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cpp-L Thith uther thpeakth C++ with a really thexy lithp.


According to my discussion page, someone simulatenously called me an idiot and gave me an award. Now, I don't know why this happened, or when, or why, but it did. Things happen all the time, and all at the same time, too.

Joke of the day[edit]

A kangaroo walks into a bar and says "blood is the lipstick of our wounds". The bartender doesn't know how or why he said it, so he continues on his way.

Pen Island[edit]

Heh. A therpaist hotlline's website: . Who are we calling?

Ambiguous quotes, Be-elzebub[edit]

Here are some quotes for me to begin 2006 on:
"OMG U just aterd the board and it's the lolzarz"
"My Washing machine's mayed by dison"
"O no look it is hubert cumberdanes and he is also in the shop"
"Wat is your favourit shampoo mr salad man my favorit shampoo is VO5 as it is good for natral straingth and booty"
"Im rilly sorry for doing dem creepi things on de film"

As you've probably guessed, I quite enjoy Jerry Jackson car22ns.

Anyway, Uncyclopedia.


That's where it is today.

2/1/06, or 1/2/06 for all you Armenians.

I haven't yet written any great articles.



Here is a poem I wrote for you:

The leaves outside,
They look like flowers
And the wind
Is fucking terrible.

Yesterday it was 45 degrees CELCIUS at my house which is unimaginably hot, though I can imagine it as it happened. Yesterday.

Today I acceredetnally saved over my LoZ ind aker file wat was finished.

My sistor is downwards on the coast with her friednd.

Thus endeth 1.2.


This is just to inform you of a quote from the instruction booklet of my DVD player. Make that 2 quotes:
"Press CLEAR to clear the input for re-input when the input is wrong"
"To go to 1hr 16min, press 1,1,6,0,0. To go to 16 min 50 secretary, press 1,6,5,0"
"This here is the wattle, the symbol of our land
You can put it in a bottle, or hold it in your hand"
-Our (australian) national anthem

Wierd Coicncidence[edit]

As any Sydney-siders may know, a satirical horroscope is published in the Saturday paper. On friday afternoon, I got the worst papercut I'd gotten in my life. On Saturday, my horroscope said "January is a bad month for papercuts". Coincidence? I think so...

Bohemian Rhapsody[edit]

The best song ever written? Probably. I mention it because I saw it performed live last night. Obviously not by Queen, (whoa, that Q looks absolutely awesome), but by the Ten Tenors, an Australian Opera group. It was incredibly, incredibly awesome. It was quite funny actually, during the rest of the show, everyone was fairly quiet, then when they did Bohemian Rhapsody, everyone just went beserk. It was incredibly cool, making it my second favourite cover of Bohemian Rhapsody after Weird Al's Bohemian Polka. Which I've been listening to this morning. How pleasent.