Ben is found dead in his cell. At the end of the episode, Carly's Newt is seen throwing a gun into the lake behind the Newt Palace. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.


Unable to control every territory across the United States, Uber-Mark allies with Islamic extremists, lead by the descendant of Ms. Briggs, Ali-Abdu-Jabar-Briggs-Mohammed. Carly, Mark and Freddie begin to worry about the impact terrorists will have on the country when their own allies start getting rounded up and shot in public. They decide to film a webisode to warn their friends about the terrorist activity. Carly gets more than she bargained for when Uber-Mark has her taken in the middle of the night and forces her to endure 72 hours of Jihad brainwashing. When Carly returns to the human slums, Freddie worries when she calls him an "infidel" for asking what happened. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.


Mark and Freddie hack into the Newt/Terrorist core, and send thousands of spam messages through the network. U.N.C.Y.C.L.O.P.E.D.I.A., the only surviving Wikia organization, is almost destroyed by spam, but this is good, because Mordillo, Uncyclopedian, and Han Solo are all revived. The Three Sysops of the Apocalypse begin to fight back, cleaning up Uncyclopedia, and destroying other newt forums. It is revealed that Uncyclopedia is a front for the resistance, and is used as a transmitting space for viruses destroying newt forums. The whole group hide, but cannot prevent Uncyclopedia from being destroyed. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iHave Been Infected[edit]

Carly is captured, and Mark is shot in the leg. While Freddie and the Three Sysops take care of him, Carly is taken to the lair of Uber-Mark, where he welcomes her with open arms. She tries to bite him, but is stopped and knocked out. When she wakes up, she feels nauseous, and notices that she's wearing one of the sexiest bikinis of all time: Princess Leia's Metal Bikini. She tries to escape by climbing through a grate in the wall, and discovers that she can stick to walls. After climbing out, she hides by disguising herself as part of the wall when a guard comes by. Carly manages to get to the Resistance HQ, and discovers her worst fear has occurred: she is half-newt, and has been infected with yellow fever. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet New-tered[edit]

Whilst Mark recovers from his leg wound, the newt in Carly's belly betrays her and her friends. Carly, now enraged, becomes determined to remove the newt part of her once and for all, so she visits a plastic surgeon. He agrees to remove the newt in her belly and the newt part of Carly's half-newt body, but she dies during the procedure. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iCome Back to Life[edit]

Mark, Spencer and Freddie decide to use Newt Magicks to perform a spell that will bring Carly back to life. However, they get more than they bargained for when Sam tags along for the ride, and is also re-born. Carly and the original Sam quickly develop a friendship and proclaim themselves to be best friends for life. Freddie becomes jealous and decides to sabotage their friendship by doing a spell that will send Sam back to Hell. Unfortunately the spell backfires and Carly's newt returns to her belly. Meanwhile, Uber-Mark accidentally schedules a date with both Ali-Abdu-Jabar-Briggs-Mohammed and Nelly the Newt on the same night. Hilarity ensues. Also, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iMake Up With My Belly Newt[edit]

Carly tries to have another newt-bortion, but Sam and Benson argue against it. Eventually, Carly and her belly newt becomes friends again. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture. To flesh out this episode, Chippy's great-great-(x60) grandson Half-Newt Chippy comes back and tries to steal half-newt Spencer's sculpturing tools.

iAm One Big Whole[edit]

Season finale. The newt in Carly's belly begins to mutate, and tentacles start to come out of every orifice on her body, only to attach themselves to Mark, Spencer, Freddie and Sam. Before they know it, the newt is in control of all their bodies, and they have become one big "whole". The newt sends them to the Newt Palace and makes them confront Uber-Mark. Carly is relieved when she realises the newt's intentions were honourable, until it forces her and her friends to kill Uber-Mark and let him become the new ruler of America. The newt changes his name from Carinus to the Newt Lord. The newt relinquishes control of their bodies, and Freddie dies in the process. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture of the Newt Lord.

Episode Guide: Season 7, The Next Generation[edit]

iRent Out My Belly[edit]

Carly after renting out her belly

Carly, being short of cash, and missing the feeling of having a newt in her belly, decides to rent out her belly to a newt. After interviewing several candidates, Carly eventually decides on a new newt named Phocus. With the money Carly earns, she is able to hire a newt necromancer and bring Benson back to life. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

At this point, many of the remaining original fans of iCarly (all three of them) become infuriated by the constant newts coming back into Carly's belly. However, the producers defend this on the grounds that the newt in Miranda Cosgrove's belly hasn't left yet.


In the aftermath of Overlord Newt's revolution, Carly, Sam, and Mark are each mutated in a different way. Carly becomes part tentacle monster, with the ability to turn her hands into tentacles. A side effect causes her skin to turn green, and her belly to be filled with young newts. Sam is mutated in the same way, but also gets severe yellow fever. Mark is mutated to where he can become invisible. The three are now in a world where only newts rule. The Three Sysops are dead, Uncyclopedia is a memory, and humans are slaves. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iLook Around[edit]

The mutated gang wander around the city, and discover how new newts are created: Adult newts crawl into female humans' wombs, plant dozens of eggs, and in a few hours, the fully grown newts are taken from the female humans' privy regions and send to camp. Carly and Sam wince in horror, and run away just as a guard spots them. They exit the Chaotic Newt-erworld the only way they can: by swimming out to sea and discovering an abandoned island. Later, Carly and Sam give birth to their very first newts, which swim away and join the newt army. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iFind a Lump[edit]

In this very special episode, Carly finds a lump on her breast. She goes to the doctor who tells her she has breast cancer. The gang support her as she gets a mastectomy. During this time, the gang begin to get accustomed to their mutations. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iDo a Totally Random Cross-over[edit]

Half-Newt Chippy, the wily chipmunk, auditions for a band of musical chipmunks called cAlvin and the Chipmunks. The band consists of (John) cAlvin, (Minno) Simon(s) and Theodore (Beza), managed by a Dave Seville. Unfortunately, Simon recently had a fatal accident while cAlvin and Theodore tried to preform and un-re-baptism, to cancel out the effect of Simon's 2nd baptism. The audition goes well, and Chippy is hired. Chippy soon learns that, in addition to preforming annoying high pitched music, the band secretly spreads Reformed theology and battles the Jesuits, Anabaptists, Socinians, Arminians, and Lutherans by night. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iBecome the Official Presidential Mansion[edit]

In the future, women are no longer just sex objects for men and baby factories: they are also the private residences of giant mutant newts. The Newt Lord, after being unable to find a new female human host body, begins to miss Carly's belly. The Newt Lord then issues a decree, declaring Carly to be his new Presidential Mansion. At first, Carly considers going back and making up with the Newt Lord, and the newt in her womb, Phocus, is willing to find a new place of residence. However, her friends advise against it. Eventually, Carly tells her friends she will never allow the Newt Lord to live in her belly again, but she sends secret communications the the Newt Lord, in an attempt to get pardons for all in her friends in exchange for returning to the Newt Lord. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iAm A Traitor[edit]

Sam eventually discovers Carly's secret communications with the Newt Lord, and confronts Carly about it. Sam mentions all the times the Newt Lord has betrayed Carly, and mentions Carly's obligations to the newt currently in her belly. Carly, however, says she is tired of being a fugitive from justice and living on the run, she just wants to go back to a quiet life of growing newts in her belly. Sam, realizing that Carly still has feelings for the Newt Lord, successfully sabotages Carly's communications with the Newt Lord without alerting any of their other friends of Carly's betrayal. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.


Mark introduces Carly to Mindy: a Mermaid who lives in the water, and has been fighting the newts. Carly immediately distrusts her, but still allows her to help them by spying on the newts from the river. As this occurs, Sam discovers an abandoned warehouse filled with hot, bikini wearing, blonde-haired, big-breasted robots. While wandering around, Sam accidentally hits a button on the wall that activates one of the robots. The bikini-wearing robot introduces herself as Six: a robot left over from a production order made by Uber-Mark. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.


Sam and Six explore the warehouse, and find various treasures hidden in a secret room. Treasures such as the Holy Grail, Excalibur, and the prototype Plasma Cannon made by Mark. Meanwhile, a strange pair of glowing red eyes are seen peering out of a hallway.


The mysterious red eyes exit the darkness, and reveal themselves to belong to Xyzzy-Cameron-Connor-Phillips: a half human-half Terminator T-X hybrid. Xyzzy introduces herself(Yes, she is the daughter of Cameron Phillips and John Connor.), and agrees to help Six and Sam find Carly, Mark, and Freddie. The trio try to search through the entire city, which is really an old manufacturing plant for the Terminator series of robots. They eventually discover the manufacturing plans for the T-X, and try to make one, but it self-destructs 10 seconds later. Meanwhile, Carly's belly newt grows bigger.

iMake an Army[edit]

Season Finale. Sam, Six, and Xyzzy meet up with Carly, Mark and Freddie. Introductions are made, and the group begins to search for Unobtainium: the material used to make T-Xs. After finding a small supply(barely enough to make 1 T-X), the first T-X is built. It is named Ryan, after a friend of Mark's in the army, and is put as commander of the army. All the Sixs(except for the one Sam activated) are modified with weapons and sent out to join Ryan. Ryan and the Sixs attack, and easily overrun the Newt base. The Newt Lord is killed, and Mark is made ruler of America. Meanwhile, Mindy the Mermaid is killed by a WWII sea mine.

