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My work[edit]

Please feel free to work on and improve any of these, though please warn me if you're planning to make any major alterations.


Soul market QFH My first article. Deep emotional attachment here.


Genetic engineering

Evolution of an Uncyclopedia editor Featured

Bungs I still think this is funny



Don't Read This Article


UnNews:Ofcom Launches Complaints Investigation First UnNews article

UnNews:Blair attempts to apologise for Slave trade; No slaves found Audio by Zim.

UnNews:Message in a bottle breaks round alone record

UnNews:Football Match Takes Place; Somebody Wins

UnNews:Nothing unusual happens with YouTube video

UnNews:Walkers warned of "killer ticks" My personal favourite

UnNews:Paris Hilton probably not new messiah Lead Story. Audio by Zim.

UnNews:Bush-Blair in chatroom fracas

UnNews:Television networks discover no one watches advertisements; we're all doomed

UnNews:"Shooting only answer" says Education Minister Audio by Zim.

UnNews:Gerrard tips reds to curl up in a ball and die

UnNews:The world will end tomorrow

Other bits and pieces[edit]

HowTo:Survival for Beginners


Wikipedia Probably my biggest achievement to date.

Under Construction[edit]

UnBooks:Dick Francis: Also-ran

Howto:Murder a piece of Blu-tack

Some of my favourite articles[edit]

UnNews:Stupid kid drowns in pond Do not click any links! Non-sequitur HowTo:Start a Religion Murphy's law application for antigravitatory cats Martina Hingis UnNews:TIME magazine names "Person of the Year": Not You Tachyon You Are Dead UnBooks:Pulp Novel, the case of the dashing dame