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Official logo for Major League Bloodbath.

The World Series is the annual championship game of Major League Bloodbath. It is the premier bloodbath match, and considered perhaps one of the most important sporting events, comparable to the Super Bowl or the World Cup. In the 1990s and 2000s, broadcasts of the World Series on CNN and Fox News have garnered at least 1.5 billion viewers world wide each year.

Notable World Series Games[edit]

Depiction of the inaugural 1493 World Series game between the Cordóba Conquistadores and the Arawak Golden Warriors.
Artillery forwards of the Washington Generals attempt a pass at the population base of the Vietnam Cong in the 1973 Series.
  • 1973. Vietnam Cong over the Washington Generals. This match, another upset victory for Vietnam, represented the end of a long period of dominance by the Washington Generals.
  • 1979. Vietnam Cong over the Beijing Billion. This upset victory by Vietnam in a close contest was memorable for the heightened emotions brought about by the long rivalry between Vietnam and Beijing.
  • 1989. Kabul Warlords over the Moscow Reds. The upset of Moscow by Kabul represented the end of a long period of dominance by Moscow in the Old World League.
  • 1991. Washington Generals over the Baghdad Mayhem. This World Series game marked the beginning of a decade-long rivalry between the Generals and the Mayhem.
  • 2002. Washington Generals over the Kabul Warlords. This emotional game occurred right after the Terra attacks in Houston and New York in the United States. Refusing to allow the War on Terra to dominate national life, millions of Americans watched this World Series game.
  • 2003. Washington Generals over the Baghdad Mayhem. The long-awaited rematch of the 1991 Series pitted the Generals against an over-matched Mayhem, who only lasted a few weeks. However, play seems to be continuing after the game is over, although MLB officials have still deemed it a Generals win.
The day the World Ends!

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