Episode Guide: Season 8, The Next Generation[edit]


Carly continues to deal with her newt-filled belly

Carly and Mark decide to get married. Benson cautions Mark against this, as he believes Carly will always put her newts above any man, but Mark is unswayed. Unfortunately, they are forced to disguise themselves as half-newts because the Newt army and Terrorism group is still at large. After the wedding, Carly and Mark kiss. Afterwards, they head to the presidential suite in the grand hotel, and have marital sex(which doesn't go that well when Carly's belly newt bites Mark's penis.). Carly then adopts four more newts into her belly, named Typho, Mr. N, Judy, and Deimos. Later, Sam, Six, and Xyzzy are captured by tentacle monsters. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

Unfortunately, when Carly and Mark kissed in the show, it caused Miranda Cosgrove, who is now about 20, to get another newt in her belly. Fortunately, she isn't upset about this, as she had been considering getting another belly newt for some time.

iNationalize Women[edit]

Benson leads a Jihad

Mark, now the ruler of America, decides to secure support of the newts by nationalizing all the human females and using them as public housing for all the homeless newts in America. Sam and Benson are shocked by this despotic act, and lead a rebellion of the humans and mostly human newt-human hybrids against the newt oligarchy. Benson goes so far as to declare himself Caliph and launch a Jihad against Mark and the newts. Carly is divided on the issue, she personally likes having newts in her belly, but she also knows Sam and other girls would hate it. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iLearn HowTo: Fart[edit]

Carly is approached by an elderly giant lizard-like monster. This monster reveals that he once lived in the original Carly's belly. The giant newt monster, Nero, then teaches Carly how to fart. Carly doesn't believe girls can fart. The giant newt monster informs her that normally, girls don't fart, but if a newt kicks them in the intestinal track, it will cause them to fart. Carly, then tells one of the newts to kick her, and to her suprise, she farts for the first time in her life. The giant newt monster warns her to keep this power secret and use for the purposes of good. Meanwhile, Benson jihads against Mark, and half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iUse My Power to Fart for Good[edit]

Carly wonder's how in the hell she is supposed to use her new found ability to fart for good. After she and her belly newts ponder this for several hours, Phocus, her largest belly newt, has an epiphany. Since everyone knows that girls can't fart, if she does fart, everyone will blame it on a boy. Therefore, she can use her new powers to embarrass people. Carly then begins a long, drawn out campaign of separating Mark from his more newt friendly advisers by farting whenever the adviser, her, and Mark on in the same room. Mark then assumes that the advisor just farted in vice versa. Much juvenile fart humor and situation comedy ensues. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iReconcile with Benson[edit]

Carly succeeds in forcing the more pro-newt members from Marks, administration, but Mark is eventually driven paranoid by the constant conflicts with much of his staff. Additionally, his inability to have relations with his wife Carly, because the newts snap at his privy member every time it gets close to Carly, is also taking its toll on Mark. The war against Benson and the humans is going badly for Mark the newts loyal to him. The newts in Carly's belly begin to tell her that Mark is no longer capable of ruling, and is a threat to newt civilization. The newts tell her to overthrow Mark, and install a ruler who would make peace with Benson. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iBetray My Husband[edit]

Carly is torn between her obligations to her husband and those to the newts living in her belly. After much soul searching, she decides that her first priority is to her belly newts. She leads a palace revolt against her husband Mark, and temporarily throws him in the dungeon. She declares her marriage to Mark void and negotiates a peace with Benson. Surprisingly, Benson also reconciles with Mark. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.


Carly, her belly newts, Mark, and Freddie try to find the three girls. While looking for Xyzzy in particular, Freddie discovers the Grueslayer: an all-powerful sword designed to kill the fiercest prey: man himself grues. The group are suddenly attacked by hundreds of grues, but Freddie kills them all. Freddie decides to rename himself the Grueslayer, and he, along with the married couple and the belly newts, go to the tentacle monsters' lair. Grueslayer peeks in, and sees Xyzzy turned into tough cord binding two tentacle monsters, another one having been shot by Six, and one being eaten by Sam. Ryan goes berserk, destroys the Sixes, and tries to hunt Mark and Carly. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.


Mark is entirely shocked by his divorce with Carly, and begins to cry: something he has not done since he was a baby. Unfortunately this is no time to cry, since a malfunctioned Ryan had busted through the door. Ryan shoots Carly point blank in the heart, and kills her. Six and Xyzzy try to destroy Ryan, but he blasts both of them and annihilates them. Sam hides, and is shocked when Mark stands bravely as the T-X charges its weapons. As the cannon charges, Mark puts his finger in the barrel. As Ryan fires, the plasma caught in the plugged cannon explodes him. Grueslayer enters, and both mourn over the three dead women. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.


Robot Carly gets yellow fever

Carly's conciousness is placed in a Six-like robot designed to look like Carly with Yellow Fever. RobotCarly is activated, along with a copy of Six and a T-X with Xyzzy's memories. Carly gets her belly newts in a separate area so it doesn't prohibit her from having normal marital relations. Carly decides to get married to Mark again, mainly out of pity, allowing him to regain power. Mark promises to never attempt to nationalize human females again. Grueslayer, jealous of Mark, also gets married to Xyzzy. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iChange Shape[edit]

Carly, wanting to look different, making her liquid metal body look like herself without yellow fever. After temporarily making her belly newts leave, she turns into liquid metal and goes up through Mark's privy regions. After controlling him like a puppet for hours, she exits his body and changes back to her normal form. After gathering her belly newts again, she runs to Mark, and passionately kisses him. Meanwhile, Chippy the Chipmunk is banned from cAlvin and the Chipmunks for denying the doctrine of unconditional election. Chippy returns to his old job of stealing Spenser's sculpting tools.

Unfortunately, Carly's kissing of Mark caused Miranda Cosgrove to get a 3rd newt in her belly.

iLose a Lot of Acquaintances[edit]

Grueslayer, Xyzzy and Chippy the Chipmunk get struck by lightning and killed. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iThink I'm Gay[edit]

In this very special episode, Carly finds herself developing strange sexual feelings for Sam when they spend the day arranging Grueslayer, Xyzzy and Chippy the Chipmunk's funerals. Carly, believing herself to be a sinner, decides to visit the church where she is comforted by a compassionate priest. The priest tries to molest Carly, promising her it will relieve her of her sinful urges. For a moment Carly considers allowing him to do it, but she has second thoughts and screams for help. Several passers-by barge into the church and save her from a fate worse than death. Carly rushes home and finds comfort in the arms of Mark. The episode ends with the cast breaking out of character to give a speech about how homosexuality is evil, and those who do not find the strength to resist their wicked vices deserve to be murdered. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

iHelp Destroy the World[edit]

Season finale. Carly's sexual feelings for Sam are driving her to the brink of madness. After seeing Sam in a bathing suit, Carly goes into hysterics and drives away, ending up on a cliffside. For a moment Carly considers jumping off and ending it all, and just as she makes the first step, she is suddenly pulled back by an unknown force. Her belly begins to glow, and the belly newts begin speaking to her, telling her she is needed for an important mission. It is revealed that one of the newts inside her has ambitions for world domination. Carly, deciding that anything is better than being an evil homosexual, promises to do whatever they ask of her. The episode ends with Carly launching a nuclear bomb which destroys the entire Earth, save for a small island where the remaining newts now reside. The newts then mould together and form a gigantic spaceship joined to the remaining Earth. Phocus, revealed to be the power-mad newt, rips its way out of Carly's stomach. Phocus then makes a speech about how every planet in the universe will belong to the newts, and he orders the spaceship to activate. Carly is left bleeding to death on the floor following Phocus' escape from her belly. Technically, Carly is leaking hydraulic fluid because she's a robot, but the mechanics are similar to that of bleeding. Meanwhile, half-newt Spencer builds a sculpture.

This episode aired the same day that Miranda Cosgrove's 2nd belly newt grew up and moved out, after being in Miranda Cosgrove's belly for only 4 1/2 years. That newt left on good terms with Miranda Cosgrove, but the producers didn't want to do another emo newt-leaving episode again.

Episode Guide: Season 9, iCarly in Space[edit]

This season, the setting moves into space and the show takes on much darker themes, with a noticeable increase of violence.

iSeek Redemption[edit]

Cured of her yellow fever, Carly still has newts in her belly

Season premiere. Phocus has the newt doctors attend to Carly. However, her loss of hydraulic fluid (she's a robot now, remember) has resulted in her losing complete control of her legs, leaving her immobilized in a wheelchair made of newts. Sam, Freddie, Spencer and Mark are held captive by the newt guards, and forced to endure physical and psychological torture on a daily basis. Spencer has had his newt parts removed as he is still considered human. When Freddie refuses to attend his next torture session, Sam, Spencer and Mark are forced to watch in horror as he is violently disemboweled by the guards, and his remaining limbs are flushed into the vacuum of space. The horrific sight results in Sam having a mental breakdown and being imprisoned with sexually peverse newts instead. Carly is determined to seek redemption and she tries to convince Phocus to release her friends. However, he responds by having her arms hacked off, leaving her unable to move without help. The Newt Empire then claims Mars as its next planet. Carly breaks down into tears over what her life has become. Her only comfort in life is the 4 loyal newts in her belly. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.


Mark modifies Carly's robotic body's circuitry, allowing her to recreate her arms and regain control to her legs. Sam, Spencer, and Mark come up with a plan to get rid of the newts, but need Carly's help to do it. Carly agrees, but secretly tells the newts everything they are planning. Once Mark activates his plan, he grabs the Grueslayer's dead body, and saps all its energy, merging it with himself to become UberMark II. Spencer, who's created a scupture of 300 minature cannons, activates it, and kills the first wave of newt attackers. Sam uses her Kung-Fu moves, coupled with special more-powerful-then-Chuck-Norris roundhouse kicks, to severely cripple the newt defences. When UberMark II enters, Carly and Phocus sap his energy with a glass of water, and knock him out. Sam and Spencer are both knocked out and taken prisoner. Phocus, now wanting to end Mark's life once and for all, stabs him to death with a dagger. Carly, shocked at her belly newt's actions, turns her arm into a gun and shoots it. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iMake Homes for the Newts[edit]

Carly cradles Mark's dead body in her arms, and places him and Phocus's corpses next to each other. Unexpectedly, the two corpses merge, creating a half-newt half-human Mark. Carly is shocked and delighted to have Mark back, but he knocks her out, and orders Sam, drugged, to enter. Carly and Sam's limp bodies are then swarmed by newts, who crawl into them, make it their home, and causes their bellies to become huge. Carly and Sam wake up. While since Carly is a robot, and has a separate area, she is able to contain many more newts then Sam. Sam cries out in pain, because of all the newts in her belly. Carly asks Mark why he did this, but receives a reply that Phocus is still alive and has merged with Mark, creating a Jekyll and Hyde-like mix. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iConvince My Friend Not to Have a Newt-bortion[edit]

Sam is depressed because she is now nearly immobile due to all the newts in her belly, and considers having a newt-bortion. Carly has even more newts in her belly, which makes her even more immobile. Carly tells that Sam that Newt-bortion is always wrong, and she will regret it for the rest of her life. Sam complains that she looks disgusting and too full of newts to do anything. She also says that the newts are in her belly against her will. Carly counters, saying that newts have right to a home, and the right of the newts to a home out-weigh the right of human females to not have newts in their bellies. Sam eventually resigns to being filled with newts. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture, and conservatives world-wide approve of this episode.

