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The mission of illogicalbeats "the ill one"

The clone wiki's[edit]

In the year 2075 many people waged a war against the wiki army. People died lots of people died.

No one could understand where the Wiki came from. In the haze stood a man ILLOGICALBEATS a leader of men amoungst men. He had two eyes! Two feet! Two hands! and two*looks at shoes kicks dirt* um two other important thing as well!

He was the last hope in the fight against the wiki's "Not to be confused with wukis they rule!"

The secret sends him back[edit]

He at a young age learned where the wiki clones ahd come from his great uncle will abbot creator of a old world drink Jesus juice had told him on his death bed.

"It was the Wikipedia! you must go back in time and stop the wikipedia from becoming famous you must a champoin for a new better wiki one with fun and intelgence one that looks wikiedia in the face and laff's..ugghh thump" -- Will Abbot

He knew what he had to do travel back in time but he ddnt want to he had a good wife a decent postion in the humanoid army, And to be quite frank he cant write worth a dam!

She loves to leave[edit]

His beloved wife victoria made a move in early 2075 that shookedthe ill one to the core. She left him for a writer at wikipeida v.890.026. He was crushed looking across the horizon he saw the fate of man slipping away in to literal tranlation. Stick up the assedness and lack of fun. Knowing the only way to save the world was to go back in time Illogicalbeats spent the next 12 years devising how to do it untill one day in 2087 he came to it.

Never leave a locker unbroken into[edit]

The ill one was fired form his job in the humanoid army in 2087. while cleaning out his locker he decied to give his old boss one hell of a scare. breaking in to his locker to vandalize it he found a map. A map to the heart of the wikipedia home base in redmond washington. He made his choice there on the spot to make a run for the heart. Armed with only off color humor and a old dvd of john legamazona FREAK! he made it to the reactor core for the wikipedia empire. It was there he squared of with the Bill. A cyber nerd form the past implanted in to a geniticly inhanced endo suit. there was no way he could win.

As he was about to pass out from loss of blood from the great battle the bill decied to share unnessary information that would help him exscape*. "The time machine you so desperatly wanted has been built many years ago! hahahaa it is right next to you and even open at this point and the timer is set for the excact date you needed to go to if you where to defeat us in the past hahaha...wait now that i think about it why did we do that?" While pondering this thought ill jumped for the machine. Just making it as the Bewilledered bill came to his sence and saw him go through.

Lost in a land to save his furtre[edit]

Now the ill one works for a bank and spends his time working on uncyclopedia hoping to make it more famous then wikipedia and there by averting the greatstallens of the Future.

while learning to deal with the fact he is funny but just cant type or puncuate worth a dam.

Index note: Little know fact the reason bill shared with ill the secret way to get out is part of the super hero stike of 1895 where in a landbreaking deal heros got extra info if ever abou to be defeated and the bad guys got to hqve the cool names.

The First salvo's have been luanched[edit]