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Jak Ruzzell[edit]

Jak Ruzzell

Flame Sephiroth.jpg
An evil superhero from Hell. Do not make children with him.

Publisher Jack Russell
First appearance In USA, Colorado
Created by Anthony, Etrius and Lloyd Reynolds
Real name Jakolf Rützler
Status Straight
Affiliations Soviet Russia
Previous affiliations Nazi-Germany
Notable aliases (none)
Notable relatives Homerich Simmler
Notable powers Some goddamn sword!

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Heil Hitler!


Jakey boy![edit]

The symbol Netscape Jak Ruzzell uses. Looks familiar, doesn't it?

“Writing crap is not the thing I do. I write humour.”

~ This proves Jak's honesty.

Jak Ruzzell is one 1337. He loves girls, and cereals are also eaten by Jak. Jak's job as a ninja works, and his special weapon is his sword.

My projects[edit]

  • Articles
  • Templates

Jak Ruzzell's conversation with Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden[edit]

  • Jak: "Doo-doo-de-doo-de-doo..."
  • Adolf: "Hey Ruzzell!"
  • Jak: "What is it?"
  • Adolf: "You suck!"
  • Jak: "Care to say that again, bitch?"
  • Adolf: "Errrm... Nup"
  • Jak: "Now that's what I thought! See Ozzie, this is how you deal with Hitler!"
  • Osama: "Lolol. Peace niggas!"