iLose My Love[edit]

Carly and the gang manage to gain control of the Newt Empire's spaceship and its crew. The newts flee from Sam and Carly's bellies, except for Carly's 4 original belly newts. Carly orders the former captain to find a habitable planet for the humans to live on. However, Mark-Phocus is unwilling to let humans be the start of the "new age" and Mark is co-erced by Phocus' consciousness to kill Carly. Mark desperately tries to resist, but ends up sacrificing himself by walking out of an airlock, making his lungs explode and splattering his limbs all over the side panel. Carly goes into hysterics and insists that the search for a new planet is abandoned so they can re-claim Mark's scattered limbs and revive him. Sam and Spencer begin to worry that Carly is letting personal feelings get in the way of the greater good so they conspire to commit a mutiny. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGo Power Mad[edit]

Sam and Spencer confront Carly and insist that she steps down as ship captain; however, she refuses and has her newt guards throw them in the brig. Sam breaks down into tears over what their life has become. Spencer comforts her and they wind up making tender love. Carly is seen watching the proceedings over a security camera. Enraged with jealousy, she releases the spikes in the cell, skewering them both. Sam survives, but Spencer quickly dies from his wounds. Just as Carly is about to order Sam's execution, she is calmed down by one of the newt guards, who reveals they have successfully re-claimed Mark's limbs and the re-construction will commence as soon as possible. Carly eagerly awaits for the return of her lost love, but is shocked when he re-forms into a woman, named Mary, instead. Meanwhile, Spencer doesn't build a sculpture.

iMeet Six Again[edit]

Six reappears and turns Mary into a T-X version of Mark, using a part left over from Ryan. The half-newt, half-human Phocus attacks, but dies due to imbalance. Six reveals that she is a Cylon, sent back in time to prevent the Colonials from ruling. Six claims she's sorry about her not revealing it straight-foward, and asks to be forgiven. The gang answers yes, but ask her what she can be called. She simply replies: "You can call me Caprica." Meanwhile in Heaven, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet Savagely Beaten[edit]

Caprica gets struck by a Trojan virus and must be rebooted. Mark begins to get lonely without her, and reveals he has been making love to her in a tranquil setting that may or may not be real. Carly is stunned by this revelation, and becomes determined to make sure that the Trojan virus wins. Mark is shocked by Carly's actions, and demands that she stops. When Carly refuses, Mark responds by striking her across the face, then giving her a savage beating. Carly tells her friends and neighbours that she walked into a door. Sam doesn't believe her and decides to stage an intervention. Mark gives her another beating to keep her in line. At the intervention, she assures her friends there is nothing wrong. The episode ends with her putting on an oxygen suit and crying in the vacuum of space. In space, no one can hear you cry. Meanwhile in Heaven, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iRevive My Brother[edit]

Feeling lonely, Carly decides to revive her brother using an abandoned Newt Magicks book. However, a mistake in her pronounciation results in him coming back with half his IQ. Carly begins to depend on Spencer too much, but Sam and Mark begin to realise he is not happy and wants to die, when he starts making suggestive sculptures. In the kitchen whilst preparing dinner, Mark confronts Carly and accuses her of being selfish. Carly tells him to stay out of it, and Mark responds by punching her to the ground and burning her face in a vat of hot oil. Carly breaks down into tears and heads outside to cry again. Meanwhile, Spencer continues to build sculptures.

iGet Beaten Some More[edit]

Caprica awakens from her coma and continues her relationship with Mark. Carly is overcome with jealousy and asks him kindly to stop. However, he has been drinking heavily and reacts violently, pulling her hair, kneeing her in the stomach, punching her down a flight of stairs, kicking her teeth in, stomping on her hands, and setting her on fire. Carly is left screaming and crying for help in a pool of blood. Luckily Sam and Spencer come to her rescue in time, and she gets treatment from the newt doctors. With Carly incapcitated, Sam is forced to step up as leader when one of the newt crew informs her that the spaceship is about to crash onto a nearby planet with a large gravitational pull. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet Killed[edit]

As Sam and Spencer are dealing with the planet situation, Carly awakens from her coma and is stunned when she sees Caprica standing above her. Caprica tells her everything will be alright, and then injects her with a large morphine overdose. Carly dies instantly. As this is happening, Sam realises there is nothing she can do and orders everyone to brace themselves for a crash. The ship plummets to the planet, killing thousands of newts and severely injuring Sam; her arm dangling by a thread. Sam tells everyone to remain calm, and organizes an away team to explore the planet and look for supplies. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture out of the dead newts.

iAm in Limbo[edit]

Caprica joins the away team. Mark begins to get concerned about Carly's whereabouts, but decides focusing on getting the ship off the planet is more important. What's more, the planet is having dramatic consequences for the newt and human civilization, when the strong gravitational push crushes several of their organs. Sam orders Spencer to amputate her arm, but her blood loss makes her delerious and she ends up in Limbo, a state "between" life and death, where she meets Carly. Carly reveals she has been killed by Caprica, but has managed to stop herself from fading away completely. Realising Caprica endangers the lives of everyone they know, Sam agrees to help Carly and they strike up a deal with God, revealed to be Chippy the wily chipmunk, to return to the land of the living. On the planet, Sam and Carly re-appear, and tell Mark everything about Caprica. Caprica grabs a gun and tells nobody to move. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iFight Back[edit]

Caprica orders everyone to stay still, and she shoots Mark in the leg. Mark is stunned by Caprica's betrayal, and she reveals her intentions to rule the "new world" and enslave human and newt alike. Carly and Sam manage to slip out in secret and they head to the cockpit of the spaceship, where they manage to reverse the polarity of the anti-matter engine, causing a soundwave that destroys surrounding electronics: including Caprica. Mark cradles the dead Caprica in his arms. Realising Carly was responsible for her death, he decides to kill her. However, Carly and Sam manage to fix the engine by using the corpses of the lost newts, and they take off, leaving Mark stranded on the planet. Just as Mark swears vengeance on Carly, he is torn apart by a pack of wild boars. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.


Season 9 finale. Carly begins to miss Mark and feels guilty for leaving him behind to get killed by wild boars. Sam tries to comfort her, and the two of them end up making tender love. However, this sinful act threatens the lives of everyone when a team of homicidal priests on a ship titled "The Vatican" appears on the radar and threatens to blow them all up. Carly and Sam beam themselves onboard and try to negotiate a peace treaty with the priests. Carly is shocked when a priest tells her Sam has been posessed by the Devil since her birth, and it must be exorcised from her - even if it's at the cost of her life. Carly, realizing that it was the Devil who made her feel attracted all the time, allows the priests to begin the exorcism, and she watches with tears in her eyes as they skin Sam alive, crush her skull and dance around her corpse naked and chanting. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

Episode Guide: Season 10, iCarly in Space[edit]

Carly becomes a nun

iNun: Part 1[edit]

In the season premiere, Carly decides to become a nun onboard "The Vatican" and she leaves the spaceship in control of the former Newt Empire. Carly has trouble adjusting to the restrictive nun ways and she finds herself developing a rivalry with the Mother Superior, Sally Slutface. When Sally pushes her too far, Carly ends up butchering her to death. The other nuns begin to get suspicious of Carly and she finds herself addicted to killing. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iNun: Part 2[edit]

Carly starts killing off the remaining nuns but inadvertently slashes the throat of the ship captain, leaving "The Vatican" floating aimlessly through space. When the ship starts to get dragged into a black hole, Carly realises her days on the ship are over and she tries to summon the Newt Empire to rescue her and Spencer. However, before she can make the call, The Vatican is unexpectedly rocked by the arrival of God himself, Chippy the wily chipmunk. Chippy is furious with Carly for killing so many of his servants and insists that she seeks redemption by saving every planet in the Solar System from being taken over by the Newt Empire. Carly agrees and Chippy materialises a large spaceship for her and Spencer to use, then revives Sam and Freddie as her crew. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iFind Out the Meaning of Life[edit]

With God, a.k.a. Chippy the wily chipmunk, now part of the crew, Carly is determined to find out the meaning of life. Chippy reveals through poignant flashbacks that newts were the first creatures born in the universe, but they struggled to survive for very long without host bodies. Thus, Chippy created the human race, to serve as host bodies for the newts, as a favor to the Archbishop Newt. Carly is stunned by these revelations and begins to think she has no real purpose in life. Depressed, she starts cutting her wrists and reciting morbid poetry to her friends. Freddie and Sam try to get Carly back to normal and are shocked when her misery results in a fifth newt, Oz, spawning in her belly. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iDiscover My Purpose[edit]

Chippy reveals to Carly that although the newts are the dominant species, he is greatly angered by their oppression of humans and other races. Therefore, Chippy will send a newt prophet to call the Newt Empire to repentance. And Chippy reveals that Oz, the fifth newt growing in Carly's belly. will be that prophet. Carly asks why Chippy just doesn't call the Newts to repentance himself, since Chippy claims to be God. Chippy responds with, "because!" and vanishes. Carly is overjoyed and tells Benson and Sam that the Newt Prophet is living in her belly, who generated spontaneously. Both of them think Carly is crazy, and just covering up the fact that she kissed a boy again with absurd tall tales. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iKissed a Girl[edit]

And I liked it. The taste of her cherry chapstick. I kissed a girl just to try it. I hope my boyfriend don't mind it. It felt so wrong. It felt so right. Don't mean I'm in love tonight. I kissed a girl and I liked it. I liked it. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iHear the Gospel from My Belly Newt[edit]

Oz, for the first time, speaks to Carly. Oz tells Carly that although human males "saved by grace through faith", as per the bible, women can only be saved by growing newts in their bellies. Furthermore, Oz tells Carly to preach this message to Sam, who has been quite hesitant to have newts living in her belly. Reluctantly, Carly confronts Sam about her failure to let newts live in her belly. Sam is offended, and says women weren't put on the earth just to be decoration for men and grow newts in their bellies. Carly counters, saying that she has talked with a prophet of he who put women on the earth, and that prophet said women were in fact created solely as eye-candy for men and homes for newts. Sam is offended, and the relationship between the two is strained. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.


Mark returns, but unfortunately has unusual visions in his head, consisting of him and Caprica Six in a luxury suite, looking out across a beautiful beach. Mark looks around, and spots Caprica standing next to him. The two have a conversation, then kiss each other. Mark is then back on Carly's ship, and as Carly walks towards him, Caprica smiles, and disappears. Carly severely scorns Mark for injuring her, but apologies for being obnoxious to her. Carly then turns over command of the ship to Mark, due to her discovery of how to save the souls of women. Mark accepts command, and sets course to attack the newt ship, while Carly preaches the gospel of newt gestation. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.


