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“Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?”

~ Nappa on Kakarot


~ Vegeta on Kakarot
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Kakarotto.gif Kakarotto.gif Kakarotto.gif

Hi! It's me! Kakarot! You know, the guy with the dragon balls? Yeah, Chi-Chi calls me that in bed. So does Bulma, Videl, Android 18, Launch, Kagome, the female Ranma, Dizzy, May, Jam, and a whole bunch of others I forgot! And it's still always like the first time every time. They always enjoy a piece of a Kakarot!

Then there's those racists Frieza, Cell, Buu... For some reason they want all my Saiyan brothers dead! That ain't right to a Saiyan like me. Hell, I can kick their asses to hifl and back.

I used to have a brother named Raditz, but he kinda died. Oh well, he looked a bit like a klingon, anyhow. Star Trek nerd you say? Nah. I'm not the nerd, he just kept calling himself that.

I've got a trial coming up, and Phoenix Wright is going to be my attourney. Apparantly I'm on trial for "unlawful city damage." It's not my fault Frieza decided to dodge that Kamehameha wave!

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