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United Empire[edit]

This article hates America, just like everyone else does. See more about Unamerica.

Consequently, this article lacks much or any redeeming intellectual value. However, even though no one smarter than a doorknob has contributed significantly to this article, it still contains more truth than you may be able to handle.

United Empire of Anglosaxondom, Israel and Japan (English)
安黒索尊椅子羅恵瑠日本連合帝国 (Japanese Shintaiji)
安黑索尊椅子羅惠瑠日本聯合帝國 (Japanese Kyūtaiji)
Flag of the United Empire.png Stamfordshire-Flag.png
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: In Lucifer We Rust
Anthem: 切り歌謡
(Kirigayō; Japanese: The Song of Cut)
Earth from space.jpg
All the territories claimed by the UE'ish government.
Official Languages American English (nationalwide)
British English (in British Empire); Hebrew, Arabic (in Israeli Empire); Japanese (in Japanese Empire)
Capital Crawford
Government Absolute monarchy, Federation
Grand Emperor (Dajō Tennō or Jōkō) George I (Jōji Dajōhōō 嬢痔太上天皇 or Jōji Jōkō 嬢痔上皇)
Prime Minister Dick Cheney
Constituent empires American Empire, British Empire, Israeli Empire, Japanese Empire
National Heroes Jefferson Davis, Hideki Tojo, Osama bin Laden, etc.
Established September 11, Jōji 1
Preceded by United States of America, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, State of Israel, Japan, and their former/de facto colonies
Succeeded by United Nations
Currency Petroleum
Time zone So many time zones
Internet TLD .ue
Calling code So many calling codes
Religion Ku Klux Klan, Nazism, Zionism, Shimaguni-konjō, Neocon, Communism, etc.

The United Empire of Anglosaxondom, Israel and Japan (United Empire; UE) is a federal empire and the largest (?) state on the Earth in the solar system in the milky way in the 3D world in the universe. It composed of three constitutional empires such as American, British, Israeli and Japanese Empire.


In September 11, Jōji 1, George W. Bush created new united state between the United States and three powerful pro-US countries, christened it the "United Empire of Anglosaxondom, Israel and Japan" and profess himself to be Grand Emperor George I or Jōji Dajōhōō of the United Empire.

Constitutional Countries[edit]

American Empire[edit]

  • Core country: United States of America
  • Head of State: President of the United States (=Grand Emperor of the UE)
  • President: George W. Bush (=Grand Emperor George I of the UE)
  • Head of Government:

British Empire[edit]

  • Core country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (revived state)
  • Head of State: King/Queen of the United Kingdom = Emperor/Empress of India = King/Queen of France (revived pretence)
  • Queen-Empress: Elizabeth II
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • Prime Minister: Tony Blair

Israeli Empire[edit]

  • Core country: State of Israel
  • Head of State & De jure Head of Government: President of Israel
  • President: Moshe Katsav
  • De facto Head of Government: Prime Minister of Israel
  • Prime Minister: Ehud Olmert

Japanese Empire[edit]

  • Core country: Itself
  • Mainlands: Naichi (內地; Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido)
  • De jure Head of State: Emperor (天皇; Tennō) of Japan
  • Emperor: Akihito
  • De facto Head of State: Shōgun (將軍; 将軍) of Japan
  • Shogun: NEVADA-tan
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister of Japan
  • Prime Minister: Junichiro Koizumi