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Sir Richard Amadeus Christopher Louise Dawson (or referred to as The Kissing Bandit by women over the age of 60) is former dog hunter and wrestler from Shanghai, China. He was involved with many competitions, especially ones that involved kissing. He was also a part time chef for many catering companies for major Hollywood films.

A half Chinese, half English comedic television personality gained fame in the late 1960s and 1970s. He and his longtime buddy Doctor WooWoo always enjoyed being in show business.

Richard Dawson and his wife, and their rabbi.

Dog hunting as a hobby[edit]

When he settled in California, he found his niche for dog hunting. As a passion ever since he was a lad, dog hunting was a Dawson family tradition. Each family member tried out for at least one contest, but no one was as good as Richard. Dog hunting is a basic game with few rules. The game consists of five participants that try and find dogs (bulldogs were used) in a secluded area and the one who picked up the most dogs without getting killed wins. Dawson won ten years in a row, where judges found it amusing that he kissed each dog on the nose. Dawson won by default. He then retired from dog hunting, became a wrestler, then a chef and finally got the gig as host for Family Feud. At the age of 39, Dawson was spotted by a television producer in a local Los Angeles Chinese buffet. The producer covertly listened to Dawson speaking to his domestic partner Judy Garland. He overheard Dawson talking about his contributions as a dog hunter and wrestler from the British Wrestling Association. The producer's name was Mark Goodson. He then walked over to their table and interrupted Judy's story of when she almost passed out on the set of The Wizard of Oz. Goodson asked Dawson if they could talk privately. They went outside of the restaurant and talked over five hours. Testing Dawson's patience, he then asked Goodson to "wrap it up." Goodson concluded to Dawson, "You have what this city needs: talent. I want to have you sign a multi-million dollar contract." He then wanted to welcome Dawson to his new home, at ABC Studios, for the position of new host for Family Feud. After weeks of signing contracts, filing papers and smoking blunts, Goodson and Dawson became friends instantly, leaving Judy bewildered. She left Dawson after a few months because he was going to become a big star and she knew that he would take advantage of her. So she decided to leave and not pursue a relationship. Dawson found other women....on his show.

Dawson in a state of shock after Dr. WooWoo went back to China.

Early career[edit]

Dawson first appeared as a regular panelist on Match Game. This was part of the multi-million dollar contract Goodson shared with Dawson.

Success on the Feud[edit]

It was time for Dawson to gain more fame on Family Feud. In 1976, Family Feud premiered on ABC in the afternoon. Home viewers loved the show, loved Dawson with his desirable physique and modern sense of humor and loved how he would constantly make fun of announcer Gene Wood. At the beginning of every show, Mr. Wood would introduce both families, following the entrance of Mr. Dawson, himself. He would often appear to be snazzy to the 70 year old women in the studio audience. Meeting both families, he would then kiss, not only the female family members, but male family members that were under 6 feet. Dawson explained that this kind of act was not gay, just "fun". Former Feud host Ray Combs would kick every man's ass who was taller than 5'5". Combs was considered a tall dwarf.

Richard Dawson earned the nickname, The Kissing Bandit because he would not stop kissing women on his show. Women had to deal with his bad breath and some even asked if he wanted a Tic Tac. He never accepted the offer. In later years, the home viewers started to not watch the show, because they thought Dawson was a creep.