Mark makes the ship fire upon the Newt vessel. It suffers severe damage, but escapes harm. Mark and Carly decide to get married again, which infuriates the vision of Caprica. Mark is knocked out, and enters a black void, where he once again meets Caprica Six. Six is infuriated with him, and challenges him to a battle to the death, loser being exiled from his body. Caprica almost wins, but is finally defeated. However, instead of exiling her, Mark creates for her a new body. Caprica is touched, and transfers herself to the new body. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.


Carly is shocked when Caprica comes back. Still suspicious, Carly pulls out a gun and aims at Caprica. Caprica decides to risk trying to hide her identity, and claims she is not Caprica, but is really a Cylon Six model named Natalie. Carly agrees, though still suspicious, and talks with Mark. Mark agrees, because he is Caprica/Natalie's friend. Caprica thanks him, and slowly integrates herself into the crew as Natalie. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iHit the Reset Button[edit]

Season finale. Carly and the gang finally catch up with the Newt Empire, who are orbiting Pluto ready to commence their next takeover. Carly, Mark, Sam, Natalie, and Freddie beam themselves onboard the Newt Empire's ship where they are confronted by Atlas, the half-brother of Phocus. Atlas grabs a gun and shoots at Mark, Natalie, and Freddie, disintegrating them into a pile of acid. Carly begs for mercy and tells her she will do anything. Atlas responds by tearing all five newts out of her belly and jamming them in the ship's main CPU, re-charging their battery and allowing them to launch the attack against Pluto. However, Oz manages to escape capture and he appears in the room in a beam of shining white light, speaking in Chippy's voice. Oz tells them he is a devine instrument of God, and the Newts will not win today. With the click of a finger, Oz destroys the entire Newt Armada, sacrificing himself in the process. The Newts are finally defeated, but Carly lies bleeding to death on the floor following the removal of her belly newts. She goes into hysterics, screaming that she wants them back, and Sam desperately tries to repair her injuries. Sadly, the two of them are left wandering through space alone, until out of chance they are suddenly sucked through a black hole. Carly and Sam re-appear on Earth in the 20th century, where they meet their much younger ancestors. The original Carly and Sam, stunned by the appearance of their older selves, beat them to death with shovels, then head back to kindergarten. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

Episode Guide: Season 11, iCarly Kidz[edit]

This season the setting moves back into the 20th century. Carly and the gang now appear as children attending kindergarten, and the show controversially returns to its lighter themes. The old main cast is mostly replaced by their children, as they are now in their mid 20's. This story arc is 20 years before present, and 90 years before The Next Generation story arc.

Carly and Sam: the kindergarten years

iGet Bullied[edit]

In the season premiere, 4-year old Carly struggles to deal with the school bully, who keeps pulling her pigtails and pushing her down during recess. Spencer, Carly's teenage older brother, tries to help Carly by building an unflattering sculpture of the rotund bully. Carly is upset when the bully gives Spencer a wedgie in retaliation. As this is going on, Ms. Briggs becomes the new kindergarten teacher, and Sam tries to kiss Freddie but he avoids her in fear of catching cooties. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture of himself crying.

iWorry About a Spelling Test[edit]

Carly and the gang begin to worry about a forthcoming spelling test, and decide to cheat their way out of it by replacing Ms. Briggs' papers with a list of easy words like "ham" and "photosynthesis". Ms. Briggs is deeply embarrassed when it is found out at a PTA meeting, and she decides to resign from her position of kindergarten teacher. Carly and her classmates are overcome with joy, until they meet their brutish substitute teacher, who makes them sit class in their underwear. Carly and the gang become determined to get Ms. Briggs back by starting a web-based show and recording apology messages, but with Ms. Briggs turning to alcohol in her time of crisis, will the message get to her in time? Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iAm Scared for My Friend[edit]

Carly and her classmates are told to make "get well soon" cards for Freddie, when Ms. Briggs reveals he is in hospital with severe kidney failure. Carly and her friends don't think much of it first, until the class bully tells them horror stories about what will happen to Freddie. Overcome with worry, Carly convinces Sam and Spencer to join her in busting out of kindergarten during naptime so they can visit Freddie in the hospital. Naturally tragedy ensues on their journey when Sam gets struck by a bus, and Carly and Spencer are fraught with worry about what will happen if Ms. Briggs finds out they were cutting school. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture out of roadside items.

iDon't Want to Get in Trouble[edit]

Sam is transferred to the same ward as Freddie, and will be okay after a minor operation. Carly and Spencer desperately try to cover their tracks, and they manage to return to kindergarten before naptime is over. Ms. Briggs goes into hysterics when she realises Sam is missing, and leaves the oldest student to take care of the class while she deals with the situation. Unfortunately, things get out of hand when kids start inadvertently cutting themselves with safety scissors used for making the get well soon cards, and the school bully takes the opportunity to beat his classmates into submission. At the hospital, Ms. Briggs tracks Sam and Freddie down. Ms. Briggs whispers to Sam that if she ever tries anything like this again, she will kill her. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture out of blood.

iBully My Friend[edit]

Freddie returns from the hospital but has to be hooked up to equipment to help him breathe. Consequently he finds himself the butt of jokes amongst his classmates. Carly is conflicted over who to side with when she realises defending Freddie will get her kicked out of the cool crowd. Eventually she allies herself with the cool kids by pushing Freddie down in his weakened state, and laughing at him. Freddie is devastated and becomes determined to teach Carly and the other class bullies a lesson by sabotaging their forthcoming science experiment. Unfortunately, he gets more than he bargained for when it backfires against Ms. Briggs, giving her severe burns. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iKill the Class Bully: Part 1[edit]

The rift between Carly and Freddie continues, when Carly puts red ants in his lunch, causing him to suffer severe internal pain and worsening his recovery from kidney failure. Freddie is driven to the point of suicide by Carly's antics, and he climbs to the top of the jungle gym, where he threatens to jump. Carly realises what she has done and tries to talk Freddie down before he hurts himself. However, this is made difficult by the school bully, Brent Butts, who cheers Freddie on and throws toys at him. Carly, annoyed with Brent, ends up wrestling with him. Just as he is about to overpower her, she grabs some nearby safety scissors and stabs him in the throat repeatedly. Brent dies instantly and the kids must decide what to do with his dead body before recess is over. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iKill the Class Bully: Part 2[edit]

Carly co-erces her classmates into helping her bury Brent's corpse. The other kids are seemingly happy with Brent's death, as it means they can go to class in peace without fear of being bullied. Freddie and Carly find their friendship re-growing in the process. However, when Ms. Briggs returns, she starts to get suspicious of the foul smell pertruding from the playground. Ms. Briggs begins to hurl uncontrollably, to the point where she can't stand it anymore and she starts to manually dig outside. Ms. Briggs is horrified when she comes across Brent's dead body, and scolds the kids for not telling her. She then tells them they are going on a little field trip and they all get into the bus and drive to the beach, where Ms. Briggs dumps Brent in the ocean. The gang then enjoy a fun day out at the seaside. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iTeach Sam a Lesson[edit]

Sam is out of hospital following her car accident, and she goes overboard in making sure her classmates are safe. Carly and Freddie soon begin to tire of Sam's intervention and decide to teach her a lesson by dragging her to a busy road and making her stand in the middle, to show her that life isn't always dangerous. Sam is furious with her friends at first, but eventually comes to the conclusion that they have her best interest at heart, and thanks them. After this epiphany, a man stops at the side of the road and offers them a ride back to kindergarten, promising them sweets. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet Drunk[edit]

Ms. Briggs is struggling to cope with the restrictions of her severely burnt body, and she falls back into her alcohol addiction. Carly and the gang begin to wonder why Ms. Briggs is acting so strangely in class, and when she is out of the room, they investigate her desk and come across several bottles of vodka, gin and various other alcohols. Carly co-erces Freddie and Sam into helping her drink them, and they become extremely hammered. When Ms. Briggs returns, she is horrified at what has happened, and screams at the kids for stealing her drinks. Carly and the gang find themselves in detention. Angry with Ms. Briggs, Carly decides to rat her out to the principal, telling him that she sneaks drinks when the kids aren't looking. The principal fires Ms. Briggs, causing her to go insane and take the kindergarten hostage, slowly killing the students and faculty one by one. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iPlay Doctor[edit]

The gang are out of school following the hostage situation. Ms. Briggs is forced to undergo electroshock therapy, making the pain from her burns even more agonising. Carly and her friends quickly begin to get bored without school as a distraction. Spencer suggests they play "doctor", a game he and his female friend recently discovered. Carly, Sam and Freddie have fun playing doctor for a while, but trouble ensues when their parents find out and decide to sue the school for teaching the kids to think it's okay for them to practice medicine without a license. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet Another Newt in My Belly[edit]

Season finale. Ms. Briggs returns to teach with a much calmer attitude. Carly and the gang immediately notice this, and decide to take advantage of her, making the class descend into chaos. However, Sam begins to get suspicious of the "new" Ms. Briggs when she notices a large bump on her belly. Ms. Briggs insists that she fell in love with and married a doctor at the insane asylum, and is having his baby. Believing that no one would find Ms. Briggs attractive enough to do these things with her, Sam co-erces Carly and Freddie to help her investigate for a special edition of iCarly. Fumbling through Ms. Briggs' desk, they are shocked to find a report of her progress at the insane asylum, revealing she has been growing several belly newts in her womb. It soon becomes apparent that the asylum is run by newts, Ms. Briggs was their first test subject, and now it is her duty to put newts in the bellies of the kindergarten girls. Carly and the gang desperately try to resist, and have no choice but to decapitate Ms. Briggs with extra-large safety scissors purchased for the morbidly obese kid. Carly and her classmates celebrate their victory and the loss of Ms. Briggs. The episode ends with Carly's belly mildly glowing, but no one notices. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

Episode Guide: Season 12, iCarly Kidz[edit]

iMake a New Friend[edit]

Season premiere. Carly and the gang welcome a new kid, Mark Matzko, into kindergarten. It soon becomes apparent that Mark has a crush on Carly and he becomes determined to kiss her. Carly desperately tries to avoid him, in fear of catching cooties. A cootie outbreak soon occurs at the kindergarten, with the new teacher, Mr. Briggs (the brother of Ms. Briggs) forced to initiate a lockdown so the cooties don't spread to the population. Carly and the gang quickly develop cabin fever and when it becomes apparent that there is no food supply, they are faced with the possibility of resorting to cannibalism. To make matters worse, Carly continues to suffer severe stomach cramps. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.


