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All 5 ED users are currently castrated, paralyzed, and disfigured for daring to edit this page.
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The Most Intelligent Encyclopedia Dramatica user

Encyclopedia Dramatica (also known as Goa Tse and Hell) is a stupid pornography site founded by Michael Jackson, which he thought was a good method to try to get kids coming to his house for sleepovers. It's not funny, nor is it encyclopedic, something Metropolis probably would enjoy.

Age Group[edit]

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Because of their so-called intelligence, the so-called experts at Wikipedia will never have a proper article about Kip the Dip/ED2. We are sorry for their blatant retardedness.

As it is owned by Michael Jackson, and everyone knows Michael Jackson's love for children, it is filled with 12 year old children who just might invade us adults here at Uncyclopedia! You might occasionaly see an adult browsing through the site looking at picture's of penis's and stuff like that which is clearly not safe for work, as if your at work right now reading this, Getting your ass of this article. The most intelligent Encyclopedia Dramatica.

How Michael Jackson gets this method to work[edit]

When a child edits Encyclopedia Dramatica, he chats with them about sex and stuff like that. As they get more engaged in the conversation, Michael Jackson than says he's a cool guy and that he wants to have a playdate. As the tradition goes, if the child refuses, Michael either threatens to molest him or he offers to give him a thong. At this point, the child always wants to go to his house just for the thong.

Now if your like <insert name here>, who's smart, you would more than likely vandalise the site. Than, a sysop bans you and spams the ban page with porongraphic images. He thinks your a 12 year old and is trying to get Your Mom to get you banned from the Internet.

Examples of an Encyclopedia Dramatica articles that mysteriously made it here[edit]

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