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NederlandseVlag.jpeg This user is Dutch
and Dutch and Dutch and Dutch again.
(List of DutchUncyclopedians)

My real name is Ike Sabot and I come from Baton Rouge. In the 90's I moved to Europe. To be more precise to the city of Beneenhufter in Brengalon, a tiny state in the French Alpes near to Italy. Beneenhufter has very vivid community and to honour them I'll erect The List of Beneenhufter. That is to say a list of names of those who made Uncyclopedia for what it is now !


I'VE MADE IT[edit]

That pathetic and gifted with a IQ of a mashed banana Benson Sonson placed me on his user page in an brandnew category.

Breaking News : Sunny Boy beats Sonson by millions ![edit]

Sunny Boy says : It is the grass that does it.
Come on you rascal.

Sonson thought he was the best, but was beaten bij Dutch Sunny Boy. For full story go to Sonson entry #12.

No, no mum's not going to come back no[edit]