Carly goes to the nurse's room after a day of cramps, aches, and hurling in her stomach. The school nurse notices Carly's belly is quite a bit bigger than normal, and asks her what and how much food she's been eating. Carly replies that she's eaten no food since the first hurl. The nurse sends her to the hospital, where she is X-rayed to see what could be causing her discomfort. The X-rays reveal a newt in Carly's belly. Carly, not exactly knowing what it means, travels back to kindergarten and tells everybody. They all have a party for Carly, except for Mr. Briggs, who is very worried. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

Additionally, it is revealed that Miranda Cosgrove Jr. really has a newt growing in her belly, despite being only 5 years old.

iTry Out for the Cheerleading Squad[edit]

Child Sam becomes a cheerleader

Both Carly and Sam try out for the kindergarten cheerleading squad. Sam makes the team, but Carly doesn't, as the newt in her belly makes her too uncoordinated to pass the try-outs. Carly gets mad and throws a temper tantrum. Sam finds being a cheerleader fun for a while, but begins to miss not being with Carly. Eventually, Sam quits cheerleading. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.


Mark scrapes his knee and is delighted when the school nurse sends him home early. Mark starts taking advantage of this discovery and purposely injures hismelf so he will get to go home early everyday. Mr. Briggs worries about Mark when he catches him self-harming, and decides to organize a meeting between himself and Mark's parents. To Mr. Briggs' surprise, Mark's parents turn out to be a pair of lesbians named Jamie and Alex. Jamie and Alex are stunned by their adopted son's behaviour, and spank him repeatedly. Carly and the gang catch this shocking spectacle and include it in their next webisode, making Mark the mockery of the school for getting spanked. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iWant to Suck Your Blood[edit]

Freddie watches a horror movie at Halloween and becomes convinced that he is a vampire. Carly and the gang try to prove he isn't but when Freddie accidentally gets red paint on his teeth during art class, their suspicions are aroused. Then when it is discovered that a bat is loose in the basement, they decide that Freddie must be dealt with. Stealing a stake from the kitchen, Carly and the gang go on a vampire-hunting mission, with Mark and Sam eagerly filming the action. Mark and Sam find themselves growing closer in the process, and while hiding from a potential threat, they show their affection for each other by spitting in each other's hands and then holding them. Carly is overcome with jealousy but manages to surpress her rage to use against Freddie. When they corner him outside in the sun, they realise he is not a vampire and apologise for the mistake. Carly's wounds will not heal so easily, however. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet Captured by Newts and Six[edit]

Carly, Mark, Freddie, and Sam are abducted onto a spaceship, where they are held captive by newts under the command of a character known only as Six. Due to certain in-the-secret-chamber views, this character is revealed to be Caprica Six. Six orders the newt out of Carly's belly, and it is revealed to be a spy. Carly fortunately stabs her in the back, killing her and causing her to forget the entire thing. Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Mark escape and throw a party to celebrate. Meanwhile, Chippy makes himself look cute and steals Spencer's screwdriver.

iFind Out the Meaning of What Happened Last Episode[edit]

Future Carly

Carly notices that her belly is big again, yet doesn't remember getting the newt back. Later that night, she is visited by a strange woman with a newt-filled belly who looks very much like herself. That woman introduces herself as Carly's great-granddaughter from 90 years in the future. Future Carly (played by Miranda Cosgrove Sr.) informs present Carly that her belly newt is in fact Oz, a great newt prophet that will arise in the future. Furthermore, Oz exists at two times at once, exactly 90 years apart, and he is also currently living in future Carly's belly, along with a couple other newts. Carly reveals about a year and a a half ago, she had traveled back to the present Carly's time, but suffered death, and was resurrected in her own age.

She reveals that the Newt Empire was re-grouped, and that she is currently living as a fugitive from justice. Future Carly also reveals the Gospel of Newt Gestation to present Carly, informing her that human women can only obtain salvation by growing newts in their bellies. When present Carly asks how men are saved, she responds that they are saved by grace through faith by sovereign divine election. Future Carly also tells present Carly that a certain chipmunk, who goes back the name of Chippy, and who steals Spencer's sculpting tools, is god.

iConsider a Newt-bortion Yet Again[edit]

Spencer, upon learning that his little sister Carly has a newt in her belly, tries to convince her to have a newt-bortion, as he thinks she's too young to grow a belly newt. This makes Carly, cry, who says she'll go to hell if she gets an abortion. Spencer asks Carly why she thinks having a newt-bortion will cause her to go to hell. Carly relates the events of the previous night, in which her robot great granddaughter revealed the Gospel of Newt Gestation to her. Originally, Spencer is skeptical of this story, but Carly, by Oz then speaks from Carly's belly, revealing to Spencer the Gospel of Newt Gestation and explaining how it is consistent with the Bible. Spencer is swayed by this powerful preaching, and gives 10% of his sculpting tools to Chippy, who lives in a tree in the backyard. Meanwhile, Spencer also finds time to build a sculpture.

iBack to the Future[edit]

Season finale. Several eels Carly and Sam have kept as science projects do not want them to believe in the Gospel of Newt Gestation. This is because the Newts are good, and the Eels are bad. The eels break out of the tank, and slither into Carly's belly. A big battle is fought in her belly between the Newt Prophet, and the eels. Carly is knocked unconscious by the battle going on inside her. Oz wins, and forces the eels out of Carly's belly. Sam arrives, and an eel enters her belly. Since eels are much smaller then giant mutant newts, no one can tell that Sam has an eel in her belly. The eel, which she names Mulligan, tells her to understand that, when asked to get a newt in her belly, not to accept. Sam agrees, and she acts like nothing's happened. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

Season 13: iCarly: Back to the Future[edit]

In this season, the show flashes back to the Next Generation time line. The Newt Empire still threatens many other species and is yet ruled by the despotic Atlas, half-brother of Phocus. The iCarly Team is currently on the run from the newt empire, and is largely unaware of the events happening 90 years previous. In addition to Oz, Carly has adopted two more newts belly newts, Leo and Todo.

iAm Invaded[edit]

The iCarly Team is attacked by eels. These eels slither up through the privy regions of Sam, Natalie, and Xyzzy. The newts fight back, but are forced to retreat. Carly is captured by the eels, who remove her belly newt and capture it. The eels then slither up into Carly's belly, one by one, until her belly has ten or so eels in it. The eels try to get information from her, but she refuses to give it to them. They then knock her out, and put her newts back in her belly, not knowing that the one of the newts is Oz, the Newt prophet. They eels send her back, since they couldn't get any information from her. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iDiscover What the Eels Are[edit]

Carly searches through the newt ship's archives, and discovers the reason for the eels attacking. The eels and newts apparently lived peacefully with eachother, until God(Chippy) exalted newts above eels. The eels swore revenge. Carly also discovers the way to remove an eel from a person, and uses it to try to remove Natalie's, Xyzzy's, and Sam's eels. Natalie and Xyzzy lose their eels, but Sam's won't come out. Sam replies that she has a wonderful feeling about the eel in her belly, and wants to keep it. Carly agrees, athough it strains their relationship ever so slightly. Meanwhile, Mark and Freddie spar against eachother, while Spencer makes a sculpture of them sparring.

iLearn the About the Fall of Woman[edit]

Oz, Carly's belly newt, decides it is now time for her to learn about the fall on woman in the garden of eden. Oz informs Carly that although Adam was exiled from the Garden of Eden for eating of the forbidden fruit, Eve was actually expelled for taking the newt out of her belly, and letting an eel in. Oz also informs Carly that the serpant in the garden was not a snake, but an eel which desired to live in the woman's belly. Contrary to what she had been taught, the serpant (aka the eel) was not a mindless tool of satan, but a rational being, which coveted the belly of the woman, which was created as a home to the newt and the newt alone. Finally, Oz informs Carly that allowing any creature beside a newt in her belly is a sin, as is not having newt in her belly. Carly then asks Oz the newt if she should tell Sam about this. Oz says Sam is not yet ready to her such deep wisdom. Carly also adopts another belly newt, named Newtis, bringing her total up for 4, as she is worried that her womb might be invaded again. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.


Carly and Sam go down to a planet and contract a non-deadly disease caused by a fungus. It causes the skin to be covered with green fungus, which feeds off of the person's body energy. Luckily the fungus isn't contagious, and the amount of energy sapped is so small, it doesn't do anything to the person. Carly and Sam are half covered by the fungus, until Carly's newest belly newt, Newtis, pops out and eats all of it. It is revealed that the fungus can be eaten by newts. Meanwhile, Spencer builds an iron lung.


