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The History of Uncyc

[plush potato enters stage right]

[plush traffic cone enters stage left]

Cone: Oh me oh my, what a lovely potato I spy, so soft of bum and keen of eye, oh me oh me oh my

Tato: Hark, what a rude cone, am I so well known, I can't even walk to my home? Sophia's my name, I am not to blame, for having such looks and good fame

Cone: Sophia well met, you're famous? Not yet! You will be you surely can bet, Chron is my name, and games are my game, er sorry that last rhyme was lame

Sophia: Chronarion eh? That name sure sounds gay, I bet you play games all damn day.

Chron: sadly I do, your words are all true, but I'd possibly change that, for you. A wiki I'll make, with contents all fake! And logo a tater half-baked

Sophia: Meh, whatever, ya tweak, I don't talk to geeks, so get thee post-hence, ya freak

[end scene 1]

[short intermission]

[Line of vandals on wheels enter stage left]

vandals: "A new wiki to vandalize, I'll insult your mother's gigantic thighs! My penis is big, my friends are all gay, won't anyone else come out and play?"

[5 minute vandal dance on skates]

[scene 2]

[curtain lifts to traffic-chron building a rube goldberg type machine, labeled 'uncyclopedia']

Chron: Oh what a marvelous design, my wiki it is nearing completion, I'll love this child of mine all mine! I'll serve it with bans and deletion!

[Stillwaters enters]

Stillwaters: Dude, seriously, you need some chixors, to complete your wiki of fraud, Without some people missing dixors, you aren't much of a wiki god.

Chron: Quite possibly you are correct, I'll make you a co-founder here, you'll help make users more erect, but please, be a dear, get me beer.

[end scene 2]

[scene 3]

Chron: vandals again! I need some admin, neopotism can't wait, I've got crap to do, I'm lazy as poo, Uncyc needs handlers of fate.

Flammable: I am on fire, watch me delete, I wield a bat made of flame, I never will tire, my skills are 1337, I leave vandals crying in shame

PantsMacKenzie: I know you from school, you said I was cool, so I'll be your tool, you lazy old fool.

Uvula Donor: I don't know why I even bothered to come, I haven't been seen since I O.D'd on rum.

PaulGB: I know some wik-code, but not a whole load, so I'll be your toad...y

Rcmurphy: Can I be a mod? and join your leet squad? I want to play with you, oh god! I've got a ban rod, and a skinny bod, and wrote that classic: euroIpod!

New Admins: Hooray for us gent! We'll watch unrelent! Uncyc is now safe hencefore, We'll delete the rot, until a slashdot, when we might have to hire more.

[end Act 1]

[Curtain falls]