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“Steven, well I love him, as friend, I dont swing that way”

~ Oscar Wilde on KingSteve


~ Steven on life

“Steven is a great humanitarian and a snappy dresser”

~ God on Steve
Best picture ever


KingSteve otherwise known as

  • Steven

Associated Memberships[edit]

  • Team Steve (Captain)
  • Team Cool (Captain)


KingSteve is the co-president of Kwadyk, he is also the project leader of Project Star.


KingSteve has achieved many great things in his life such as winning the Superbowl all on his own, winning World War 1, World War 2 and the Vietnam war. His latest achievement is the in progress Project Star. He has also developed a very useful chat room phrase "lolertrucks". Lolertrucks may be used at chatters discretion and whenever viable.

Since the the begging of time KingSteve has developed many a great role for himself in tales and picture shows alike. It was KingSteve who founded the company of Robin Hood, defeated the wolf at Grandma's house, blew the houses down, saved Snow White, discovered Cinderella, baked the GingerBread Man, helped Pooh get the honey, saved Buzz Lightyear, found Nemo, rescued Boo, convinced Woody to come back to Andy's house, came up with the phrase Hakuna Matata, saved Private Ryan, rode Seabiscut, drove Miss Daisy, trained AirBud, rescued Flipper, and directed Bowling For Columbine.

Anywhere you look you can see the influence of such a character like KingSteve. Without him we wouldn't not have Earth. When it came to the development of the cosmos KingSteve was the go-to guy. He knew that at some point we would run out of space and need room for expansion. He at first developed a Mini-Earth trillions of miles away from where it is now located as to determine the exact shape and angle. Thanks to his wicked godly math skills we enjoy a varying climate without being burnt by the ever threatening sun. And in case you are wondering he has put the ozone hole on he has his boys down-town working on it.

Basically when you think KingSteve from now on you should think "the reason I exist"

(But not in a disgusting gross way involving certain things with your mother. Gross)

Some Key Things To Remember About KingSteve:

  1. Never address as simply "Steve" for fear of being stricken down
  2. He accepts sacrificial offerings only on Thursdays
  3. He can take anything of yours at any time with no warning
  4. He owns your life and may trade it for what ever he wishes at any time
  5. He does not believe in taking notes
  6. Has a receding hairline but doesn't want to talk about it
  7. Likes movies
  8. Will kill for a piece of chewing gum
  9. Was beaten senseless for lying about Chuck Norris


For more on KingSteve contact anyone he knows or even the king himself.

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