Carly takes an alien plant off of the planet BUTTKISS. After going to sleep and waking up next morning, Carly is shocked to see plant vines clinging everywhere in her room. Carly also feels some plant vines touching her bare skin near her upper and lower privy regions, thereby revealing that the plant stripped her naked. Fortunately, the plant vines are hiding her nakedness from the camera. She also feels the vines trying to squeeze into her belly. When she tries to open the door, two vines grab her and pull her back. She is knocked onto the bed, where the plant vine succeeds in getting into her belly. The vine gets thicker, and thicker, until suddenly, the room is covered in white and the plant disappears. Mark runs in, and hands Carly some clothes. No one believes her when she tells her story, though. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet a Plant in My Belly[edit]

Carly begins to be invisibly tickled, prodded, and poked. It is revealed that the plant planted some seeds in Carly's belly. These seeds have turned into larger plants, that are now being tended by Carly's belly newts. This turns out to be an excellent plot twist, as Caprica returns, madder then ever about Carly and Mark's marriage. Caprica attacks her, but the belly newts feed Carly enough of that plant to give her the strength to defeat Caprica. As Caprica lies on the floor, leaking and dying, Carly heals her. Caprica is shocked, and claims she will never understand why humans show mercy. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iAm the Creator of a New Race[edit]

Carly, being in a silly mood, farts alot. Since no-one knows that Carly has magical farting powers because she has a newt in her belly, the guys get blamed for it. Much hilarity and juvenile fart humor ensues. Sam eventually learns that is was Carly who was doing it, and she gets mad at Carly for farting. She marches into Carly's cabin, where they have a heated confrontation which leads to them making love. The joining of eels and newts alike has a startling affect on them both, causing them to mutate into new creatures called Neels. The Neels are a much more peaceful race than both the eels and the newts and they decide to release themselves from Carly and Sam's bellies to start their own society, free of stupid human intervention. Crawling out of Carly and Sam's nether regions, they mould together and take the form of a human. Saying goodbye, the Neel then ejects itself in the only escape pod. Carly and Sam are temporarily weakened following the shock of the Neels leaving their system, causing them to be paralyzed as the spaceship starts hurtling towards a nearby sun. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iMiss the Neels in My Belly[edit]

Mark and Freddie find the paralyzed girls and are able to stop the ship crashing into the sun. However, due to the intense heat rays, the ship has taken on heavy damage and they are forced to detach the entire bottom section to stop the fire spreading. Carly and Sam begin to recover from their paralysis and they realise they feel empty without their Neels. Mark, noticing how upset Carly is, decides to cheer her up by following the trail left by the Neels in their escape pod, hoping to find them and join their society. Unbeknownst to Mark though, Carly is still coming to terms with what happened between her and Sam, and he is still hopeful of a reconciliation (as they drifted apart during the eel/newt war). Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iLose a Lover and a Friend[edit]

Mark tells Carly and Sam that he has found the Planet of the Neels, and they will be landing there shortly. Carly is extremely grateful towards Mark, resulting in them making tender love, which confuses her even further. Sam catches them in the act and goes into hysterics, smashing the control panel up, meaning the ship will be unable to make a safe landing on the planet. Carly is furious with Sam and tells her she never wants to see her again. Sam realises she has nothing else to live for and later that night when Carly goes to her cabin to apologise, she is devastated to see Sam has hung herself. The gang put together a funeral with what little resources they have, and say goodbye to Sam in their own unique way. Fortune arrives at the last moment when the Neels spot them orbiting the planet and agree to beam them to the surface. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGo to the Planet of the Neels[edit]

Carly and the gang arrive on the Planet of the Neels, which is the most serene, peaceful place they have ever been to. Carly is instantly captured by a group of mysterious Neels who wear white hoods and declare themselves to be the "NNN": Nu Nux Nan, a group of extremists who detest the Eel side of them, and want to make the planet all-Newt. Carly, still in mourning over Sam's death, agrees to help them, deciding she has nothing else worth living for. Meanwhile, Mark and Spencer enjoy the facilities at a Neel bath-house and are given massages. Spencer encourages Mark to move on from Carly by agreeing to a double date with some pretty female Neels, and hilarity ensues on the night when they are unsure about how to make love to Neels. Spencer finds time to build a sculpture out of napkins.

iBecome a Drug Addicted Slave[edit]

Season finale. Carly agrees to help the NNN set up an electromagnetic bomb that will dissolve the Eel side of the Neels, to be launched during President Oz's inauguration speech. Just as she is purchasing the necessary components, Carly is arrested by Oz's security, who take her to the Green House. Oz tells Carly she is ashamed by her rebellion, as Neels are the way of the future. Carly spits in his face, and tells him he has been brainwashed and was never a proper Newt. This provokes an angry reaction from Oz, when he has his guards mercilessly beat Carly to within an inch of her life. Carly is then locked in a large underground prison complex. There, she discovers the Neels are not as peaceful as she thought when she meets hundreds of other prisoners who reveal they were locked up for expressing hatred towards one race. Now, it is their job to work as slaves to pump mind-controlling chemicals into the planet's air that keeps the Neels from killing each other, though it doesn't always work. Carly breaks down into tears over what her life has become, and decides to get a Newt (part of the unevolved stock), named Newtbert, implanted in her belly, which acts as a drug. Meanwhile, Mark is shocked to find he has rendered the Neel masseuse with child; and Spencer builds a sculpture.

Episode Guide: Season 14: iCarly & cAlvin[edit]

iAm Appointed a Prophet[edit]

Going back to the Carly Kidz story arc, Oz tells child Carly that she has been appointed to lead the newts out of bondage, like Moses before her. Specifically, she is to tell zoos, reptile houses, and the like to release the newts they hold cages, and lead those newts to the promised land with Oz. Oz tells her that if this doesn't happen, the newts will rise up and oppress humanity. Additionally Spencer is appointed as protector over Carly, as men were created to serve and protect women, who hold the much more important job of being hosts to the supreme species, the giant mutant womb newt. Carly, Spencer, and Oz begin their quest lead the newts out of bondage. Meanwhile, future Carly grows belly newts and plants in her womb.

iSuffer the Return of cAlvin[edit]


The eels resurrect (John) cAlvin and Theodore (Beza), along with cAlvin's imaginary friend, Hobbes. Strangely, they are resurrected in the iCarly Kidz time line, 84 years before their deaths in the Next Generation time line. The eels quickly alert cAlvin and Theodore to the teachings of Oz, child Carly's belly newt. As expected, cAlvin, Theodore, and Hobbes believe the newt to be teaching rank heresy. (While, Hobbes not such much, he doesn't care much for theological controversy. However, Hobbes is strongly disturbed by the possibly of a slave revolt.)

The three confront Carly and Oz, and denounce them as heretics and fanatics. They get into a heated theological argument, and eventually cAlvin, Theodore, and Hobbes storm out, hurling anathemas at Carly and her belly newt. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture and worships Chippy.

iConvert Sam[edit]

The strange squirrel

cAlvin and Theodore, after realizing that Oz and Carly are not going to be swayed by reason, and the civil power doesn't punish heretics, tries to separate Carly from her friends. cAlvin is approached by a strange, black squirrel, who tells cAlvin that Sam might be persuaded to reject Oz's heresies. cAlvin gets an uneasy feeling from the squirrel, but goes ahead and strikes up a conversation with Sam. cAlvin finds that theory of salvation by growing newts is one's belly shocking, and is easily convinced that Oz and Spencer are an evil influence on Carly. After cAlvin leaves, Sam's belly eel tells her to believe everything cAlvin said about Carly, Spencer, and Oz. Unfortunately, cAlvin does not know that Sam has an eel in her belly. Meanwhile, Hobbes explains why society will collapse into chaos without a strong absolute monarch, while Spencer builds a sculpture and worships Chippy.

iGo Tell Fayro to Let My People Go[edit]

Spencer and Carly travel to the nearest zoo, and inform the staff that Oz, the newt who lives in Carly's belly, is a prophet. Furthermore, Oz the giant mutant newt that lives in Carly's belly, commands that the zoo liberate any and all newts that they may be holding. The zoo staff director, named Dr. William Fayro, refuses, and calls security. However, before security arrives, cAvlin and Theodore arrive. They denounce Carly, Spencer, and Oz as heretics and witches. Oz and cAlvin get into a heated argument. After Oz realizes that cAlvin can not be persuaded, Oz turns the waters in the zoo to blood. Unfortunately, this kills all the aquatic life, including all the newts. cAvlin denounces the miracle as witchcraft, and says Carly, Oz, and Spencer should be burnt at the stake. Oz and his crew withdraw after his miracle fails, cursing cAlvin as the leave. cAlvin then strikes up a conversation with Fayro, telling him of the evils of Oz's teaching, and reveals that it was Sam who informed him where Oz was going. Meanwhile, Spencer finds time to build a sculpture, and Hobbes spend the entire day arguing the benefits of Absolutism with a hippie newt at the zoo entrance.

iGo to Egypt[edit]

Oz prays to Chippy, wondering why his attempt to free the newts doesn't work. Chippy tells Oz that he must first lead the newts out of physical Egypt (i.e. the nation of Egpyt), then out of figurative Egypt (all manner of bondage), and finally lead them out of spiritual bondage (i.e. a life of sin.) Oz then tells Carly and Spencer that they must go Egypt to liberate the newts there. Carly makes the mistake of telling Sam where she is going, who passes it along to cAlvin. While on the plane trip across the Atlantic, the aircraft is hijacked by cAlvin and his crew. The plane if forced to land in the mountains of northwest Italy, in what now the chipmunk ruled Theocratic Christian Republic of South Geneva. (The Italian government, being as brave as the French as honest as the Latin Americans, has been unable to force the chipmunk theocracy out of their lands.) cAvlin and his gang are hailed as heros, while Carly, Spencer, and Oz are sentenced to be tried as heretics. Meanwhile, Spencer manages to build a sculpture out of debris he finds in prison.

iEscape From the Theocratic Christian Republic of South Geneva[edit]

cAvlin begins setting up the heresy trial against Spencer, Carly, and Oz. However, before cAlvin can proceed, Oz manages to convert his jailer, a chipmunk named Chipbert, to the gospel of Newtism. In the middle of the night, the four flee into the mountains, hoping to escape from from South Geneva. Ironically, they head toward real Geneva in Switzerland, as both France and Italy are unable to fight off the army of fanatical chipmunks that are chasing them. After many hilarious misadventures, the four finally cross the Swiss border, and book a flight to Egypt. Meanwhile, Spencer manages to build a sculpture while on the run, and Hobbes gets a job a neo-conservative think tank.

iLead My People Out of Bondage[edit]

Spencer, Carly, and Oz successfully fly to Egypt, while Chipbert stays behind in real Geneva to preach Newtism to halt the expansion of cAvlin's theocracy in the Alps. After they land in Cairo, Oz immediately demands to speak with Egyptian president Ahmed Fha'rho'h. Naturally, he is laughed at, being just a newt living in a little girl's belly. Oz then goes to the Nile River, and makes it run red with blood. Shocking the Egyptians, Oz, Carly, and Spencer are immediately escorted to the presidential mansion.

Oz, immediately upon entering the president's office, boldly demands that the newts be set free. President Fha'rho'h then demands to know who Oz and what he wants with the newts. Oz says he is a prophet send to liberate the newts, and lead them into the promised land. President Fha'rho'h then asks were this promised land is. Oz says it in the land of Canaan, to wit, Israel. Fha'rho'h's mood changes, realizing that Oz might be of help to him, and inquires what is to be done withe current inhabitants of the land.

