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May I introduce myself. I am Jeaninne Brisset, née Vandepudt, housewife, currently on vacation with my husband at "The swallows", a camp site in Oteppe, Belgium. I used to speak Flemish, my native language and French and some English. I am not so fluent nowadays. Since I caugth a brain heamorrhoid some years ago, I can't speak anymore at all.

My husband, Polycarpe Bienvenüe Brisset, is the first cousin twice removed of the well known French writer Jean-Pierre Brisset, who was elected Prince des penseurs ("Prince of Thinkers") in 1912 by an Election Committee organised by the French writer Jules Romains. He (my husband - I call him Paul) was employed by the Belgian railways as a warehouseman. He retired with a first class medal. His hobby is to collect stamps.

He likes to introduce himself as a self-taught person, historian and philosopher, a "spiritual son" of Cheikh Anta Diop le Pharaon de la connaissance, Prince des Idées Noires ("the Pharao of Knowledge, Prince of Black Ideas").

So he says.

Since a few months, my Paul became addicted to kemetic orthodoxy. I am worried he is now too much involved in this sect. He even gives lectures here, at the camp site cafeteria! That he calls Kemetic University of Hotep. He donned himself a Professor title! It frigthens me, this is going too far.

I love to have ham rolls for lunch. My Paul now says ham (and pork) is not suitable. Not suitable for what reasons? He wouldn't say.

Yours truly,