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Oh hello. I didn't see you come in. You've caught me on my userpage, this is where I display my grandeur and flaunt my e-peen. I spend a lot of my time in here, just polishing, and polishing, and polishing. See that really bright white sitting behind that text? I got it so bright from all the polishing. I waste away my hours, looking at my reflection in my trophies, or I would, if I had any trophies. Well, let me show you around.

This is my first featured article, It scored 22/1 on VFH. I think thats a pretty good score, so I put it in a frame.

These are some of my featured pictures aren't they purty?

These are some awards people gave me for being the best at something. I've got literally thousands of these. THOUSANDS!

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Now go play in traffic.

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