Oz informs them that the Jews were selected as the Chosen People, however, they were primarily chosen to grow newts in their bellies. Furthermore, it was the failure of the Jewish women keep newts in their bellies which caused the Jewish exiles and Diasporas. When the newts return to the Promised Land, the (female) inhabitants thereof will either welcome the newts back into their wombs, or be destroyed, and replaced by a more willing population. Fha'rho'h, realizing this may be to his advantage, immediately declares all newts to be free, and gives the newts supplies and gold for their journey. Immediately, the Nile river reverts back to water. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture of Oz leading the newts out of Egypt.

iReceive the Newt Commandments[edit]

After Oz gathers all the newts a the northeast corner of the Nile Delta, they begin their trek across the Sinai Peninsula. After several days of marching though the wilderness, the newts arrive at Mt. Sinai. Oz, with Carly, ascends the mountain, to receive the 10 Newt Commandments from Chippy. However, during Oz's absence, the newts grow impatient, believing Oz to have abandoned them. The newts then gather together all the gold they received from the Egyptians and build a golden Eel as their new god. Chippy is infuriated with this, and smites all the newts, leaving only Oz. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture of Chippy's wrath against the idolatrous newts. Unfortunately, the 2nd Newt Commandment forbids the creation of any physical representation of Chippy, so Chippy also slays Spencer.

iBattle the Congo Free State[edit]

After the smiting of the newts at Sinai, Chippy sends Carly and Oz back to to 1908 to fight the tyranny of Leopold II of Belgium in the Congo Free State. At the time, many women in the Congo region allowed newts to live in their wombs, but this was no longer possible due to the widespread forced labor enforced by Leopold. Therefore, Chippy, commissions Oz and Carly reveal the human rights abuses going on in the Congo.

Unfortunately, cAlvin, Hobbes, and Theodore also travel back in time with them. While Oz and Carly are trying to transfer administration of the Congo Free State to the Belgian government, cAlvin ferments a pro-British revolt. Fortunately, cAlvin in now primarily concerned with evangelizing the Congo, so he lacks the time to fight newt gestation. Additionally, Hobbes splits with cAlvin, fearing that cAlvin's "peasant's revolt", as Hobbes calls it, will lead to chaos. Theodore and cAlvin protest the suppression of the gospel, but to no avail.

After much work, Carly and Oz succeed; and the administration of the Congo is transferred from Leopold's personal property to the Belgium government. Meanwhile, Spencer doesn't build a sculpture because he's either dead or not born yet, depending on the perspective.

This article covered alot of events, and many viewer felt like it should have been a two parter.

Episode Guide: Season 15, iCarly and the Neels[edit]

This chapter directly follows iCarly: Back to the Future but it moves away from space and begins a more stable setting, the Planet of the Neels.

iCome Back Again[edit]

Season premiere. Caprica returns, only to be captured and send to the same prison cell as Carly. Carly is furious with Caprica apparently stalking her. Caprica replies that she was looking for Mark, when she was captured. Carly replies that she's heard rumors that although the Neels do a lot of work, they are really all about controlling. Their goal is total control of the universe. Caprica and Carly attempt to break out, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iBecome a Green House Advisor[edit]

Mark is shocked when he learns the Neel massause, Nina, is having his child. This creates major controversy amongst the Neel Council, because it will be the first Neel/Human hybrid. Nina is captured in the middle of the night for experimentation. Mark comes to the conclusion that he loves Nina and enlists Freddie to help him break into the laboratory complex and rescue her. Chaos ensues when the two of them end up getting captured and sent to a human test facility. Freddie is force to undergo painful gender experimentation, which results in him becoming a woman, named Frannie. Mark is forced to watch with tears in his eyes as Nina is injected with cyanide by the Neel professors, who then perform an abortion on her to raise the Neel/Human hybrid in a contained environment. As this is going on, Carly continues to act as a slave in the underground and she rallies the other slaves into staging a rebellion. Oz realises he made a mistake in imprisoning Carly and decides to hire her at the Green House as his personal advisor. Carly is relieved and thinks she has a chance to do some good and implement changes to the Planet of the Neels, but Oz makes what he want clear when he brutally skins his former advisor alive for sharing an opinion. Meanwhile, Caprica dies, and Spencer builds a sculpture.

iGet Vengeance[edit]

Mark is furious at the Neel scientists for killing his date and aborting his child to be used as a lab baby. Mark's fury wells up inside him, and releases a bit of energy left over from the Grueslayer, turning him into UberMark II. UberMark II breaks down his cell door, and kills the security guards with the Grueslayer. He then marches down the hall, where the scientists are observing the hybrid's action in the contained environment. UberMark II then kills the scientists with eye beams, and destroys the contained environment, picking up his hybrid son and bringing him back to his cell. UberMark, now turned back into Mark, gently holds the child, rocking him back and forth. Mark decides to name his son the only thing that he feared: Ube R. Grue. Meanwhile, Carly makes the Green House 50% cleaner, more efficient, and more green, and Spencer builds a sculpture.

iAdmit I Have a Problem[edit]

Mark and the gang are devastated when they learn Carly has become Oz's advisor in the Green House. At the same time, Carly is struggling to adjust to life without her friends, making her depend on newt implants all the more. Carly's belly starts to get bigger as a result and Oz suspects she may be having an affair with one of his Neel staffmembers. Oz becomes determined to control the possibility of another Human/Neel hybrid, but as he is about to confront Carly, she breaks down into tears and admits her addiction to the Newts. Oz is saddened by her emotional state, and he comes to the conclusion that he is developing feelings for Carly. Oz comforts her, leading to a long, passionate kiss. Oz then backs away and tells Carly she will get the help she needs. Carly is escorted from the Green House and taken to a rehab facility, where she re-unites with Mark, Frannie and Spencer, who have gotten themselves imprisoned there as well to help Carly and ultimately bring down the Neel Empire. Carly thinks back to her kiss with Oz and is conflicted. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iHide Ube R. Grue in My Belly[edit]

Future Robot Carly with Ube R. Grue, the human-newt-eel hybrid living in her belly

Newtbert is removed from Carly's belly, causing Carly to go into severe newt withdrawal and suicidal depression. Fortunately, Mark's son, the human-neel hybrid Ube R. Grue also needs a host body. Carly is a bit reluctant to let a neel in her belly, believing it to be possibly sinful. However, Mark argues that Ube is both fully half-newt and fully half-eel, and has the prerogatives of both. He also says that the prohibition against human females having eels in their bellies only exists because the newts have a greater right to live in female bellies. Since Ube is both eel and newt, he would have the right to live in Carly's belly. Carly eventually relents, and allows Ube to move in, curing her newt withdrawal. Later, Carly prays to Chippy, asking him why Oz has joined with the eels. Chippy appears and says that is all part of his plan, Oz must first go through trials before he will arise to call the newts to repentance. Carly, asks why this must be, and Chippy replies, "because!". However, before Chippy leaves, he triples the size of Ube to help Carly with her newt withdrawal. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iBecome Dark Carly[edit]

Carly returns to the Green House folowing her stint in re-hab, and she is upset to find that Oz has already hired another advisor. Furious, Carly confronts the new advisor in the laboratory, and a cat fight ensues. Carly winds up getting smashed into a vat of sulphuric acid, which pours all over her and burns her severely. Carly is quickly rushed to the local hospital where she realises Neels practice a very different kind of medicine, when they send several Neel medical students into her belly to deal with the damage to her insides. There, they are horrified to encounter Ube R. Grue, and Carly realises the med students must be dealt with. She orders Ube to kill them, and he reluctantly complies. Upon reflection, Carly is surprised that she managed to warp Ube's mind so quickly and after washing her hands to get rid of any traces of evidence, she looks in the mirror and realises her veins are throbbing a violent purple colour. Carly has become Dark Carly. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iHate Humans[edit]

Mark, Frannie and Spencer are stunned when they discover Carly has reverted to Dark Carly, an evil alter-ego with magical powers. They head to the Green House to warn Oz but he laughs, revealing that the sulphuric acid that corrupted Carly was lined with a drug, designed to make Neels hate humans. Now Carly is filled with a rage against humans, and she is determined to banish them from the Planet of the Neels for good: including her friends. The gang desperately try to revert Carly to normal, and find out she has flown to the mountain rage that surrounds Neel City, the capital. There, she un-earths a nuclear missile which she plans to launch against the city, as it is where all the humans reside. Mark tries to talk Carly out of it, by telling her that Oz is among the many Neels that lives in the city. Carly rebuffs his logic, telling him that it is for the greater good. Spencer then steps forward and starts talking about their childhood. Carly is overcome with love and warmth and she reverts back to normal Carly, then thanks her friends for ending the madness. Carly and the gang then head back to the city, realising they must rescue their fellow human slaves first before commiting genocide against the Neels. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.


Carly and the gang return to the Green House to confront Oz, deciding to give him one final chance before they stage their rebellion against the Neel Empire. Oz laughs and says they will be stuck on the Planet of the Neels forever, then makes Mark watch as he rips Carly's stomach open, tears out Ube R. Grue and then stomps on him, killing him instantly. Mark goes into hysterics, turning him into Uber-Mark III. As Carly lies bleeding on the floor from another violent belly extraction, Uber-Mark III and Oz get into an epic battle, which extends into the city, causing massive destruction. Just as Uber-Mark III looks like he is about to win, Oz tells him about his kiss with Carly. Uber-Mark III takes a step back and is momentarily paralyzed with devasation, allowing Oz to pierce his heart with a large samurai sword. Uber-Mark III falls to the ground and dies immediatley. Carly is devastated, and then escorted to a prison cell. Oz visits her later that night and mocks her, warning her that he will take away everything she ever loves. He then drops his pants, and has his guards pull the curtains. The episode ends. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iAm Depressed[edit]

Carly enters into a depression following the implied rape at the end of the last episode. Spencer tries to cheer his sister up by building her a sculpture of all the friends she misses, but she reacts violently, pushing him over and destroying the sculpture. Spencer is left worrying that Carly has once again become Dark Carly, but he then realises that fury against the Neels is exactly what they need to get them off the Planet of the Neels and back into space. Spencer then does everything he can to infuriate Carly, but gets more than he bargained for when she angrily snaps his neck, killing him instantly. The episode ends with Carly discovering she is going to have a baby. Meanwhile, Frannie gets hit by a car and dies.

iMarry Oz[edit]

