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Lt. General Jonathan Willingham
Jrrt 1972 pipe.jpg
Birth Date 7/9/1991
Birth Place Mount Terror
Nationality European
Languages English
Religion Christian/Star Wars
Life Style Warrior
Theme Song Thunder Strike by: ACDC

“Dude, wtf???”

~ Ben Hodges

“That's what she said!”

~ Jon's response to Ben

“Don't make me come down there!”

~ God


I'm Bill Cosby, but most people just call me Jon Willingham for some reason. Don't ask me why.

“To be old and wise you must first me young and stupid”

“Oh don't rub it in!”

~ Me

I live in Kennewick, Washington (as in the state...of mind) Kennewick is a city that is on the south side of the Columbia River, write across from "Little Mexico" (a.k.a. Pasco). Everybody says that their high school is the best, but they're all wrong...unless they go to Southridge.

“SHS rocks!”

~ Me

“Amen child!”

~ God

See, even God says so!

Video Game Mode (don't ask why)[edit]

*Jon da Man has entered the game*

*Th4t_1_guy has entered the game*

*Yahweh has entered the game*

Jon da Man: Hey, im gonna go 2 Kennewick

Th4t_1_guy: sweet, me2

*Jon da Man has moved*

Jon da Man: crap

*Jon da Man has joined Southridge*

*Th4t_1_guy has joined Kennewick*

Th4t_1_guy: wtf?!? shs sux

Jon da Man: stfu. kehs sux.

Th4t_1_guy: u suk

Jon da Man: its on!

*Yahweh has joined Southridge*

Th4t_1_guy: ???

Yahweh: take thiz, n00b

*Yahweh has struck Th4t_1_guy*

*896 damage to Th4t_1_guy. A critical hit*

*Yahweh has killed Th4t_1_guy*

Yahweh: PWN3D!!!

Th4t_1_guy: shoot, you're good Yahweh

Jon da Man: thatz rite, dont u dare mess wit mi man Yahweh here, he'll strike u down in a sp lit 2nd, rite in teh blink of an i. SNAP, bam, pwn3d.

Yahweh: sure, we'll go with that.

*Southridge has won the game!*

Random Picutes[edit]

Just a little disclaimer, in my world, wtf doesn't stand for "what the frick", it stands for "what the french". What now?

This is what it's like whenever i get into a fight..I'm the dog
Go Suns!
I said "That's what she said!" and it all went downhill from there
So this is what squirrels are good for!
Oy Vey!!
Whoa Nelly!
Just a little disclaimer, I have no clue who this guy is
Just a flesh wound. I've had worse!
Dude, that would suck soooooo bad!
wtf? (why do I keep repeating what is said in the picture in the captions?)
Darth Vader's grave (I killed him in the Kennewick War) R.I.P.
Fact: I never had a good sense of direction.
Crazy Arabs. That's all I have to say.

My Philosophy About Demons Girls[edit]

My philosophy about girls is a well known fact that girls can be broken down mathematically, using the following:

We all know that girls require time and money:

  • Girls = Time * Money

And since we all know time is money…

  • Time = Money


  • Girls = Money * Money or (Money)²

And because the love of money is the root of all evil:

  • Money = √Evil


  • Girls = (√Evil)²

Since a square root squared cancels out, we are forced to conclude that:

  • Girls = Evil

“Women, you can't live with 'em and you can't shoot 'em!”

A Little Bit More About Me[edit]

Now, just little bit about me and my beginnings. I was born in Seattle, Washington in U.S.andA (true story). When I was only knee high to a grasshopper (still am!), I was sold to a loving family in Russia. These folks taught me all I know, especially about evil death trap Communism.

Popular belief in U.S.andA. is that when Czar Nicolas die, Communist party lead by Lenin come to power. This true, but when Lenin die, most American peoples believe that Josef Stalin come to power, but this not true, the one who really come to power in Glorious Empire was in fact, me.

Under my control leadership, Russia undergo glorious era. We make vast improvements. We sign peace treaty with ***holes Germany, we make huge empire, we exploit worker and force people to build build great and glorious monument. People of Soviet Russia very happy under my leadership.

Then, in late '30s, Josef Stalin (***hole!) overthrow me in bloody revolution (technically Russian people call it "coup", but it was really a revolution). Stalin take my glorious empire and completely corrupt and twist it. Under Stalin, glory of Mother Russia never same.

When Satan overthrow me, I flee to Germany. After war, Russia take over East Germany. I flee again, to Iceland, but it was so cold there that I flee again to U.S.andA. where I live ever since. Just to remind me of glory days, I joined army of Kennewick Empire and fight against Kamiakin (Southridge not invented yet). In 1997, Southridge declare independence from Kennewick. They need help, so I help. I have been extremely succesful in Southridge Army, but I no want to brag.

Articles Write by Me[edit]

IC This user is a member of Imperial Colonization.