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Tolerance is and will not be tolerated. Simple stuff. It is the opposite of zero tolerance, in which people is so crazy enough to be intolerant of anybody.

This guy is so intolerant, that he is racist and hates furries.


Tolerance began in Ancient Egypt when a few people decided that being a discriminate person should not be fashionable. After seeing so many slaves being beaten up, tortured and made fun of, that guy put up a proposition to stop discrimination that is going on at the moment. Centuries later, people are still intolerant. In Ancient Greece, people practised tolerance to foreigners, but not to women. The person who suggested tolerance to foreigners is none other than the Greek philosopher Hypocrites, who himself is intolerant to foreigners and women.

In 68 AD, a Chinese mathmatician called Rouge the Bat created an equation to measure how much is a person tolerant to anyone, including furfags. Today, many people re still intolerant to anyone. Only you can stop intolerance, because intolerance is not tolerated.

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