Carly tells Oz she is expecting his child. Oz's reaciton is happier than she anticipated, and he decides that they should be married. This causes major controversy amongst the Neels, resulting in their wedding getting boycotted by protestors. Carly is beaten near to within an inch of her life by Neels with protest signs, forcing her and Oz to go on the run. They retreat to a cabin in the woods, and Oz tells Carly it is the place they will be living out the rest of their lives together. Carly realises Oz has had a psychotic breakdown and comes to the conclusion that his raping her had a strange affect on his humanity, making him see with an open mind the horrors he has inflicted upon his people. Carly feels sorry for Oz and decides to stay with him for a little while. In the middle of the night, she is unexpectedly knocked unconcious and wakes up back at the Nu Nux Nan headquarters. Meanwhile, Spencer doesn't build a sculpture.

iDeal with the Nu Nux Nan[edit]

Carly and Oz wake up at the Nu Nux Nan, who hate human-newt crossbreeding even more than newt-eel crossbreeding. It is revealed that Carly is not with child: it was a lie to get Oz back. To punish Oz, the Nu Nux Nan decides to permanently imprison his in Carly's belly, as an example to other newts and neels who breed with humans. Oz is inserted deep into Carly's (who is still a robot), and is sealed in there as deeply as possible. Oz is horrified by this punishment, however, Carly is divided. She is going into newt withdrawal, and wants Oz back, but she doesn't want Oz in her belly involuntarily. The Nu Nux Nan hold Carly prisoner, as they are afraid she might let Oz leave her belly. Meanwhile, Spencer doesn't build a sculpture.

iChat with God[edit]

The Nu Nux Nan brief Carly on their progress over the last year, and tell her she has been selected to destroy the planet's core, which is situated in the underground slaving facilities. Carly wonders why she of all people was chosen, and the NNN leader tells her it wasn't their decision, but an act of God. Carly becomes determined to conference with Chippy and she is given five minutes to talk with him. Chippy appears in a bright light and explains that Carly has the most beef against the Neels, and therefore she is likely to do anything to destroy them. Carly asks Chippy to spare Oz as he has changed, but Chippy refuses, claiming Oz's humanity is only momentary and he will revert back to normal shortly. Upset, Carly agrees to the mission and the NNN begin training her. Meanwhile, Spencer doesn't build a sculpture.

iDestroy the Planet of the Neels[edit]

Season finale. Carly and several NNN soldiers make their way to the planet's core, where they plan on leaving a nuclear bomb that will destroy everything on the surface, but spare those underground. However, when it becomes apparent that the core also possesses time-altering abilities, Carly begins to have second thoughts about destroying it, because she still thinks there is a chance she can bring her loved ones back. The NNN refuse to let Carly change the mission and threaten her at gunpoint. Carly almost relents, but notices a machine gun lying nearby and picks it up, then executes them all. Carly then makes her way to the core and through Chippy, she is able to alter the timelines so her friends were never killed. Spencer, Mark, Caprica, Sam and Frannie all re-appear and they help Carly activate the nuclear bomb. The Neel Empire is finally defeated, but before they can celebrate, Oz unexpectedly escapes from Carly's belly and holds them all at gunpoint. Oz goes into hysterics and tells Carly he had envisioned the perfect life for them, but like the little twit she is, she had to go and ruin it. Oz then orders the gang to get on their knees, and one by one, he executes them point-blank to the head, before turning the gun on himself. Carly's belly continues to glow, indicating her baby may have been real. The season ends. Meanwhile, Spencer doesn't build a sculpture.

Episode Guide: Season 16, iCarly Reborn[edit]

This season, Carly is the only original cast member left. She is still played by Miranda Cosgrove; however, she is actually being controlled by the Neel in her belly, technically making her a new character. Caprica Six and Ube R. Grue return as full time cast members, effectively replacing Sam and Mark. Conniving, a new character, is introduced to take the role of Freddie. This season directly follows iCarly and the Neels.

iGet a Host Body[edit]

Robot Carly with Yellow Fever, currently a lifeless robot controlled by the Neel in her belly

Season premiere. Carly's Neel baby is unable to exit her womb, due to the fact that she's dead. The Neel then rewires Carly, to where, by wearing a helmet and using a special suit, the Neel is able to control Carly's body. The Neel calls herself Carly. Carly then gives herself yellow fever. After realizing that she is the only one still around, Carly uses tools to repair Caprica Six, and uses a Magick book to revive Ube R. Grue as a full grown adult. Carly also summons Chippy, and asks him to recreate the Grueslayer PvP mod. Conniving then appears, although he prefers to be called Conn. The gang is happy, but must deal with the fact that they are the only living beings on the Neel Planet. Meanwhile, Ube builds a sculpture.


The entire planet is engulfed in darkness. Carly begins to worry, but Ube and Conn comfort her. Carly is then infected by the Shadow virus, which turns her hair blue, making her look more and more like a hot anime babe. Carly is entirely shocked, but is eventually pursuaded into keeping the blue hair, as it adds to her sex appeal (which nowadays is the only thing men care about on TV shows). Meanwhile Ube and Conniving build a sculpture.

iSee Mark Again[edit]

Ube as the Grue's Messiah

Caprica falls unconcious and appears in the same dreamlike state Mark was in many episodes ago. Mark appears, and tells her that it's important that she get his son a grue as a pet. The reason: "so he can become stronger, and will have a friend as tough as him to be by his side." Mark then shows her what a grue looks like, and vanishes. Caprica wakes up, and marches into the forest, luring a grue over with a big steak. Ube then captures the Grue, who amazingly refuses to eat him. Instead, the grue bows down and worships him. Ube and the grue then head to the grues' colony, and the grue boldly proclaims him as their Grue Messiah. Much shock and comedy follows. Meanwhile, Conniving tries to recreate Grueslayer.

iGrueslayer 2[edit]

Conniving creates Grueslayer 2: Return of the Grues, and successfully tests it. However, he must ask for Carly and Caprica's help, since on move 23, he gets eaten by a grue. Carly and Caprica both play the game, and win their first try. Conn is insulted, and tries again. Unfortunately, the game crashes permenantly. However, he does recreate Grueslayer PvP as Grueslayer 2: PvP Arena. All goes well until Ube's grue followers play, and destroy the game when they lose. Meanwhile, the grues worship Ube.

iCombat the Mega-Anti-Ubergruyurgrebu-Itna-Agem[edit]

Ube, to prove that he's the Grue's Messiah, must defeat the Mega-Anti-Ubergruyurgrebu-Itna-Agem: a monstrous, invincible, and deadly creature. After researching it, and playing some Grueslayer, Ube marches out with his Mega-Anti-Ubergruyurgrebu-Itna-Agem-Killing Cannon, and finds the Mega-Anti-Ubergruyurgrebu-Itna-Agem. The two engage in a massive battle, creating an artificial crater. It ends up with Ube killing the Mega-Anti-Ubergruyurgrebu-Itna-Agem with his Mega-Anti-Ubergruyurgrebu-Itna-Agem-Killing Cannon, causing him to become the Grue's Messiah. Meanwhile, Caprica keeps seeing visions of Mark in her head.

iMake LoveCensor[edit]

Conniving begins editing and censoring all the important words in Zork Grueslayer 2 PvP. However, Carly and Ube make tender love to eachother, and kiss passionately. Fortunately for Carly, due to the sex scene and kiss, another giant belly newt was gently placed in Carly's belly. Unfortunately, the sex scene and kiss between Miranda Cosgrove and Ube caused another giant belly newt to appear in Miranda's belly.

iDon't Know How I Got Pregnant[edit]

Caprica makes love to the vision of Mark in her head, then discovers that she is pregnant. She tries to hide it from Carly and Ube, but to no avail. Carly discovers Caprica's pregnancy, and believes that Ube has been cheating on her. Carly questions Ube and Caprica about it, and receives the answer that they have never made love. After running some tests on her, Carly discovers that Caprica hasn't had sex with Ube, and is shocked that she could be having a baby. When Caprica has her baby, She names it Mark, in honor of her late husband.


Caprica's baby dies after a week of life. However, she transfers Mark's essence in her head to the baby's body. The baby then grows into a full grown clone of Mark. He then tells Carly, Ube, and Caprica that he put himself in Caprica's head so she could have a baby, which would die and that he could transfer to. Caprica is shocked, but becomes glad that Mark is alive, and they get remarried by a hologram of Chippy the Chipmunk. At the wedding, Carly and Ube also get married.

Episode Guide: Season 17, iCarly & the Internet Memes[edit]

This season, breaking with the established format, features a series of unrelated episodes with no developing story arc. This season uses the iCarly Kidz cast, who are still children. Strangely, this episode takes place 10 years before present, or 10 years after the iCarly Kidz story arc. Since this season airs in 2021, that means its set in 2011.

iGet A Gay English Teacher[edit]

Mr. Winkler

Carly gets Mr. Francis Winkler as an English teacher, widely regarded as the worst English teacher ever. He gives Carly an "F" because she fails to read a gay book. Nobody likes Mr. Winkler because he is gay, stupid, ugly, retarded, and fat. Carly hopes that he gets fired from his job then goes to the moon, or some other gay retarded place. Carly also discovered that Mr. Winkler is GAY GAY GAY GAY!!! and hopes he gets some sick. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iNearly get raped by a yak during my sojourn in Canada[edit]

It looked kinda like this, only fucking psycho.

Dude, that fucking thing was huge. Like, WTF?

So there Carly was[edit]

camping in the fucking woods, doing her Solid Snake thing with the Arctic shit and the huskies, right? Like, lumberjack badass shit.

and this fucking yak[edit]

bursts out of the trees, musk all over the place, and instead of going for the dogs, he makes a yakline straight for her.

so she pulled out her[edit]

knife and cut the shit out of the thing, and it tries to mount her! WTF?

She barely gets away with a major sinistral external abrasion and a severed brachialis radial.

No, seriously. It nearly raped her. Meanwhile, Spencer builds a sculpture.

iFisher Price[edit]

go eat shit fuckers




Did you know: that this image has nothing to do with the text?
  • iCarly is the first TV show that allows viewers to email them weapons of mass destruction.
  • Hannah Montana is actually the only reason why iCarly isn't that popular. Ironically, Hannah Montana is also the only one reason why iCarly even exists.
  • Since Drake & Josh was cancelled, iCarly is the only good show left on Nickelodeon. This is just plain sad.
  • iCarly is also the only TV show to have serious dealt with the issue of girls with newts in their bellies and Miranda Cosgrove is the youngest actress ever to continue working while having a giant mutant newt in her belly. However, there are rumors that Miley Cyrus had a newt in her belly at one point.
  • Nickelodeon fired Jamie Lynn Spears for getting a newt in her belly.
  • There are new rumors Keke Palmer currently has a newt in her belly.

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